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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Excellent Bang for the Buck 8 de septiembre de 2012
Por Hubschrauber - Publicado en
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Okay, I couldn't resist the double entendre in the review title. This range finder is targeted (there I go again) to customers like me who don't want to spend piles of money on a device that _may_ help in _some_ shooting scenarios. Its performance is probably best within 300 yards, and the "tilt" feature only works up to 99 yards. As such, it is probably not the best choice for "long range" rifle hunters, and would probably not be a very good option for golfers. It seems to be marketed to bow hunters and is probably best suited for that use.

I shopped around a bit before purchasing this rangefinder and concluded that rangefinders are in a product category that has huge "marketing factor" in the prices and features. The price goes up by leaps with the addition of trivial additional features of marginal value. The price also goes up quickly on the "optics snob" factor. This rangefinder is definitely on the low end of the range for price and features, but it does the primary job just fine and you get to keep the other $200-$800 you might spend to get a "better" rangefinder, and spend that money instead on some other gadget, tool, or accessory (or flowers for you wife because she lets you buy stuff like this without giving you too much grief).

Ultimately, all hunting rangefinders do one simple thing, which is to tell you approximately how many yards fall between you and something at which you're aiming. If you have time to use a rangefinder in the field before taking a shot at something, it _might_ make the difference between hitting it and missing it. It might be even more useful if you use the rangefinder to hone your natural sense of distance well in advance of a hunting trip by playing the "how far away is that" game. How ever you choose to use it, this device has the two functions that are the most useful for bow hunters: 1) real line-of-sight distance measuring, and 2) angle-compensated distance calculation (i.e. how far off something is in terms of arrow trajectory).

Should you decide to get a rangefinder with an angle-compensation calculation feature, be aware that your intuition may tell you (incorrectly) that uphill shots would calculate a _longer_ angle-compensated distance than the actual line-of-sight distance. However, the angle-compensated distance will ALWAYS be shorter than the line-of-sight distance, no matter if the angle is up or down. The reason is that gravity acts on a projectile less perpendicularly the greater the angle. At the extreme, the aim of a shot straight up or straight down will not be affected by gravity at all. See [...] for a more thorough explanation. Hope this helps someone avoid the mistake of thinking their "Tilt Intelligence" capable range finder is somehow defective.

As with the non-tilt version of this rangefinder, the Simmons LRF600 "tilt" model is a capable device with the basic features you'll really use, for an equally "basic" price.
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4.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Nice product excellent price 3 de septiembre de 2012
Por Casch - Publicado en
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Simmons has a winner here. But why four stars you say? Because it is a low end model and is stripped of many features (however, perfect for my use). For a few dollars more than their base model you get one with tilt intelligence. Mine is accurate to within a yard or so under 100yds and a little more than that beyond. Seems to be slower acquiring targets than some and sometimes I have to aim at a hard surface at the same distance as soft targets don't work as well (this is true with all laser range finders).

In my opinion the Simmons left off features rather than sacrificing accuracy to save on the cost.

It seems to be sturdy but feels plasticy. Its simplicity is its strength. Just point at what you want the distance for and read the distance in the viewfinder. If there is uphill or downhill in the equation then it tells you the adjusted distance for that as well.

The downfalls are:

I am sure that it will never be able to acquire a target at the stated 600yds, but most don't.
The focus isn't adjustable so you will have to use your glasses with them if your eyesight isn't perfect but the eyepiece has a big opening that will accommodate glasses.
Also there is no illumination so forget about using it in low light. Of all the features that could have been added this is the one I miss the most.
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4.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Pretty darn good 21 de diciembre de 2013
Por David Barnes - Publicado en
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Out to 100 yards it does just great! Out to 400 yards you have to hold real steady and have a good clear line of sight. Over 400 to 600 you will need a hard still target. I used it bow hunting and ranged a turkey and harvested it. I have ranged coyotes and deer with it with good results. The range finder did as well as expected and for the cost is a great deal. I would buy it again and recommend for hunters.
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4.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Good Rangefinder 28 de noviembre de 2016
Por Ken S - Publicado en
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I purchased this for bow hunting and it does what I need, if I were purchasing a new one it would have a lighted display, during low light conditions you cannot see the readout. Redneck fix for this was to simply shoot the target with the rangefinder then point it at the sky to see the readout.
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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas great rangefinder for bowhunting! 5 de abril de 2015
Por chad cummings - Publicado en
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Does what it says it should. It has the line of sight measurement as well as true measurement. Clear easy to read lcd.
Pros: price! Very affordable when compared to other rangefinders with true sight readings. Compact. Fast readings. And the biggest plus is it uses a 9v battery!

Cons: harder to read in low light but what do you expect from a cheaper rangefinder?

Overall happy with the product. I don't know about using it in rainy situations though.

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