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PortaPow Especializado 100 cm Cable 20AWG TPE bloque de datos Micro USB

4.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas 4 opiniones de clientes

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100cm Fast Charge (Single)
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  • Tipo de genero: macho/macho
  • Recomendado para reducir la resistencia y la carga más rápido que un cable micro USB presupuesto
  • Evita que el dispositivo entre en el modo de "transferencia de datos" cuando se conecta a un ordenador, para evitar el robo de datos / virus durante la carga de un puerto USB desconocido y le permite utilizar un ordenador como si fuera un cargador de red
  • Conectores robustos y resistentes para una mayor durabilidad
  • Con una longitud de 100 centímetros


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Tamaño: 100cm Fast Charge (Single)
Detalles técnicos
Peso del producto18 g
Dimensiones del producto20,3 x 12,7 x 1 cm
Número de modelo del productoPORTPE1m
Número de productoPORTPE1m
Número de productos1
Pantalla a colorNo
Pilas / baterías incluidasNo
Pilas / baterías necesariasNo
Incluye mandoNo
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Producto en Amazon.es desde5 de enero de 2015

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Tamaño: 200cm Charge+Sync (Single) Compra verificada
Excelente cable para cargar dispositivos micro usb, muy poca resistencia interna y por tanto muy poca perdida de tensión en el cable, lo que se traduce en cargas mas rápidas, ademas es muy flexible y es difícil que se le hagan nudos.
Cable recomendado, especialmente para cargar dispositivos de mucho consumo.
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Tamaño: 100cm Fast Charge Compra verificada
He notado que el móvil se carga más rápido con estos cable, sobre todo cuando lo uso como navegador GPS en el coche.
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Tamaño: 30 cm Compra verificada
Ningun problema. No es largo, pero ya lo sabia este al comprarlo. Me gusta que tenga una etiqueta. 5 estrellas
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Tamaño: 100cm Fast Charge (Single) Compra verificada
Al principio muy bien pero al cabo de dos meses directamente deja de funcionar, sólamente vale como cable de carga, no vale como cable de datos. Una pésima compra, los cables chinos duran mucho más.
desaconsejo su compra
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Amazon.com: 4.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas 774 opiniones
140 de 147 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Hands down the best charging-only cable on the market today (and why you may not be currently getting top performance). 4 de noviembre de 2013
Por mykehorn - Publicado en Amazon.com
Compra verificada
The speed that a wall or car charger juices up your device depends on the Output listed on the charging unit's label. The 5V or "Voltage" listed there is a USB standard, but it's the second number you want to pay particular attention to: the Amperage, signified as A or mA (milliAmp). With all other things being equal, the higher the Amperage - the faster the charge.

The rub is the charger doesn't decide how much electricity to send, but rather the device itself that PULLS electricity from the AC plug or USB port. All Android-based devices will limit the energy draw to a maximum of about 500mA (or ½ of a full Amp) when connected to a USB port. Most aftermarket chargers follow the USB data standard that includes 4 "pins" within a connector - 2 for power-charging and 2 for data-transfer (meaning your device recognizes it as a USB port); whereas most OEM chargers usually have the data pins "shorted" so the device sees only charging pins, thus indicating a power-charger and allowing itself to draw the maximum current. It's fairly complicated and counter-intuitive at first, and it took me a long time to find out why my devices were charging so slowly on a supposedly fast after-market charger. This is demonstrable by the very chargers Amazon itself sells... the Amazon Kindle 9W PowerFast Adapter for Accelerated Charging costs more - but you'll only get up to 1.8A output no matter which cable used since they have effectively killed the data pins on the charger; whereas they also sell the better value AmazonBasics Wall Charger with USB Outlet (2.1 Amp Output) with its higher output, but it has all 4 USB pins intact - so unless you have a charging-only cable the most you will ever draw at any time from it is around 500mA. You absolutely need a good charging-only cable to take advantage of the faster speed provided by the higher output of most aftermarket chargers.

