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SHARK SHKLXMBT688IL para moto de Bluetooth Multi Interphone interfón auriculares para los usuarios más exigentes de hasta 6 (juego de 1)

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Peso del producto295 g
Dimensiones del producto38,1 x 38,1 x 12,7 cm
Pilas:6 Batería no estándar (Tipo de pila necesaria)
Número de modelo del productoshklxmbt688il
Número de productoshklxmbt688il
Pantalla a colorNo
Pilas / baterías incluidasNo
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Incluye batería recargableNo
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Producto en desde10 de junio de 2015
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1.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Horrible Product, Horrible seller 20 de mayo de 2012
Por P. Salamano - Publicado en
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I don't like to give 1-star reviews, but this is the absolute worst combination of product and customer service I've ever received from a seller on Amazon. The product arrived promptly, but that was the only good point to this purchase. I bought two sets, one as a wedding gift for a friend and one for myself and wife so we could all ride together and be able to communicate. Neither set worked at all, after following the "Chinglish" instruction manual to a "T". The charge indicator light came on and went out after only about 10 minutes, which raised the first red flag. My first thought was that the set had sat unused for so long that the batteries were absolutely dead. After that I could never even get the unit to turn on. I wrote the seller, but didn't receive a response until I basically had to threaten "further action". When I did receive a response it was terse and suggested I try doing things that I had already done (and told the seller I had tried, leading me to believe they didn't even read my entire message). This went back and forth for a few messages before I finally got them to agree to accept a return. Now it's been over three weeks since I returned the product and I haven't heard anything from the seller, seen a replacement product, or a refund to my bank account. I would say that you get what you pay for, but these units weren't exactly inexpensive which makes the whole situation even more irritating. Scala and Chatterbox may be more expensive, but at least they come with warranties and tech / customer service. I'll be sure to invest a bit more money for a far superior product and support in the future. My advice, don't buy this product or from this seller.shark SHKLXMBT688IL Motorcycle snowmobile Bluetooth Multi Interphone headsets 6 riders intercom bluetooth (set)

UPDATE: Months later and this issue has still not been resolved. The seller (gooddeals18, a.k.a. "Effyzaz, Inc.") has continued to sidestep my requests, seemingly in hopes that I finally get frustrated enough and give up. I'm not a vindictive person, but I sincerely hope people don't buy from this seller. They've shown no customer service skills, have been rude, and have drawn out the simple act of returning a defective product into months of tiresome dialogue via e-mail. Only when I further threatened seeking legal counsel did they respond to me at all. I'm simultaneously angry at, frustrated with, and feel pity for this seller.
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3.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Good working units with some issues 10 de febrero de 2012
Por Mooseman - Publicado en
Compra verificada
I bought a set to try out for snowmobiling to talk and listen to music. Read the other reviews and looked at the company's other products which all had good reviews. The price was right and if it worked out, I would buy another pair for the rest of the family.

Got the first pair and I was pleasantly surprised at the packaging. Nice box, foam padding for the units and parts inside. The instructions booklet is in typical "Chinglish" but can be deciphered fairly well.

Installed them in our helmets. The speakers and mic are fairly easy to install. If your helmets don't have velcro or material for the speaker's velcro to grab, you can stick the supplied velcro inside your helmet. Just be sure that the mic's "hole" is pointed towards your mouth so check by removing the foam covering. The clip system that holds the unit to the helmet is very flimsy and does not hold well. While riding, it would slip down and I had to push it back up into the helmet to keep it from falling off. The other mounting system is stuck onto the helmet with double sided tape. Although this is a bit more stable, you cannot remove it and re-install it on another helmet if needed. The other issue is the tab on the back of the unit which clips into the mount on the helmet is not the most effective means of retention. It simply slides into the mount and is relatively loose in the mount. It can easily move around and up, which it could then come off. It spun itself upside down a couple of times. My son, who wears a motocross helmet with goggles, accidentally broke the tab. As an interim fix, I used velcro on the back and the helmet to hold, which was way more effective than their clip and tab system.

