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The Prisoner - Complete Series [Blu-ray] [1967] [Reino Unido]

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Edición limitada de caja con blurays, dvd con extras y libro (en inglés) sobre la serie.

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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Patrick McGoohan's Unconventional Classic! 5 de abril de 2009
Por Benjamin J Burgraff - Publicado en
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Unique, wildly unconventional, often frustrating, but never dull, Patrick McGoohan's brilliant 17-episode original series, "The Prisoner" has stirred controversy for over 40 years. Was it a nightmarish vision of dehumanization? A bitter treatise on the loss of personal freedom to 'the System'? A satire of an era when vocal radicals were undermining the Establishment? Or something else, entirely? One of the pleasures of the series is creating your own theory (which McGoohan, himself, encouraged), and this collection provides everything you need to become an expert on the world of 'The Village'...

It is a program with an intriguing backstory; after 86 spisodes playing 'John Drake' in the very popular British series, "Danger Man" (renamed "Secret Agent" in America), between 1961-1967, McGoohan abruptly quit. When the studio demanded compensation, he offered a new series, about a secret agent who leaves the service for personal reasons, is promptly kidnapped, imprisoned in an idyllic, but sterile community, renamed 'Number 6', and relentlessly interrogated by the unknown jailers. Each week he'd attempt to escape, only to be recaptured, until he'd finally learn the secret behind 'The Village'. The studio, intrigued by the concept (recognizing the parallels to McGoohan's own situation), asked for 26 episodes (McGoohan wanted to make only seven), and a compromise of 17 episodes was reached. Then the American distributor, CBS, became involved; they disliked the concept (believing it to be little more than a live-action 'Road Runner' cartoon, with McGoohan's character the coyote, devising elaborate schemes to escape that always failed), and dumped the new show into the little-viewed summer 'hiatus' between seasons, where failed pilots and unsuccessful series could earn back production costs by advertising revenue.

But a strange thing happened; ratings soared, as word-of-mouth about the unconventional series spread, and CBS found itself with a hit! They quickly approached McGoohan, begging him to extend the series, and offering a prime spot in the fall TV schedule. The actor simply smiled, said, "Thanks, but no thanks!", and concluded "The Prisoner" with the surreal 17th episode.

And the legend was born...

Loaded with extras, including trivia quizzes, a 'Video Companion' to the series, production stills, and even a map of 'The Village', "The Prisoner - Complete Series Megaset (40th Anniversary Edition)" is the most comprehensive edition of the groundbreaking series you will ever find...I highly recommend it, and invite you to join Number 6 in the Village...and develop your own theories!
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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Best DVD Box Set Evah! 13 de febrero de 2009
Por Doc Martian - Publicado en
Formato: DVD Compra verificada
OK, there are things I would have done different had I released it. Namely arranging the episodes in the order of the original release. However, since primary creative impetus to the series Patrick McGoohan has approved different arrangement on public television, and was honorary president of the Six of One society that puzzled out the chronology that A&E used for this box set and the original series concept was a 7 episode series that had a whole different arrangement. I don't begrudge A&E for this arrangement. After all, being on DVD, with only two episodes per DVD it is easy enough to drop a different DVD in per episode if you want to use the public television, ITV or 7 episode McGoohan chronology.

The transfers are perfect digital replications of the original masters. With all the technicolor joys that late 1960s television has to offer. The one exception to this is the alternative version of 'The Chimes of Big Ben' which has video artifacts of the accidentally acquired early version of the episode, however as it is more of a bonus than a poorly reproduced piece of the original series, this is acceptable. After all, nobody complains that the gag reel from Star Trek isn't pristinely re-edited and digitally remastered.

Speaking of Star Trek. Kudos to A&E for keeping the price tag on this piece of television heritage at a reasonable price. $80.00 per season is ridiculous. 50-odd dollars for an AD-FREE DVD box set is just right.

Well designed, includes a pocket companion to the series with recaps, trivia, and episode goofs, as well as a separate map of The Village similar to the one seen in the episode 'Arrival'. Slim-line cases, single-sided DVDs, clean and simple design. This is the second megaset I've purchased from A&E, The Monty Python's Flying Circus megaset is equally well designed and has even more extras.

Speaking of extras, original trailers, trivia games, foreign language versions of the intro, and an interview with the production designers make for a well rounded package. The only notable extra that isn't on the discs is a running commentary for the episodes, I for one though prefer my films and television shows commentary-free.

