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Samsung Gear Fit black, SM-R350

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  • SM-R350

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Detalles técnicos
Peso del producto27 g
Dimensiones del producto2,3 x 1,2 x 5,7 cm
Pilas:1 Iones de litio necesaria(s), incluida(s)
Número de modelo del productoSM-R3500ZKAXAR
Número de productoSM-R3500ZKAXAR
Dimensión de la pantalla1.84
Pantalla a colorNo
Pilas / baterías incluidas
Pilas / baterías necesarias
Entrada de interfaz humanaPantalla táctil
Enfoque automáticoNo
Incluye mandoNo
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4.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Cool and useful wearable 21 de abril de 2014
Por Marco - Publicado en
Compra verificada
Overall - I've used it for about one week, in conjunction with my old Fit Bit Flex. I really like the Samsung Gear Fit and I think it's a solid v1. There are some areas of improvements (mainly form the software perspective) and few things to fix ASAP like the pedometer (see the details below). It works very well with my Galaxy Note 3 (Android version: kit kat). I didn't experience any issue like device rebooting, phones incompatibility, etc.(please note I've updated the firmware of the Gear Fit as It asked, during the setup).

Form factor -I like the design but I find the case little bit thicker than it should be. However, I always keep it on even when I work out (and dance) and it doesn't bother me at all. I hope the next version of the Gear fit, will be much thinner (I'd expect 50% thinner). Besides, I don't find the small button on the side to turn the screen on, very convenient (Samsung should redesign it). You can set the Gear Fit to turn automatically the screen on every time you twist your arm for reading the time or notification. However, I decided to turn this feature off since it's too sensitive (if you drive, the Gear Fit will turn it on every time you use your steering wheel).

Battery life - I rate it as good since I need to recharge it every 3 days. I hate the custom adapter to the USB (required for the charging). It seems you cannot buy another one (I'd like having one in the office and one at home - I could not find it on the Samsung web site as accessory or spare part).

Screen - absolutely fantastic. Easy to read, great colors and contrasts (I was able to use the Gear Fit even when the sun was shining). However, I'd love to see the next version of the Gear Fir with wider screen (width considering the axes as my arm).

UI - not the best I've ever seen but I find it easy to use, it's consistent and clear. I set it up in portrait mode (rotated) so the Gear Fit it's easy to use, like a watch (I tried without rotating the screen and it's very uncomfortable to use it, in my opinion). I can easily read email and text message (not ideal reading experience, if you setup the rotated screen mode but it's good enough - as I mentioned I hope next version of the device will come with a 15% wider screen).

Notifications - they are great and very useful - they work very well and they are not annoying. Several reviews I read on internet, complain you cannot select which app notification to enable (all or nothing). This is not true - the software on the phone lets you select for each application, if you want to receive the notifications or not (which is really useful). You can also decide if you like to turn the device screen on, when you receive a notification.

Text messages and emails: text messages experience is good - I can easily read and reply (with pre-inserted message) to text messages. Emails are little bit more challenging to read. I like the feature that opens automatically the email on your phone. So if you cannot read or like to reply, you just select "Show on device" and the phone (I have a Galaxy Note 3) displays it on the screen right away (no need to launch the email client and look for that email again). Please note - due to corporate Microsoft Exchange settings, you might not be able to read all the emails on your Gear Fit (however, you can still see the sender and the subject, which is enough for me). In the future, I'd like to see the ability of choosing the notifications for each emails account I have one the phone. Currently I have my corporate emails and Hotmail.

Pedometer: I have a Fit Bit and I keep using it for comparing the steps every day. Gear fit pedometer is not precise - It counts an average of 30% more step per day and is not possible to tune up, like I can with my fit bit flex. I think this is a temporary issue that will be fixed on the next software update. Definitely I'd like to be able to setup the sensitivity from my phone, and change for example, the size of my step - that would give me more accurate readings.

Heart beat monitor - it works pretty well. I checked in with heat beat sensor of the machines I use to work out and the readings are similar. In exercise mode, it keeps reading the heat beat automatically. I also like that the readings are stored so you can review them for your phone (Fitness with Gear App by Samsung).

