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Rocco y sus hermanos [DVD]

5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas 1 opinión de cliente

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La viuda Rosaria se traslada a Milán desde Lucania con sus cuatro hijos: Rocco (Alain Delon), Simone (Renato Salvatori), Ciro (Max Cartier) y Luca (Rocco Vidolazzi).
Los inicios en el Norte serán duros, pero poco a poco la familia hará todo lo posible para establecerse y huir de la extrema pobreza en la que vivían en el Sur.
Simone se pone a boxear, Rocco trabaja en una lavandería y Ciro estudia.
El conflicto llegará cuando Rocco, después de volver del servicio militar, empiece a salir con Nadia, una prostituta que había estado con su hermano Simone.
Los celos y las envidias entre los dos hermanos desencadenarán un trágico suceso que pondrá en entredicho la unidad de la familia.
Censurada durante muchos años, ésta edición presenta el fim completo y sin cortes, tal y cómo la ideó el genial director italiano, y se encumbra no sólo en una de las mejores películas de Visconti, sino que adquiere dicha categoría en la historia del cine mundial.

Detalles del producto

  • Actores: Alain Delon, Annie Girardot, Claudia Cardinale, Max Cartier, Alessandra Panaro
  • Directores: Luchino Visconti
  • Audio: Italiano (Mono), Castellano (Mono)
  • Región: Región 2 (Más información sobre Formatos de DVD.)
  • Número de discos: 1
  • Calificación española (ICAA): No recomendada para menores de 12 años
  • Estudio: Vértice Cine
  • Fecha de lanzamiento: 24 mayo 2006
  • Duración: 177 minutos
  • Valoración media de los clientes: 5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas  Ver todas las opiniones (1 opinión de cliente)
  • ASIN: B0053C8MYG
  • Clasificación en los más vendidos de Amazon: nº79.328 en Cine y Series TV (Ver el Top 100 en Cine y Series TV)