The Prisoner broke the boundaries of television in a way that no series except for 'The Twilight Zone' had done before. It also advanced the story-arc concept from the more episodic 'The Fugitive'. Fans of Lost, Firefly, Hill Street Blues, The X-Files, Miami Vice, The Shield, and most anime series would do well to pick up this box set and see what made it all possible.

Be Seeing You.
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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Who's number is actually up? 7 de junio de 2016
Por TaxiDrivin' Daddy - Publicado en
Formato: DVD Compra verificada
An obsession that draws you in like a bad dream where you know something's not right, but you can't quite figure that out. Then your mind swirls and you could swear that time is moving at a different pace - just before awakening.
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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Groudbreaking series that changed TV forever... 6 de julio de 2006
Por Kenneth M. Pizzi - Publicado en
Formato: DVD Compra verificada
How to begin? So much has been written or spoken about The Prisoner that it makes yet another review, especially here, seem rather unnecessary, but allow me to shed some new light on this wonderfully crafted and thought-provoking series that has inspired a slew of criticism, documentaries, and a franchise that sponsors fan-inspired annual pilgrimages and symposiums to Portmerion (Wales) where the series was filmed in 1967.

To this day, the series has managed to inspire debate and defy interpretation--are the episodes merely the dreams and nightmares of a British secret agent who has resigned, or is No. 6's fight against the dystopia that is the Village analogous to our own fight for individualism, privacy and personal freedom? And now, perhaps even more relevant today than in 1967 when the series made its initial broadcast run--incidentally as a summer replacement for the "Jackie Gleason Show".

So many of the episodes are as thought-provoking as McGoohans's own inspiration for the series. Despite what McGoohan may insist and what the critics say, I strongly believe that No. 6 is John Drake of "Secret Agent Man." (Co-creator and writer George Markstein always insisted that No. 6 was Drake.) To appreciate this you must view the series back-to-back to see why; the latter episodes of "Secret Agent" show Drake often bucking horns with his superiors at virtually every opportunity and clearly a few episodes of "Secret Agent" would help you to see my point: specifically "Colony Three" and "The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove"--two perplexing and puzzling installments in a rather straightforward, weekly prime-time spy drama. Be sure to check them out.

We all know the wonderful English guest stars who appeared as No. 2, so I don't need to go into detail here--Leo McKern ("Chimes of Big Ben," "Once Upon a Time," and "Fall Out") and Colin Gordon ("A, B, & C") are two of my favorites. As to the quality of the DVDs themselves, A&E has done a superb job with this set--super clean transfers and excellent Dolby sound.

Also included are some alternate title sequences, the alternate "Chimes of Big Ben," and an interview/documentary with director David Tomblin--I am not surprised McGoohan did not offer an interview or a commentary--he wants to keep us guessing and that, of course, is half the fun to this enigma which is "The Prisoner."

The additional booklet and map added to this new slimline set is a nice additional touch, but I think Prisoner devotees deserve much more from A&E since much of this type of merchandise is already available from other sources.
14 de 14 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Resign Yourself to the Box Set 18 de marzo de 2005
Por Kevin R. Austra - Publicado en
Formato: DVD Compra verificada
THE COMPLETE PRISONER is must for followers of the 1960's cult series. Thankfully it is available as box set. Save yourself a lot of anxiety and purchase the whole series at once. Those who purchased the smaller incremental DVD packages found themselves buying the rest of the set anyway.

Who is the Prisoner and what is the Village? Not even PRISONER star Patrick McGoohan will provide the answer. The episodes alternate between psychedelic and bizzare to straight-forward spytech. However, as a child in the 1960s, THE PRISONER appeared simply as the story of an ex-secret agent's incarceration and escape attempts.

The television series was way ahead of its time. In the United States it served as a temporary replacement for the Jackie Gleason show and did not garner magnificent ratings. It was in syndication that the show acquired a following.

Patrick McGoohan stepped out of his role of John Drake from DANGER MAN and right into THE PRISONER. Unfortunately, the series was designed to be of limited duration. As such, the episodes are not numerous. McGoohan held tight reins on the production and grudgingly allowed a few additional episodes to be filmed.

The DVD episodes are of excellent quality, particularly when compared to the old VHS copies. Additionally, this collection contains The Prisoner Video Companion, as well as The Alternate Chimes of Big Ben. The 'Alternate Chimes' is the only episode that appears to be straight off of an old 16mm print -- complete with scratches.

Each DVD is complete with trivia and other production material extras.

Get the whole set and share the Prisoner's challenges.

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