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Romeos [DVD] [Reino Unido]

4.7 de un máximo de 5 estrellas 3 opiniones de clientes

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Descripción del producto

Descripción del producto

A tale of star-crossed lovers with a difference, Sabine Bernardi's richly textured ode to teenage love takes a fresh and unique look at a romantic encounter that transcends boundaries.

When 20-year-old Lukas arrives in Cologne, a summer of late nights, clubs heaving with hot guys and insurmountable self-discovery awaits. You see, Lukas has a heavy secret that he has chosen to leave behind, and best friend Ine knows this too well. Like most young adults their age, the pair indulge in parties and alcohol with abandon, helping Lukas to overcome what makes him different from everyone else.

However, when hunky neighbourhood catch Fabio appears, a heated attraction between the two boys gradually develops - until Fabio accesses the secret of Lukas's identity. Despite their differences, will love conquer all?


"A vibrant variant of the genre, one that is as refreshing, as it is compassionately delivered"

Detalles del producto

  • Actores: Rick Okon, Maximilian Befort
  • Directores: Sabine Bernardi
  • Formato: PAL, Importación
  • Audio: Alemán
  • Subtítulos: Inglés
  • Número de discos: 1
  • Calificación FSK: Desconocido. No se nos ha facilitado la calificación española por edades (ICAA), pero puedes consultarla en la página oficial del ICAA. Las calificaciones por edad y/o versiones de otros países no siempre coinciden con la española. Más información sobre las diferentes calificaciones por edad.
  • Estudio: Peccadillo Pictures
  • Duración: 94 minutos
  • Valoración media de los clientes: 4.7 de un máximo de 5 estrellas  Ver todas las opiniones (3 opiniones de clientes)
  • ASIN: B007ISFHJ6
  • Clasificación en los más vendidos de Amazon: nº65.912 en Cine y Series TV (Ver el Top 100 en Cine y Series TV)

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4.7 de un máximo de 5 estrellas
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Formato: Blu-ray Compra verificada
Hola, No la he conseguido en castellano, pero es bastante fácil de seguir con un poco de nivel de francés y algo de inglés (cuando habla al blog, Lukas habla en inglés), además el guión es muy claro y son buenos actores. Te animo a que la veas a pesar del hándicap. un Saludo. Marcelo
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Formato: DVD Compra verificada
Un tema complejo,bien desarrollado,un caso dramatico,de una situacón no muy frecuente,igual causa sensación de rechazo,recomendable para personas de criterio cerrado.-
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Formato: Blu-ray
esta película tiene subtítulos en español? me interesa comprarla pero no especifíca si tiene subtítulos,solo en francés. Me podrían informar, gracias.
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Opiniones de clientes más útiles en (beta) 4.2 de un máximo de 5 estrellas 98 opiniones
103 de 107 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas ROMEOS: A 'No Apologies' Kind of Movie! 26 de enero de 2012
Por Mia N. Searles - Publicado en
Formato: DVD
Wow. Romeos moved me in so many ways that I feel...speechless. It's been a long time since I watched something that made the tiny hairs on my arms stand on edge. Moved to tears not only because of the performances (although they were extremely good) but because...finally someone has come along and made a movie so brutally honest, without apologies, on a topic that so many people are ignorant about. And we all know what happens when people are ignorant. Ignorance leads to fear and fear leads to blind hatred. That ignorance, fear, and hatred is what kills our youth, whether its from suicide or bashing.

Romeos was one of the movies I actually paid to see at last years 2011 Philadelphia Q-Fest. And guess what? When my mom and I got to the theater and were standing in line, we found out that something was wrong with the film equipment, therefore, we could either get a refund or come back tomorrow. Well, I had work the next day and I live about a good 40 mins from Philadelphia, so I ended up taking the refund. Since then, I have been patiently awaiting the movie's release on dvd and worried that I would be disappointed after waiting so long. Normally, that's what happens, but I was tickled pink that Romeos far exceeded my expectations.

As the synopsis states above, the movie is about a 20 something pre-op transgender FTM (female to male) named Lukas. He gets accepted into some sort of Nursing program and must live in a dorm while completing the course work. Even though Lukas has been taking hormone treatments that have changed his voice, hair growth, and general appearance, he is technically still a female. Because of this, he is forced to stay in the female dorms. The head of housing keeps Lukas's secret, telling the girls that there is no room left in the men's dorms, therefore, Lukas would be staying with them until further notice. Lukas is upset at his housing situation, but perks up when he sees Ine, a friend that knew him when he was known as "Miri" and learns she will be staying at the dorm as well.