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Formato: DVD
Para mi una de las mejores películas europeas del siglo XX. Y tambien de las mas completas obras de L. Visconti, junto con El Gatopardo.
Realista y neorealista relato de la Italia de los años cincuenta. Una obra de arte que deja huella. JB.
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3.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas A legendary movie, DVD is region-restricted 21 de octubre de 2016
Por customer - Publicado en
Formato: Blu-ray Compra verificada
This Blue-ray DVD is not region-free and will not play on regular players in USA. Of course, there is a warning about it on the web site of Amazon, but my experience has shown that sometimes the items have been re-issued and region-free. I was wrong :). I will have to buy a region-free DVD Blu-ray player.
22 de 24 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Family affairs. 24 de abril de 2002
Por Un cliente - Publicado en
Formato: DVD Compra verificada
Archetypal epic involving a Sicilian peasant family forced by poverty to move to the big city -- in this case, Milan. There, the mother and her four young sons join the oldest son, who's got a steady job and a steady girl. From this description thus far, you might feel inclined to pass on the movie because you've seen all this before . . . and you'd be right. Mario Puzo and -- later -- Francis Ford Coppola borrowed heavily from *Rocco and His Brothers* when they created their respective *Godfather* epics. Indeed, Rocco, his mother, his brothers, the prostitute, all begin as "types". There's a lot of "Mamma mia!" and hands raised in prayer; there's a lot of sweaty machismo; there's a lot of "amore". I think director Luchino Visconti had wanted to say something about proletarian post-War Italy with his stereotypical Porondi family. But he must have fell in love with them, because they burst free from their tedious Neo-Realist origins and become whole characters capable of change and inner growth. We are certainly grateful for that: all too often, the "realism" in Italian Neo-Realism becomes merely politics . . . and politics dates pretty quickly. Instead, Visconti lavishes his settings and characters with Dickensian detail to the point that by movie's end, they no longer seem like stereotypes, archetypes, or any other types. For a director noted for Neo-Realism, Visconti had a flair for bombastic grand tragedy and earthy good humor, which he's able to pull off so brilliantly in this movie because of the inexorable logic of the plot and the fastidious piling-upon-piling of detail and deep understanding of his creations. *Rocco and His Brothers* was an important movie for Visconti to make: from here, he dropped the pointy-headed dogmas of then-current Italian cinema, and, along with Fellini and others, struck out in a direction entirely his own, culminating in other masterworks like *The Damned* and *Death in Venice*. Sure, *Rocco* is a serious-minded social document, but it also has thoroughly engrossing melodramatics to spare . . . and that's what seems more important to us, 42 years later. [For the 2nd time in one month, I'm forced to gripe about "Image Entertainment"'s DVD presentation. Onerous enough is that there's no features, and the print is clearly from unrestored celluloid . . . but if what a reviewer below said is correct, 12 minutes are STILL missing from the movie, despite the claim on the box that it's fully restored and uncut. Can they get away with lying like this? Don't food products have to be truthful on their list of ingredients --? why are entertainment products any different? And why on earth do companies like Image and Fox-Lorber have a catalog of masterworks when they clearly have no interest in presenting them with the attention and care that they deserve? All that said, get the movie anyway, because who knows when a more scrupulous company will buy the rights and do Visconti's classic justice.]
1 de 1 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Rocco and His Brothers 28 de junio de 2007
Por John Farr - Publicado en
Formato: DVD Compra verificada
A film of sizeable sweep and authenticity, "Rocco" is another near-masterpiece by Visconti. Though each Parondi brother is profiled, it's the emerging rivalry between Rocco and the mercurial Simone that drives the story forward. French actress Girardot would also achieve stardom playing Nadia, the woman of the streets who comes between them. Long but amply rewarding throughout.
5 de 5 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
4.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas All-region release contains uncut version 16 de abril de 2013
Por Brian - Publicado en
Compra verificada
For those who've been searching for the full 176-minute version of Visconti's 1960 opus 'Rocco and His Brothers' compatible with U.S. players, look no further. Image Entertainment released a nice print of the 168-minute international cut a few years back (currently discontinued), but until Criterion or some other conscientious distributor gets on the stick and snaps up the rights to 'Rocco' collectors likely will want to own this South Korean-produced disc, which offers a comparable-quality transfer (non-anamorphic widescreen, same as Image's). Neither DVD contains any special features of note. Film rates 4 stars, presentation 3 1/2.
14 de 14 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
4.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas All In The Family 2 de marzo de 2003
Por Alex Udvary - Publicado en
Formato: Cinta VHS
For years now my favorite Luchino Visconti film has been "Ludwig". His grand sweeping epic. I've always felt that was his most ambitious film. True, Visconti has made other film that are great in their scope like "The Leopard", or "The Damned". But, none has touched me on such a personal level as "Ludwig", and then I saw this film. While, I admit, I don't think it's as grand as "Ludwig", "Rocco and his Brothers", is a powerful, emotional, saga.
Luchino Visconti is a director whom I've always had wonderful things to say about. He is one of my favorite directors of all time. And I always feel there is something to admire about all of his films, even those I may not be crazy about, I still found something good to say about them.
"Rocco and his Brothers" is a story about a family of five brothers and their mother who move from the country into the city. The brothers are played by Alain Delon (Rocco), Renato Salvatori (Simone), Spiros Focas (Vincenzo), Max Cartier (Ciro), & Rocco Vidolazzi (Luca). The movie creates little episodic chapters for each brother. Telling you briefly something about them, in about 30-40 minutes.
Now, the only fault I have with the film is, I feel it doesn't devote enough time to all the brothers. For instance characters like Ciro or Luca are not given much depth. Very little is known about them. The role of Vincezo is so-so, over-all, it is better than the other two brothers. What really makes the movie so wonderful are the three focal characters; Rocco (Delon), Simone (Salvatori) & Nadia (Annie Girardot) a woman of the streets who begins a love affair with Simone, and then starts a rival between two of the brothers, I honestly don't want to give too much away. But they have the best parts. It is because of them the movie has as much heart as it does. Visconti does an amazing job directing them. And it is because of the story-line concerning these three characters that I can "forgive" the film's short comings with the other characters.
Though the film is hard to find, just keep looking. It will all be worth it. I personally wouldn't recommend buying the film on vhs...if you have a dvd player, your better off buying the dvd... . I was lucky and saw the movie on TCM.
"Rocco and his Brothers" is a film Visconti fans should be pleased with. Those of us who have seen will never forget the impact it left on us the first time we saw it.
The rest of the cast includes; Katina Paxinou (Rosaria, the mother), Alessandra Panaro (Ciro's fiancess), and Claudia Cardinale (who plays Ginetta, Vincenzo's wife. She of course would be a major star appearing in other Visconti films like "Conversation Piece", and "The Leopard", also "Big Deal On Madonna Street" and Fellini's "8 1\2")
Bottom-line: One of Luchino Visconti's most absorbing dramas. A film of tremendous heart and passion. With standout performances by it's three lead stars.

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