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Prompster - Public Speaking Teleprompter (Kindle Tablet Edition)

de Paragoni.com

Precio: EUR 1,54 IVA incluido (si corresponde)
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Vendido por: Amazon Media EU Sarl
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Idiomas disponibles: Inglés

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Detalles del producto

Características del producto

  • Use your Kindle Fire as a teleprompter for public speaking
  • Adjust font size and scrolling speed on the fly
  • Track elapsed time of talks with built in timer
  • Create and edit documents within the app
  • Import speeches via email or from SD card

Descripción del producto

The Kindle Fire has the perfect form factor for taking to the podium to deliver speeches and Prompster smoothly scrolls easily readable text allowing you to eliminate notes and index cards forever.

It is the ideal app for practicing and delivering public speeches, lectures, podcasts, radio scripts, video scripts, and for any scenario that requires a speaker to communicate with an audience using notes or a script.

- Use your Kindle Fire as a teleprompter for public speaking
- Adjust font size and scrolling speed on the fly
- Track elapsed time of talks with built in timer
- Create and edit documents within the app
- Import speeches via email or from SD card

Macworld.com's David Dahlquist says "…why should the big boys get all the fun? With Prompster you can turn your iPad into a teleprompter to practice or perform public speeches, lectures, or sermons."

"Apps like this one really do make the iPad a good business productivity tool." - iPadDaily.com

"When you first launch the app, the brilliance of the design will become apparent to you almost immediately as you will be confronted with a fantastic looking application." - iPad-Application-Reviews.com

If you need assistance in anyway or would like to suggest a feature please contact us here http://www.paragoni.com/contact/

If you have less than an excellent experience using Prompster, before you give it a bad rating please email us and we'll do our best to correct the issue in a timely manner.

Contact Us: http://www.paragoni.com/contact/

Thank you for considering Prompster

Detalles técnicos

Tamaño: 1.008,2KB
Versión: 1.2
Desarrollado por: Paragoni.com
Permisos de aplicaciones: ( más información sobre los permisos )
  • Abrir sockets de red
  • Escribir en almacenamiento externo
Sistema operativo mínimo: Android 2.3.3
Tiempo de descarga aproximado: Menos de 10 segundos

Opiniones de clientes

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Amazon.com: 2.6 de un máximo de 5 estrellas 17 opiniones
5 de 5 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
3.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Nice Interface - Falls Short in Key Areas 19 de febrero de 2013
Por JB1961 - Publicado en Amazon.com
Compra verificada
I was looking for a teleprompter app to use with my Kindle Fire HD 8.9" tablet. There were only two apps listed in the Amazon appstore, Prompster and Easy-prompter. I tried Easy-prompter first, for I knew Prompster did not offer landscape mode, which I desired. Easy-prompter was not easy. I had to jump through hoops to get my text file into the sdcard folder on the Kindle Fire in order for the software to locate it. I tried the e-mail attachment route, but the document was not put in the folder Easy-prompter looks in. I had to use a file manager app to move the file into the proper directory so Easy-prompter could import it.

Once the file was loaded, I was on my own as far as figuring out how to use the software. Bear in mind that my Kindle Fire is my first Android device, so I was having to figure out how to do basic things with Android. I discovered that font size could be increased by doing the standard finger movement for enlarging text. Oddly, however, the finger swipe method does not enlarge the text to the maximum limit that Easy-prompter allows. To get the larger font sizes you have to access the menu and go into preferences. Choosing the largest font there produces a much larger screen font that the finger swipe method. Having chosen the largest font in the menu, you can decrease the font size with finger motions to tweak it to your liking.

Easy-prompter does allow for a larger font that Prompster, and as mentioned, it will also display in landscape mode. But be forewarned that the larger fonts do not scroll smoothly, even at a normal reading speed. They appear very jerky. The program also lacks a convenient means to slow down, or speed up, the scroll speed. You have to go into the menu and access the scroll speed feature for this. This effectively stops the scrolling, and upon exiting the menu you have to click on the play button again. There should be some feature to allow a person to speed up, or slow down, the speed of scrolling on the fly. A reverse feature is also lacking.

Prompster has a more polished interface. It looks very attractive, and has more controls which are accessible from the main screen, rather than having to exit out to a menu. Prompster offers only portrait orientation, and unlike Easy-prompt, it does not have a file import feature. You have to cut and paste your text into Prompster, or type it in manually. This is an added step that could be made easier by the addition of an "open file" feature.