As Lukas gets settled in, the first part of the film reveals his daily routine as a transgendered person: hormone injections, lifting weights, measuring different areas of his body, etc. He also keeps a live journal online where he connects with other transgendered people in all stages of their transition. When Ine invites him out with her to a party, you really get to see how awkward it is for Lukas. Even though the hormone treatments have done wonders with his outward appearance-- facial hair, muscles, deep voice etc., the one thing they haven't helped him get rid of are his breasts. Lukas wears some sort of chest binding vest, but it still does not keep his bosom completely flat. This is why he layers his clothes, crosses his arms over his chest, never getting too close to anyone--another words, Lukas is always in a state of anxiety or paranoia, afraid that someone will notice.

The hunky, charismatic Fabio is the one person Lukas wants to notice him, but not for his upper appendages. Fabio is the epitome of a gay alpha male, appearing to be confident in mind and body. He attracts the attention of both males and females and in some scenes in the movie, you wonder if he is bi or if he dates women to make Lukas jealous (you will see what I mean if you watch the film). Lukas is fascinated by Fabio; a part of it could be first love, a crush, but I got the sense that Lukas views Fabio as the perfect male specimen. He is everything that Lukas wants to be-- perfect body and the confidence to go with it.

But all is not as it seems. The more time Lukas spends with Fabio, the more he tries to convince himself that it's his manly attributes that attracts him. But one of the hardest lessons Lukas must learn is how can he expect someone to love and see the real him if he can't even tolerate his own self? And although Fabio may be good at making people believe he is confident and an out and proud gay man, in reality he is closeted in many ways (again, I don't want to give too much away).

There are so many interesting topics that are addressed in this movie, but there were 2 that really fascinated me. One is during a scene where Lukas reluctantly goes with Ine to the beach because he finds out that Fabio is going. While everyone is stripped down to their swimming shorts or bikinis, you feel Lukas's awkwardness as he sits fully clothed with his layered shirts. As he watches Fabio and some of the guys swimming, Ine, his best friend, takes her bikini top off (remember, nude beaches are common in some other countries). Lukas points to Ine's breasts and starts explaining the breast removal process that he will eventually go through and Ine pushes his hand away and tells him to stop.
She asks, "If you like boys, why don't you just stay a woman?"
Lukas responds, "One has nothing to do with the other."
Lukas is completely right. But Ine's question is one that confuses so many people in the world. There is a BIG difference between someone's gender and someone's sexuality but oftentimes they are thought to be one and the same. Gender is whether you are a male, female, or transgender (born with parts you don't identify with and wish to change such as in Lukas's case). Sexuality is your sexual preference, what you are attracted to, such as being straight, gay, bi-sexual, etc. So even though Lukas was born female, he identifies himself as male. He is in the process of physically becoming a male. Since he is attracted to men, that would make him gay. His best friend is being hypocritical. Ine openly admits she is a lesbian. So for her to tell Lukas that he might as well stay female if he likes guys sort of makes no sense. I could see that being more of a comment that someone homophobic would say. Lukas could have turned her words back on her and say, "since you like women, why don't you grow a pe*is?"

This leads me to the last point I want to make that the movie addresses. Once Lukas's secret is revealed (I won't say how and why), prejudice starts to rear its ugly head. Fabio turns into one of his greatest tormentors, calling him names, flaunting other men and women around him as if to say he would date anyone other then him. Straight people are not the only ones that can be ignorant and prejudice towards transgendered people. The homosexual community can be a transgendered person's greatest nightmare. Why? Because ignorance breeds fear, and fear breeds hate. Fabio really does care for Lukas. What holds him back is his lack of knowledge about transgendered issues and the pressure of what others would think of him liking someone like Lukas. There is no denying Fabio's curiosity and once he lets go of worrying about what others may or may not think about him and Lukas, he is then more willing to let go of his prejudices and learn more. And let me be clear, Fabio is not as confident as Lukas thought he was. There are many reasons why, but that is for you to find out!

If you think that is all that's covered in Romeos, you are in for a surprise. For a 94 minute movie, it touches on so many more issues, themes, etc. But I don't want to give everything away. It sounds like I did, but I'm telling you, I really didn't scratch the surface. So if you are up for a good drama, some romance, a little comedy, mixed in with real, true life issues that transgendered people go through in today's society, then you really are in for a treat!

