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AB Rocket 8332MO Twister - Banco de abdominales (anunciado en televisión)

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Número de modelo8332MO
Peso del producto9 Kg
Dimensiones del producto61 x 17,8 x 35,6 cm
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Producto en desde22 de marzo de 2013

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Este producto está sujeto a instrucciones y advertencias específicas de seguridad
  • Advertencia: No conviene para niños menores de 14 años. Utilícese bajo la vigilancia de un adulto
  • Advertencia: Sólo para uso doméstico

Descripción del producto

No luches más tratando de levantar el cuello y la espalda haciendo abdominales. Simplemente siéntate, relájate y...¡a balancearse! Tu espalda y tu cuello se apoyarán cómodamente en el respaldo mientras que este te ofrecerá resistencia al balancearte. ¡No te caerás y conseguirás un entrenamiento de abdominales completo al acostarte y levantarte!. Los ejercicios abdominales tradicionales cansan mucho, se pueden hacer muchas cosas mal e incluso terminar lesionándote. Eso lo puede conseguir mucho más rápido: con el aparato de abdominales AB Rocket Twister | Teletienda TV un aparato deportivo que fortalece notablemente sus músculos abdominales en poco tiempo y en el que además disfrutará entrenando. Siéntese en la máquina de abdominales AB Rocket Twister, colúmpiese de un lado a otro, disfrute el relajante movimiento y fortalezca sus músculos abdominales casi como en un juego. La resistencia del AB Rocket Twister surte efecto hacia arriba y hacia abajo, de modo que sus músculos abdominales se entrenan de forma óptima. Puede individualizar el entrenamiento con las tres cintas de resistencia de diferente grosor.


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DVD de ejercicios</li> <li>
Instrucciones de montaje</li> </ul>

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3.5 de un máximo de 5 estrellas

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Muy fácil de usar y cómodo de guardar. Lo recomiendo para todos aquellos que no tienen tiempo de ir al gimnasio.
En cualquier momento del día lo puedes utilizar.
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me podria decir alguien donde puedo encontrar el cd para hacer los ejercicios de esta maquina¿?? pedi esta maquina creyendo que iba el cd
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hacer deporte es genial funciona genial es una parato que va super bien llego bien i mencanta muxo a mi i pareja lo cogemos i nos encanta
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Opiniones de clientes más útiles en (beta) 3.1 de un máximo de 5 estrellas 255 opiniones
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2.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Well, the infomercial sure made it look good 15 de julio de 2011
Por J. Lee - Publicado en
Wow! Don't those late night infomercials make this one look great? There's a lot of problems in this one both versus what they say and versus other Ab machines out there (and I swear - I pretty much have them all, I'm a sucker for a good infomercial).

So, here's the rankings vs. what they promise:
- A back massage and neck support: 0 stars
Those rollers sure look like they'd give a massage - but, in fact, they are not comfortable and there is definitely no massaging going on. I'd say this is easier on the back than crunches - but not by much. Since the back is one size fits all - whether you get neck support is going to vary by your neck and torso length. Tall people be particularly wary. That said, you are not on it that long. It's really a five minute work out.

- Quality: 1-star
Really flimsiy made for an exercise machine. Particularly cheap handles and attachments. Doesn't click the way they say it will in the ads. If you are a larger/wider person this thing may not stand up to your weight, and the small seat is definitely going to bother you. It's made cheaply all the way around - or there is poor quality control going on.

- Ability for anyone to use it - 4.0 Stars
Comes with a DVD that has routines for every level from beginner to advanced, and three different level tension cords that attach the seat to the back that make the exercises harder or easier. There's also they typical meal planner and recipe book that comes w/ all of these because any promises of losing inches ARE ALWAYS based upon you BOTH following the plan and using the machine.

- Value of exercies for abs - 3.0-4.0 stars
If you just sit on this thing and rock up and down like a rocking chair, as the ads imply, it won't hurt - but isn't going to do that much good (and there's far better machines out there for that like the Ab Lounge Sport that give you better range more comfortably. However, those are harder to work the obliques - and the twister motion on this works. But, the way this does the most is by following the routine that's appropriate for you on the DVD.

-Versus other ab products 1-star
I liked the idea of this because I thought it combined the benefits and ease of the Ab Lounge (without being so big and bulky) and my favorite all time informercial ab machine, the AB Dolly Plus (without requiring the hard floor space to use) into one. But, the poor design and flimsy construction, plus the lack of comfort using it just don't stand up.

BOTTOM LINE: There are better all around and better made ab products out there that will do the job as effectively, if not more so. This one just doesn't deliver on the promises of the ads and for the cost it's quality is below par. It's just not one I'd want to use everyday. Recommend looking at other options.
126 de 142 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
1.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas You Will Return It As Fast As a Rocket 30 de junio de 2011
Por Bill - Publicado en
The seat that is added is too high and too far forward so there is no lumbar support. My back aches after I use it. I would not recommend this to anyone.

Plus you will have to pay for the return postage.

Save your time and money.
2 de 2 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
3.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas So-So, Not Really What I Expected 8 de marzo de 2014
Por John Paul Sassone - Publicado en
Compra verificada
There are pros and cons to this item, actually one pro and a lot of cons.

First the pro, it will work your abs, so in that respect it does what it says it will do.

The cons are more pronounced though. First, when I opened the box a broken piece of plastic from the back piece fell out. Some Crazy Glue took care of it but that wasn't a good sign. You have to assemble it using drawings that are ok but I advise you to have a Phillips screwdriver handy. They include a tool but it is pretty awkward to use so have your own screwdriver.