Functionally, they worked well. Was able to talk continuously for 4 hours between riders. Talk time could have been longer but I believe Li-ion batteries are affected by cold. The 1Km Range was not really as advertised (never is) and was more like 1/2 of that. We could understand each other well up to about 80km/h but beyond that, wind and engine noise makes it near impossible to understand. Sound is good but on the tinny side. As for playing music, it works well with my iPhone. But these are not Dr.Dre's so don't expect much for the sound quality. Again, it's rather tinny with no bass at all. To stop and start the music, just push the phone button. For phone calls, it automatically answers after a couple of rings. Phone calls take precedence over everything else, cutting music and communication. After the phone call, it goes back to whatever you were previously doing whether you were listening to music or talking with someone. Phone calls are quite clear at both ends. I talked to my son on the phone while he was riding and I could hear him quite clearly with just a bit of engine noise in the background. Again, speed will affect this. The only negative here is that there is no voice dialing capability but you are riding so if you need to make a call, you should stop, pull out your phone and dial. Not quite the time to remember that you have that important deal you have to call on while riding, is it?

Here is an issue that affected us for snowmobiling so this may not apply to motorcycle riders. The buttons don't work well in the cold. The colder they get, the harder the rubber gets and gets more difficult to get the buttons to register. Another issue is that it is difficult to find the buttons with a gloved hand, especially the smaller ones for the volume or other riders (B, C, D, E). This would become very frustrating when trying to get something to work. Sometimes was able to get it to work by pressing the button repeatedly until it worked but not always.

Also, the communicators would disconnect for no apparent reason although I suspect it's a text message coming in that causes the disconnect as if it was a phone call. Pressing the button reconnects them again.

I also had a chance to contact Shark Audio customer service. I sent an email with my concerns about the broken tab on one and the buttons not working on the other when cold. They sent me a whole new set to replace the defective ones! No dicking around or anything, shipping included and they didn't even want the old ones back. That's the way customer service should be!

With that said, I'm sad to report that the replacement units had the same issues with the cold, breaking tabs and flimsy clips. I just wound up breaking off the remaining tabs and using velcro for a more solid mounting on the helmets. Sometimes just the simplest things work best. As for the cold buttons, we try to warm them up with our hand or just keep pushing until it works. Although they are being advertised for snowmobiling, skiing and so on, maybe they should just do so for motorcycles only.

Since I now had multiple units, I was also able to try them with more than two riders. Pairing them is a bit tricky and you have to follow the instructions (in Chinglish) and you sorta get the hang of it. If you get six of them, it is also different since there is no F button. Again, you have to follow the directions. I also recommend that you label each one. Switching from one rider to another works quite well by pressing the corresponding letter button (A is the main motorcycle button, B, C, D, E. To contact F, you press your letter button). Also took a while to figure out how to go back to music after finishing talking with someone. You have to hang up on them and it will go back to the music. Pressing the phone button won't work while talking to somebody. Another thing about the multiple (3+) units, you cannot all talk at the same time. You can only connect two at the same time (one on one) so basically, no party line. You can however have two separate pairs talking at the same time (A with B, C with D).

So to summarize:

- price
- fair range
- fair talk clarity
- music ability
- multiple units ability
- auto phone answer
- good talk time
- easy mounting of speakers and mic
- simple music control
- excellent customer service!

- flimsy helmet mount
- breaking mounting tabs
- buttons don't work well in the cold
- no voice dial
- small buttons with a gloved hand difficult to use
- reduced advertised talk time due to cold
- cannot all talk at the same time (multiple units)

- tinny music sound quality (goes with the price)
- readable Chinglish manual

I would recommend this product with the caveats of its weaknesses and just replacing the mount with velcro because the price is so good for what you get.
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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Unexpected Brilliance! 11 de junio de 2013
Por Mbunds - Publicado en
Compra verificada
A surprisingly excellent product! We were getting weary of dealing with the Harley stock wired headsets, but didn't want to invest in the pricey Sena wireless units just yet. These Shark units seemed like a good deal, and the reviews from other buyers seemed to make them a good choice, especially at the nearly two-for-one price, but we are more than pleased with them! First of all, the seller shipped them very quickly, always a plus. But after I gave the units their recommended charge, I was amazed at the quality of the audio, and especially the A2DP streaming, which was actually better than the $200.00 wired Harley set!

One modification I made that affects the test results was that I integrated the boom microphone into the mandible of our modular helmets. This gets them out of the way, and significantly reduces wind noise.