Sleeping tracker - it works well however you need to turn it on when you go to sleep. I don't fully understand why. If a device has an accelerometer and notion of the current time, it should be able to discover by itself when the user is sleeping. Fit Bit works the same (need to know when you are about to go sleeping). Hear beat monitor should also give some clues about the sleeping.

Calendar notification - probably my favorite features. I have several meetings during the day and I don't have to keep taking my phone out of the pocket to see what meeting I need to attend and where. You can snooze or dismiss it from the Gear Fit.

Media controls - you can move to the previous or next song from the Gear Fit and you can also set the volume. I would like to see also the name of the current song playing and maybe the album art . I think these new feature will come on the next version of the software.

Price - it's little bit pricy but it worth the extra $50 compared to the competition (the Gear Fit provides much more than any other fit bit like pedometer/wearable I've seen so far).

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS (after reading more Amazon customers' reviews):
1) Pedometer - as I mentioned, I've been comparing the Gear Fit readings to Fit Bit's (I'm wearing both). Gear Fit is not precise! However, the delta (30% more) is consistent and I'm sure I could fix it, if Samsung provides some fine tuning features in the next software update. I'm almost 6.1' tall and have long legs - shorter people might experience more accurate readings.

2) Device issues - I find questionable reviews when a defective device that keeps rebooting, is received and the customer has rated it as one star. You can rate one star to Samsung but you cannot rate a device if you got a broken one!

3) Phones incompatibilities - make sure to update your phone with KitKat and update the Gear Fit with the latest firmware, when prompt. I suspect majority of customers who shared bad reviews, didn't update the phone and device software.

4) Applications - I don't feel the need of having a marketplace of applications for my Gear Fit. I think Samsung provided what you really need (my two cents opinion). I can think additional user scenarios, like blood pressure checking, that require sensors that don't exists yet.

5) Set the right expectations - It seems customers who had bought wearable in the past, have shared better reviews. All opinions count, but make sure you understand what the current generation of wearable offers.

6) Use the device first. I think you should test a device in different scenarios and make sure to test most of the features, before sharing your review :-).
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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Perfect for what I needed it for 5 de octubre de 2015
Por Enrique Vargas - Publicado en
Compra verificada
I have every Samsung watch that has been released, this was the last one that I bought. Was I planning on buying it, no, because I really love my gear s and gear 2. However, I am a chef, and am unable to have my cell phone on me all the time and the other watches are to big or bulky for kitchen work.

So I decided to buy this, and can I say that it is the best purchase that I've done in a long time as it was what I really needed.

This thing is water proof, dust proof, and can take abuse, I don't feel washing my hands and arms with it on, no matter how much flour or sauce or sweat or the thousands of hand washing that I do and it has not given up on me.

The battery lasts three full days exactly, you are on able to answer calls but it let's you know who is calling, you're able to respond to texts, you can control your music as well, heart rate monitor is pretty on pointpoint, and the step counting is some what on point, I used both my gear s and the fit at the same time for a jog and the fit was slightly accurate.

This is amazing and I love it, there are no complaints for this at all... It was and is what I needed and more.
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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Gear Fit - Great Beginnings But the Phone Application Needs A Little Polishing 30 de abril de 2014
Por jwstaton - Publicado en
This is my review of the Gear Fit, and is not incentivized by Samsung in any way, shape, or form. I purchased the device myself as I found it an interesting gadget that I wanted to try.

The Gear Fit by Samsung has really got some bad reviews out there on the Interwebs.

I happen to disagree with most of them. OK, the Fit tries to be a smartwatch and a fitness band – I get it. And it actually does both rather well.

The Gear Fit features a beautiful, curved AMOLED screen that has been described as bulky, but it fits on the wrist quite well in my experience. There’s never been anything like this on the smartwatch, or gadget market in general. The forward facing design is not only fantastic, a joy to use, but the bands can easily be changed to suit your style of dress. I have a big wrist, and it fits without any problem whatsoever. It features a heart rate monitor and a mostly accurate pedometer.

The Interface
What I find impressive is that Samsung designed a new operating system, called Tizen, specifically for the line of new Gear devices. This is a switch from Android, which was used in the first wearable Gear watch. Each version of the OS, is custom to the device – meaning the Fit gets to use RTOS, or real-time operating system to increase it’s battery life to 3-4 days, which is more than the Gear 2 or Gear 2 Neo.