This PortaPow is the best charging-only cable I've been able to find consistently on Amazon (or anywhere). Some listings advertise charging-only cables, but I find there are often multiple sellers selling slightly different products which may not be exactly what we're looking for. Other charging-only cables such as the Mediabridge USB Charging Cable - (6 Feet) - USB-A Male to Micro-B Charging Cable don't consistently work to fast-charge every Android device due to the manufacturing technique used. The PortaPow is seemingly fast-charging compatible with 100% of Android devices and aftermarket wall chargers because they use Resistors (which is technical but see the information on the product page to learn more). With the PortaPow cable finally I am able to charge my many Android devices with all my aftermarket wall and car chargers at their highest rated output.

If you have purchased an aftermarket charger and wondered why it didn't seem to juice your device very fast, or just doesn't seem to be living up to its full potential - the PortaPow charging-only cable is likely what you need. If you don't already have a verified charging-only cable now or own one that doesn't speed-charge ALL your Android devices, I can wholeheartedly recommend this cable. I have three now, the length is just right and is packaged well. This is of course not a sync cable, and should not be plugged into a computer USB port for charging purposes.
22 de 23 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Expensive but worth it 31 de octubre de 2015
Por freddiegriggs - Publicado en Amazon.com
Tamaño: 200cm Fast Charge Compra verificada
There are lots of cables that promise wonderful things but disappoint -- like those "monstrous" audio cables. When I first saw these PortaPow cables I was willing to give them a try but expected they would be more of the same.

I was wrong.

These cables really do pass more current than standard USB cables. Within my limited knowledge of electronics this makes sense. Most USB cables use 28 gauge wire. A 6-foot length of 28-gauge wire (i.e., a typical 3 ft cable -- remember the current has to pass both along the positive and negative conductors) has a resistance of about 0.4 ohms. By Ohm's law, for a 1 amp load this gives a drop of 0.4 volts, which is a good fraction of the 5 volt USB standard. The voltage drop gets worse for higher current draws and ultimately the charger's voltage regulation just can't keep up. The PortaPow cables use 20 gauge wire which leads to a drop of only 0.06 volts for the same length and current.

I tested a both a 6.5 ft PortaPow and a typical USB cable when charging a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 using its Samsung charger. I shorted the data leads on the standard cable to ensure a fair comparison. As the image shows the standard cable charged at a rate of 0.80 amps while the PortaPow cable charged at 1.72 amps -- more than double.

Bottom line -- these cables really work as advertised. Granted they cost a lot more than standard USB cables so consider your needs. The most benefit will be for very high-draw devices like tablets. I've measured the current differences for other devices and while there's an advantage it's less than in the example I've shown.
2 de 2 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Charges Samsung Note 10.1 2014 at full speed 20 de mayo de 2016
Por jtj - Publicado en Amazon.com
Compra verificada
I have tested at least fifteen different charging cables, including other charge-only cables, trying to find one that will charge my Samsung Note 10.1 2014 tablet faster than 500mA. For those familiar with Samsung devices' idiosyncrasies, they tend to default to 500mA if you are not using both the stock charger and cable. Unfortunately, the Samsung cables tend to be both 3 feet long (far too short for my needs) and very poorly constructed. Mine was repaired with electrical tape many times in its first few months of life and eventually trashed. Enter the search for a replacement.

I began testing my not-inconsiderate collection of micro-USB cables, including a few non-PortaPow charge-only cables, using an external in-line power meter, not just the highly-inaccurate apps that guestimate charging speed. A few of my charge-only cables were able to reach around 1A, but the tablet is capable of drawing 2A. Finally, I remembered an old PortaPow cable that I had purchased for my car (now sadly destroyed through no fault of its own) and with which I had been quite happy, so I purchased this cable in the five-foot length and put it to the test. Imagine my delight when my tablet began charging at a sustained rate of slightly above 1.6A. If I tested the one-foot version, it would have certainly come close to the full 2A, but resistance increases with longer cable length. I estimate that these PortaPow cables lose approximately 100 mA for each additional foot, but this is purely my own estimate as I do not have the one- or three-foot cables to test. I may acquire and test them in the future to see if this is relatively accurate and will update this review in that case.