The most noticeable thing though is the neck rest. I'm 5'10" and the rest was nowhere near my neck. Unless you're very short its useless and uncomfortable.

Its not worth the $100 bucks I spent, maybe half of that.
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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas From a weight loss coach: This REALLY does make ab work easier, but you have to think about your form. 21 de septiembre de 2011
Por Chandler - Publicado en
Opinión de cliente de Vine de producto gratis
I have had the most fun working out with this. Though I workout daily, I HATE two things: push ups and crunches. Just hard for me to ever do comfortably without wanting to stop. I found a push up bar where you can roll out with your arms that solved that I actually like ab work.

I have to say however that there is a trick to this after watching my friends use it wrong. You don't want to work your back...okay, you work it slightly which is good, but not enough to hurt if you do it right. If you do a sit up wrong, you'll just use your back not your abs and you want to work those if you got this...The best explanation I've ever heard for doing it right and correcting the most common mistake of sitting up, was explained by Jillian Michaels. you are aren't getting up like you are getting up from laying down on the couch. Instead, you need to think of your chin being attached to an invisible string that's attached to the ceiling (Not the wall...yes, the ceiling) and being pulled up. If you always remember this, you'll always do it right. Like someone is pulling up your chin to the ceiling. Don't look forward at a wall with your head down...pull your chin upward as you lift. There is your perfect form. If you do this, those who have issues with where they sat on the seat will no longer have them and you won't work just your back, your abs do the work.

Begin all the way laying down. The headrest is adjustable. Be sure you read the directions to put it together because there is a stabilizing bar that's hidden under the seat that you pull out that I'd never known about.

Also you'll also find that there are 3 different colored bungees you can choose from from very light to hard resistance. Quite frankly I think they should include one even harder so as you progress you can do mega-pushups but I think the hardest one is sufficient...just in a perfect world I'd add another.

What is different about this is the handles allow you to have good resistance when pushing up, but still help yourself up a little as needed yet get results anyway...BUT you do NOT want to pull yourself up with your arms. The more strength you use from your arms, the less work you'll get from your abs. You don't have to use the handles at all, but it's still a nice placement of your arms for comfort and can be used at the initial push up with a harder resistance from the bands.

What I find different in this than many ab workout machines is that it works all the muscles. Even the side of your waist with the twist. And the DVD walks you through how to do it right. Once you get the routine down, this doesn't take up much room so you can sit in front of the TV and get the six pack on.

Remember to go slow...going fast gives you momentum which you don't want to use for your movements. You want to use your muscles.

Remember to adjust the head rest so your head is resting on it before you begin.

You don't sit all the way up. When the backrest stops, so do you, and go back down and continue. Many think that a sit up means you sit all the way up. You actually work your abs better if you don't sit ALL the way up. The chair lets you know when to stop and move back down to the floor.

If you keep your feet off the floor, toes pointed away from you, you'll get an even better workout.

For an even better workout than that, crunch your knees and thighs to your stomach as you pull up, then as you lay back town, point your toes back away from you.

Your head won't leave the headrest as you do this the right way, and you can sit all the way back in the chair...that doesn't mean your lower back has to touch the backrest if you are thin, you just need to concentrate on where your head is and moving your chin up and the rest just falls into place.

It's made of a cushioned seat like you'd see on a weight bench and the backs are made of the material such as you might find on a raft that isn't a blow up raft but a floating one-piece molded soft cushion one. It is metal but the back pieces join the metal with plastic end pieces and screws.

I was surprised that it was mostly all put together prior to arrival. I only used a screwdriver on 2 screws. AND it came with the screwdriver tool!!

You can't see your abs until you lose fat surrounding them...but this will still make your waist smaller even if you have fat to lose as strong muscles take up less you diet, your whole waist will get smaller.

Yes, it works and it does make form easier and it is one of the favorite things I've found to make something I hate more fun. I do suggest learning with the DVDs anytime you try something new.

Negatives: I don't like how you remove the pin to swivel the seat. If you leave the pin in it clicks, but I don't want to have to lay it on the floor as it will quickly become a fun cat toy. That's the one design flaw that seems obvious to me. You should be able to pull it back and click it then have it spring back when needed rather than having to remove it.

But can I feel this work? Immediately, even with assisting some with my arms as I did since I assume many will use it that way to start.

Remember the string tip...and you'll do it right easily every time. You'll sit right and you'll use your abs not your back...Try it on the floor mats that way too. That's how you do them regardless of how you do your sit ups. BUT on this the other good tip to remember is that if your head goes off the head rest you have sat up too far. You never sit up all the way in a sit up...your muscles stay engaged going part way up then down.

Keep your tummy sucked in as you workout and remember to breathe in and out as you do your moves, some hold their breath in during a strength don't want to. Muscles want your oxygen. :-)

Does it feel too easy? Don't pull up with your back or hands but also remember that you won't typically feel soreness from strength training until the next day. And muscles are built by microscopic tears in the muscles. That's what the soreness is from...meaning you are building muscle. So ab soreness is not a BAD thing at all! If you just feel it in your back and not your abs the next day, check your form.
1 de 1 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
1.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas not recommend 10 de junio de 2016
Por Rachel Jobe - Publicado en
Compra verificada
The back does not give enough support for me. It is hard to get off of for a 75 year old. I guess I forgot about that . When ordering.
So I will see about returning this product. would not recommend product.

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