With the screen, and the snappy, always responsive OS – the learning curve is little to none. The Gear Fit will track your steps, sleep, and exercises. It will also track and “coach” you as you run, cycle, or walk. During these activities, your heart rate can be monitored in real time and the Fit will tell you when to speed up based upon your rate.


Heart rate monitor
Exercise tracking with coaching
Sleep tracker
Customizable watchfaces
I won’t go over these features individually in great detail as they are fairly standard in the fitness band arena.

Real World Usage

Battery Life
I have seen other reviewers only claim to get 2 days of battery life out of the Fit. I’ve worn it for two weeks and consider myself an active social media user who is rarely without their phone. I usually get 4-5 days out of a single charge depending on the amount of notifications I get, and how I have it set. Protip - you can turn off the “on gesture” in the Fit Manager application via your phone. I do this because when driving, the display tends to turn on as sometimes steering mimics that motion. After an 8 hour road trip, receiving notifications – my Fit battery was still at 96%.

Sleep Tracking
I love sleep tracking in fitness bands. I’m not sure why but I just like having that metric available to me. The Gear Fit does this, but at a basic level. And the data it collects stays on the device. For some reason (and perhaps this will change in a future software update) the data is not view-able in Samsung’s SHealth application. As stated, it performs basic sleep monitoring offering a percentage of sleep versus percentage of time motionless. You can also view your sleep history on the device itself. While I find this useful, Jawbone’s UP24 does a much better job with this, more comparisons later.

In my experience, the pedometer was fairly accurate when compared to the UP24. The Fit logged some steps while I was driving for example, but I have also noted that from the UP24, and Fitbit products.

Heart Rate Monitor
This is a feature also available on the Galaxy S5, which I own as well. The monitor uses a green laser at your wrist to measure your heart rate. I was able to compare it to a dedicated heart rate monitor, and the Fit was astoundingly always accurate, a bit more, than the monitor on the S5.

Earlier, I mentioned the exercise coaching aspect. In my experience, the Fit always told me to increase my pace, even when tracking my walking. I can see where it would provide motivation but I haven’t had enough time to fully test it out.

Bottom Line
In my testing, there was a tracking variance between all the trackers I wore – the UP24, Fitbit Flex, and the Gear Fit. The largest discrepancy was mostly with the Gear counting 50-75 steps more than the other two on a consistent basis.

Wearables are the future, and they’re coming. The Gear Fit by Samsung is a stylish, slick looking device. While it does leave something to be desired on the application side via the phone, it’s a solid contender that could replace your Pebble, UP24, and or Fitbit.

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4.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Great buy. 22 de marzo de 2016
Por Koasmom - Publicado en
Compra verificada
I love my Gear Fit. I bought it as a pedometer and chose this one because the price for communicating with my phone was reasonable. The pedometer works fine but I really like the benefits of the Bluetooth. I keep my phone rather buried in my wallet and usually don't hear the ring. My Gear Fit alerts me to a call. I've also used it to find my phone when it's nowhere to be found. I like that the screen is dark unless I raise my arm or push the button on the unit. There are apps you can add. The reason for the 4 stars vs 5 is that there appears no way to delete the built-in apps on the Gear Fit.
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4.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Awesome....... 8 de febrero de 2017
Por melissa - Publicado en
Compra verificada
I have had this gearfit for quite awhile. The picture they show on here, makes it look like the display is very small. It really isnt. Its actually a lot bigger. I read up on the gearfit 2 and I honestly think its almost the exact same thing as this. The only problems i have had with this is, dont wear in shower. The water hits it and the next thing you know, your phone is going off because the water hit your find your device button. But you can fix it without getting out of shower of course, just hit red button. Thats a little annoying. And it needs charged a lot, because the display constantly glows on and off on its own. Other than that, i like this better than the gearfit 2. I love how you can skip a song on pandora by hitting your skip button on your gearfit. Thats my favorite thing about this. You can skip also on your songs on your phone too. You can reject calls, see what your texts say and send a quick message by pressing a button. Love it!

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