Prompster does not allow the user to enlarge or decrease the font size with finger movements over the touch screen. You are given two font symbols for this feature, one to increase, and one to decrease the font. The scrolling in Prompster is silky smooth, and the speed can be changed on the fly. However, the largest font size offered is difficult to read if you get much beyond arm's length. This is far too close for my set-up, as I mount my tablet to my camera's tripod so that I can look directly at the camera. The camera is 8 feet away. The text is so small that it is unreadable at that distance. (You can get a nice tablet mount that allows you to affix your tablet to a tripod or mic stand at the following link: www.amazon.com/gp/product/B007PKR3SK).

Neither of these teleprompter apps is truly satisfactory. Both have serious shortcomings. There are other apps available that are web based, such as CuePrompter, but you will need an available Internet connection to use them.
1 de 1 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
3.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Decent 17 de agosto de 2016
Por weirdrelatives - Publicado en Amazon.com
Compra verificada
Scrolls nice and smooth and text is simple. Fails miserably at text size. Text is small even at its largest size. It doesn't remember your text size or scroll speed, so you have to adjust that every time you load a script. It would also be nice to be able to sort scripts at least alphabetically, but you can't sort them at all. You can't manually arrange them either. If you have lots of scripts, it can be a pain to find the one you want.
4 de 4 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
1.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Remarkably incomplete 31 de diciembre de 2012
Por TheCartoonatic - Publicado en Amazon.com
Compra verificada
While the app is fit and fine for what little it does do, with a well-made UI and attractive direction, it is simply abysmal at a purpose other than holding it directly below one's face like an amateur poet. Even the icon graphic is a lie, since the product can not be held in landscape mode--thus making it useless for my beam splitter teleprompter. And the font is simply too small to be used at any reasonable distance. If these were difficult to rectify, or if these apps were only trivial annoyances, these would be one thing, but the sad fact is these are fixable in a day of programming to fix problems that make the app unusable. There is simply no excuse for this and no worth to be found in this piece.
12 de 13 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Prompster Makes My Day!!! 30 de junio de 2012
Por J. P. StJulian - Publicado en Amazon.com
Compra verificada
I must admit that when I first downloaded this app and plugged it in to my Kindle Fire, I was uncertain of what I had just bought. When I tried to follow the instructions for importing txt. files to it and found that it didn't work for me, I was really miffed. I emailed the techs at Paragoni.com (the makers of the Prompster App) and asked for help. What they told me to do didn't work either, but they said they would keep on it. I also started playing with different techniques until I solved my problem and learned exactly what I had to do to import my .txt files to my Kindle Fire. Now, I consider myself stupid for not figuring it out in the beginning. I shared my solution with Paragoni in case they have some other distraught, frustrated client with the same problem. For those people who got the instructions that came with Prompster to work, my hat is off to you. I'm sure there are other solutions too, but, if you had the same problem as I did, here is how I solved my problem:

1. Create the file you want to use with Prompster and be sure to save it as a .txt file. You should probably open the text file after you save it and format it the way you want it to appear in Prompster.
2. Send the file to yourself as an ATTACHMENT to an email, not as an email itself. Be sure it goes to the email address you have on your Kindle Fire.
3. Open email in your Kindle Fire. Open the email you sent yourself with the ATTACHMENT in it. You will see the attachment you sent yourself, along with the options to OPEN or SAVE. SAVE the attachment.
4. Open Prompster. Press the little box with the arrow in it to open the SD Card folder and you will see your document. Touch it, and it will open in Prompster.

Prompster does not support wide-screen operation but it does let you enlarge the typing by pressing the large A on the screen. It's also a little annoying to have to reset the scroll speed each time you load a document, but I can live with that. I'm sure another version will be coming out soon enough with many more features, but for now, this version makes my day.

I hope this helps someone who may have a problem loading documents into their teleprompter.
4 de 4 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
1.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Rip-off 5 de enero de 2013
Por Ghekko - Publicado en Amazon.com
Compra verificada
If only I would've known this app was such a joke when I bought it. I mean, what were you makers of this trash thinking when you came up with this one? Didn't you know that for a filmmaker to use your app., you needed at minimum to provide: wide screen view, sizable use of font, and text mirror view?

How do you propose we use this trash with a KindleFireHD, and say, an entry-level teleprompter like the 14G by ReallyCheapTeleprompter.com without these features?

Folks, save your money, do some research and go somewhere else for your prompting challenges.

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