Impressions and Opinions (1 to 10, 10 being best):

Build Quality (5); Better than some of the typically craptacular Chinese products, not as good as others. The blue LED in one unit does not work well. But both units have ridden in serious rain with no problem, so weather/humidity sealing is OK, so far...

Setup (4); as others have mentioned, not too hard after you interpret the badly written Chinese-translated directions, but God help me if I ever have to pair more than two of these...

Ease of use (7); Fair once I became familiar with the controls, but you can forget about operating the tiny buttons while wearing gloves...

Battery Life (10); Stellar! I have gone three days at a stretch without charging one of these, and have yet to run the battery flat...

A2DP Music Quality (10); Stereo Streaming from Bluetooth MP3 Player/Phone/Other A2DP Source: Astounding sound quality from a well-sampled recording, and actually BETTER than the Harley wired headsets. The Shark user's manual brags that the sound could be "best in world", and they're not far from wrong...

A2DP Music Loudness (8); adequate, but depends largely on the loudness of the bluetooth source...

HSP Incoming Telephone Quality (10); Great sounding low-latency audio from the other party...

HSP Incoming Telephone Loudness (8); Adequate, but also depends on connection, phone loudness, signal from the other end, etc... <<<6/21/2013 EDIT; A2DP Loudness Now (10), see edit notes below>>>

HSP Outgoing Telephone Quality (10); All parties on the other end have been surprised to hear that I was speaking from my motorcycle, in motion...

Intercom Quality/Convenience (11); Seriously, ELEVEN, but mainly for the wireless convenience. These don't use VOX, like the Harley headsets (try) to do; they provide full-duplex, two-way communications between you and your "pillion", but you would have to switch between music and intercom using the tiny button on the side of the headset. Also, I don't think that both you AND your passenger can listen to music at the same time if your source doesn't support A2DP broadcasting, which as far as I know, none do...

Intercom Loudness (7); For some reason, not as loud as the phone or music. Adequate until I hit 55 MPH, decreasingly audible as we go faster...

I learned (as the manual pointed out) that some audio players can cause the Shark headset to "power down" when you are listening to music, and a phone call comes in. Such was the case when I was listening to music streaming from my Android phone using the Power Amp player; a call would come in, and the Shark would turn off. This does not happen when I am streaming music using WinAmp, iHeart Radio, or Android Music Player. Also, you cannot listen to music WHILE using the intercom with your passenger, but this is a limitation with Bluetooth, not the Shark headsets.

All in all, I give this product a solid 8!

<EDIT> UPDATE; New information after a few weeks of use:

All of the evaluation comments I made above still stand except for A2DP loudness, which I now raise to a solid (10) instead of (8), (and I would now give A2DP quality an ELEVEN if the joke wasn't so trite).

I spent some time re-ripping my audio CD's, sampling some of them to MP3's at a high quality bit rate (none less than 192 Kbs), and some to WMA using VBR (Variable Bit Rate), and finally normalizing all of the tracks in Mediamonkey (normalizing adjusts the average peak volume of the digital audio tracks so none are too quiet or too loud). After doing this, the Shark headset max volume is actually a bit TOO LOUD, even for my Harley.
The amazing part is the quality of the sound; for a cheap Chinese product, these things reproduce some AMAZING ambiance, seriously comparable to my $1100.00 Sennheiser cans. Of course, you CAN crank these up enough to introduce distortion, particularly some noticeable intermodulation distortion in the bass range, but I find that full volume is no longer necessary when streaming adequately sampled and normalized audio.
FYI: I am streaming A2DP primarily from a Pantech P9090 Android phone using WinAmp Pro or iHeart radio and a +1.5dB eq gain.
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1.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Absolute junk! 17 de mayo de 2012
Por Shoff-STL - Publicado en
Compra verificada
What a horrible product! I bought these aware of the possibility they would not perform as well as the name brands and more expensive units but I had no idea they would be so bad.

1. Pairing them with each other was pointless. Once they were paired, I could hardly hear anything coming through. Even at full volume, I had to go into a completely silent room and have my wife talk on the other end before I could even tell they had paired successfully. I tried to pair them several more times with the same result. Since rider to passenger communication was the primary reason I wanted them, they were effectively useless to me.

