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Remington Remington Model 500 Mini Dehumidifier

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Remington modelo deshumidificador Mini 500. Absorbe el exceso de humedad en un área de 150 metros cúbicos. Mide aproximadamente 20 pulgadas de ancho x 15,2 cm de altura. Carcasa de plástico blanco. Utilizando la tecnología de los cristales de agua, que es incoloro, inodoro y no tóxico. Para cargar, conecte la unidad a un tomacorriente. Baterías ni cables no son necesarios. Advertencia! 110V requiere adaptador.

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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Keep 'em dry, my clothes and shoes are worth it. 14 de diciembre de 2012
Por Average Jo - Publicado en
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My new closet is a large walk-in, opens to the master bath and I live close to the coast. A good friend warned me about mold in the closet and clothing due to those exact reasons as she had lived through it. She had a large window in her closet to air out her clothes and I do not. Did some research and decided on 3 of these Remington mini dehumidifiers. They are reusable for years, don't use batteries or electricity to run (yes, need electricity for the crystal refreshing) and are small in footprint. I believe they are working. I have had to refresh the units once a month since placing in my closet. The unsaturated blue silica crystals turns to pink when saturated with moisture. The legend on the front of the unit states then it is time to plug into an outlet for 5-8 hours to refresh the crystals to use again. So far, so good.
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1.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas THIS ONE DOES NOT WORK! I should have believed the bad reviews! A WASTE OF MY MONEY! (The GoldenRod works fine!) 13 de abril de 2017
Por Gary Matthews - Publicado en
Compra verificada
I have one of the smaller Remington de-humidifiers, and it works as expected in my small safe. So, I bought this Model 500 for my larger (14 ft3) safe. My meter showed no humidity difference inside versus outside the safe. The gel never changed color. I plugged it in for 8 hours- still blue, but no drop in humidity inside safe. Added a GoldenRod 24" Dehumidifier rod. Now my internal safe temperature is 2 degrees warmer, and the internal humidity 4% lower (Due ONLY to the higher temperature inside). The smaller Remington De-Humidifier keeps my small safe under 40% RH. This Remington Model 500 in my 14ft3 safe does NOT remove any moisture, and my safe is at 52% RH inside (with the GoldenRod), compared to 57% outside the safe. It does NOT Change with the Remington 500 inside after a full "re-charge". Stays the same with the Remington removed completely. I have thoroughly checked the Remington 500 plastic body's "vent" slots, and they are not flashed over. There is a "fabric" behind the slots to keep the smaller gel from leaking out, but the air should go through that.
I guess I will just have to will throw this one out, and try to find one that actually works. Two of the smaller Remingtons?? I don't think so, at this point...
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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Love them. I have about 10 or so large ones. 8 de abril de 2015
Por Gregory Knox - Publicado en
Compra verificada
These are large and less then the competitor in price (I have both the Remington and the competition). I use them humid places where I store thing such as firearms, and ammunition. They take about 10-12 hours to charge, but last a good 10 days in very humid areas, and longer in less humid areas. The clear see through status window is easy to read to determine when charging is required. Worth the money to keep stuff away from humidity.
5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas so far so good 19 de mayo de 2014
Por Handy7 - Publicado en
Compra verificada
I have this in my gun case, also in my gun case I have; I can’t remember the name at this time but a moisture absorber granular type.Before I got this I have to refill the granular one every couple of weeks! For this thing just take it out, plug it in and in a couple of hours you can put it back into where ever you would like to control moisture.Putting this back into my gun case I did not have to empty the granular one it has not filled up as of yet and I have had thins one for a couple of months now. Works like stated well worth it! Prob. Will buy another for our camper
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4.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Paying for the Brand 19 de noviembre de 2013
Por Patrick T. - Publicado en
Compra verificada
This is a great dehumidifier for most larger gun safes. My only gripe is, you're paying for the Remington branding on the side there. You can actually get the same dehumidifier from Eva-dry for about $7-10 less.

That being said, if you can't find the Eva-dry and need this in a pinch, it will certainly do a good job at keeping the humidity in your safe stable.