For those who are curious, I used a couple generic AC adapters with ports ranging in capacity from 2.4A to 4A (per port, not a collective total) as well as the stock Samsung adapter and an LG adapter (just because it was handy). One of the generic adapters has a "Samsung Port," but using this port neither increased nor decreased charging speeds with any cable I have tested. I received nearly identical charging rates of slightly above 1.6A using this cable with all four of these USB adapters.

If you are specifically looking for a cable for a Note 10.1 2014, a notorious power-hog of a tablet, I offer the following observations on charging speed while the tablet is both plugged in and in use. Your specific experience will depend on your usage, configuration, and battery age/health (my battery is fairly old now), but this may help you get a ballpark idea of charging speeds. My typical setup while testing was wifi and Bluetooth on; Screen Mirroring, Location, etc., off; no audio being played; and brightness approximately 60 percent. Usage was light, mostly typing or web browsing with no graphics-intensive apps in use.
- Drawing 500mA, the tablet discharges quickly, 20 percent or more per hour.
- Drawing 1A, the tablet discharges, although obviously at a slower rate than 500mA.
- Drawing 1.6A, the tablet will maintain its current charge level and may charge slowly but no more than a percent or two every hour.
- Although I did not test cables that provided over 1.6A, it is safe to assume that both the one- and three-foot cables would exceed 1.6A (probably close to 2A and 1.8A, respectively) thus delivering an actual positive charge while the tablet is in use.

In summary, this cable should foil any Samsung device's attempt to throttle itself back to 500mA. It is also vastly superior to other charge-only cables that I have also tested, likely due to the 20AWG wire; however, it is not noticably stiffer than cables made with more traditional higher gauge. Just make sure your USB adapter is capable of providing adequate capacity so the cable can reach its potential. If you use a 1A adapter, no cable in the world will be able to exceed 1A (actually somewhat less once you factor in resistance). Conversely, an older device that is only capable of drawing 1A will never be able to charge at a higher rate, regardless of the cable and adapter. Know your device's maximum draw so you can manage your expectations.
2 de 2 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas This EE approves of this cable for charging. 25 de febrero de 2016
Por WookieFeet - Publicado en Amazon.com
Tamaño: 200cm Fast Charge Compra verificada
Electrical Engineer here. This will charge your phone extremely fast, I paired mine with a Rav 4 charger, because this was the cheapest of the reliable charges I could find that supplies 4.8 Amps total, so if you have 2 of these cables and are trying to charge both devices, you can do so without sacrificing one device to a 1 Amp draw.

Honestly buying another one because every one of my damn co-workers steals it from my desk claiming "Oh well your's is faster", this may be a negative, because they ended up breaking it but hey, at least I'm making friends... Also Educate your friends and tell them not to buy their cables from retail stores that have no idea how Ohm's law works, rather show them an AWG (use wikipedia) to see the difference.

Rav 4 Charger URL below, incase your interested in following in my footsteps.
( RAVPower 24W 4.8A Dual USB Wall Charger with iSmart Technology, Foldable Plug, LED indicator for iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Nexus and More - Black )

This far exceeded my expectations.. I am buying it again. Lol
2 de 2 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
4.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Solid cable, 6.5ft length is a good length, 800-960~ mA Flow on 2A charger brick 18 de febrero de 2015
Por Colin - Publicado en Amazon.com
Tamaño: 200cm (6.5ft) Compra verificada
I ordered this cable because the length of my OnePlus one cable was too short; however, I didn't want to remove the awesome fast charging capabilities. The advertised charging abilities was very similar to the OnePlus One cable (using the same brick that came with the device), so the mA readings were similar. I did expect some inefficiency from the length and I averaged around 800-950~ mA on the Battery Monitor Widget app with this cable. When I received this cable I didn't expect 6.5ft to be so big. I love this length and the cable is very thick and doesn't crimp at all. The cable endings are strong and haven't shown any wore in the month or so I've had this cable and used it on a daily basis. I would totally recommend this product for the solid build quality and higher ratings for the flow of electricity through the cable.

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Tamaño: 100cm Fast Charge (Single)