Mia at The Muses Circle (Like my review? Come check out more on my blog! Do a google search for The Muses Circle)
4.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Four Stars 17 de julio de 2016
Por yann rogier - Publicado en
Compra verificada
Good movie
14 de 15 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Excellent film. 29 de marzo de 2012
Por jane boys - Publicado en
Formato: DVD Compra verificada
OMG this is a great movie. Guaranteed to make you laugh and cry and just say to yourself WOW. I love the German gay interest movies. Always a treat.The story is excellently written and acted. The main characters give it their all especially Rick Okon who is just amazing. Well worth the money. You will watch it over again.
6 de 6 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
4.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas emotional perspective of a German pre-op FTM 2 de marzo de 2014
Por kindle reader - Publicado en
*In German with English subtitles*

This was a really good story. I was very impressed with the honesty and compassion I found here. The female writer/director (Sabine Bernardi) really gave the subject matter and characterization of Lukas a lot of integrity.

This drama centers around the emotional life of Lukas (Rick Okon), a young and very passable German Female to Male (FTM) transsexual, on his 25th shot of testosterone and 11 weeks away from his top surgery. Lukas has begun his year of social service and struggles with being forced to live in the female quarters. Here only one person in his dorm knows the secret of his gender identity... a female lesbian who was his best friend in high school and is aware of his whole transition. Lukas is very self conscious about his body (breasts, in particular) and is very needy and clingy with his female friend in most social situations. Although she struggles to accept how much her friend has changed... ultimately, she is always there for him and I thought he was very lucky to have her.

In addition to these struggles, Lukas (who identifies as a gay man) begins to explore his attraction to men.... men who assume he is a gay man. The emotional turmoil of dealing with his attractions, but not feeling comfortable or safe to act on anything or be honest with others, is a strong focus here.

Lukas doesn't have it easy. And yet I didn't find this story depressing. It was actually hopeful and inspiring in many respects. His family is at least partially accepting, he has one really good friend... and he's got online connections to other transmen who share their stories and support him. I was glad he had a support system and that the film wasn't just a story focused on violence and hatred. This was so much more.

When I found out the actor who plays Lukas is a bio male... I expected to be disappointed that a real transman wasn't cast here. I mean, sure that would of been great. But I gotta say... Rick Okon did a beautiful and highly believable job here. The emotion conveyed in every minor expression and in his body language was truly exceptional. And if I hadn't read in the reviews that Lukas is played by a bio male... I woulda thought he really was a pre-op transman after seeing him with his shirt off (sure looked like real female breasts to me!). I also read that the casting was open to real transmen and that there just weren't many replies. So it is what it is... and I was really pleased that this actor really gave the characterization of Lukas the honesty it deserved.

Now some of the other acting was so-so, lol. And I'm not sure how Fabio (the gay man Lukas falls for) is considered an alpha male... he's way too pretty and skinny, lol. Aside from the breast shots and a few male butt shots and some kissing... there is no graphic sex shown here.

I loved the story. Admittedly, as a lesbian, I'd of (selfishly) loved to see Lukas attracted to women (or hey, more sexy scenes of his cutie lesbian pal)... but his identification as a gay male certainly made him very interesting and complex. I especially liked the confrontation he has with the confusion of why he didn't just stay female if he was attracted to men... life would certainly be easier for him. But he replies that one thing has nothing to do with the other... and this was a very interesting point to make for those trying to wrap their minds around his identity.

Very well-done and enlightening story.
14 de 16 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas An enjoyable film... 25 de junio de 2012
Por DispointedSF - Publicado en
Formato: DVD Compra verificada
Romeos is one of those rare gems that tugs at your heart strings and makes you cheer for the hero of the film. This movie has a lot of heart and soul. It was funny at times yet serious all the same with a very relatable subject matter to those going through what the main character is going through of a person trapped in the wrong body finding his place in the world and all the while searching for acceptance from the people around him and from within.

Rick Okon, who plays the brave and rebellious Lukas, a gay trans man who is transioning from female to male, is simply amazing. He played the character with such realism and truth that I couldn't take my eyes off of him, more so than the object of Luka's attraction, Fabio, the closetted bad boy played by Maximilian Befort, who was amazing as well in the film. The other actor who stood out in the film for me was Liv Lisa Fries, who played Lukas lesbian BFF -Ine, who had to accept her childhood friend transformation from a girl to a young man real fast.

All-in-all, this movie is exceptional and one of those that I could watch over and over again without getting tired of it.

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