2. Pairing one with my phone worked to some degree. The volume was much louder than with the other unit but probably still not loud enough to hear over the wind at 60 mph. Also, the was a significant amount of static in the audio but it wasn't enough to make conversation impossible.

3. They would not play music from my phone. The music could be heard but seemed to stutter and was something I couldn't bear to listen to at all.

By far, this is one of the worst products I have ever purchased and it's definitely the worst product I've ever bought on Amazon. I only wish I could give it a zero star review. Thanks to Amazon, I was able to return them for a full refund. I recommend buying a better unit for more money if you want something that actually works as advertised.
4.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas 1 year update - I love these Things! 5 de octubre de 2014
Por Bryan Dean - Publicado en
Compra verificada
Update - I've used this Shark Headset system for over a year now and have been really please for the most part. I have also used Sena coms with other friends so I have a comparison for these units. The tech works beautifully with any phone I've tried to pare it with. I ride daily to work listening to music and take the occasional phone call.
The battery life is amazing! I can ride to and from work all week streaming music with only recharging one time. I've taken some very long rides using the comms with another rider and have never lost battery. The longest ride was starting at 10am and not getting home until 7pm. Never had to recharge. LOVE IT!
I also use these units to listen to music on my home stereo. I plug in a regular 3.5 jack to the unit and stream music from my phone to my stereo on the living room or in the basement while working on the bikes. That alone is worth the price of owning them.

The real beauty of these is the rider to rider communication though. I've ridden at highway speed with my son on his bike and we can talk just fine. We both wear full face helmets and have small windshields on the our street bikes. It's been to great to teach him to ride WHAT A GREAT TOOL. He can ask me questions in the moment rather then waiting for a stop. We also use them in the dirt, again a great tool to keep in touch when I'm in front and can warn him of dangers in the trail and he can ask questions. I've even used these with my younger 7 year old teaching him to ride a four wheeler. I love these things and honestly feel I'm closer to my boys because of them. The range is about 1/2 a mile in flat terrain, less when hills get in the way but still very good. When I have gotten out of range the quickly reconnect without me having to do anything once in range again.
The hardware could be better. We have had to find other ways to mount them to the helmets due to crashes or the mounts breaking. One of the units only will work in one year because the original mount was so low on my helmet it would get caught on my neck brace while riding off road. Now I mount them on the helmets' peaks with a much better result, but after some crashes those mounts have broken also. I don't blame Shark for this. If we weren't riding hard and wrecking the mounts would still be fine and like I said, the tech is wonderful and 2 of the 3 units are still working great. I've even got other friends we ride with to purchase some. Now if only we could all talk together without switching channels. Guess we'll have to upgrade to the other Shark unit for that.

Original - I love these Things! I've been riding motorcycles for over 15 years and have had ear buds or wired headphones in my helmet since the first mp3 players started showing up. I've used the popular and super expensive SENA headsets when riding with friends and have to say that the Shark is a wonderful product that is worth every penny. The only reason I didn't give it a 5 start was due to the mounting system. I'd like it to be more of a permanent fixture and more metal, less plastic. For temporary applications it's fine.

I've used this daily for over a month now and am very impressed. The battery life is wonderful for listening to music via my android phone. I charge it every Sunday and can ride all week, let's see that's 30 commute each day with 2 hour rides on the weekends so do the math. I'm also able to connect it to my phone to record my audio for my Motovlog, AMAZING! (To see what I'm referring to check out "Ride AMAP" Motovlog on youtube.)

Motorcycling is so much more fun when you can talk to the people you are riding with. I've used it with my daughter as a passenger and then on other rides with my wife on her bike and me on mine. In my experience the Range is as good as a Sena and the clarity is just as good as well if you place your mic properly and wind proof it. But you need to do that with the SENA as well. The Sena is nicer with the voice prompts and being able to hook more riders on the same channel but for just two at a time I see no difference. Shark does make a more SENA like unit that will allow multiple riders on the same channel, but it was more money so I went with this one.

I highly recommend this unit to anyone not willing to pay $300+ for a SENA or UCLEAR but still want the same quality and usability of a bluetooth headset/intercom. Another big selling point for me was they have their own website for info and help.