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Samsung XE series XE500C12 - Ordenador portátil (Chromebook, Plata, Concha, N2840, Intel® Celeron®, BGA1170)

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  • Intel Celeron 2.16 GHz
  • 2 GB DDR3L SDRAM 16 GB Solid-State Drive.
  • Cloud based device with free Google Drive storage. Microsoft Office is not compatible but Microsoft Web Apps are compatible (free cloud version of Office)
  • 11.6-Inch Screen, Intel HD Graphics Chrome, 9-hour battery life
  • Si el producto tiene enchufe puede necesitar un adaptador para clavija de Reino Unido. Si el producto tiene teclado, es configuración de Reino Unido

Información de producto

Detalles técnicos
Año de fabricación2014
Peso del producto1,2 Kg
Dimensiones del producto20,5 x 29 x 1,7 cm
Pilas:1 Litio necesaria(s), incluida(s)
Número de modelo del productoXE500C12-K01US
Número de productoXE500C12-K01US
Capacidad de la memoria RAM2 GB
Capacidad de la memoria16 GB
Capacidad de la memoria flash instalada16
Tipo de memoria del ordenadorDDR3 SDRAM
Memoria extraíbleMicroSD
Número de procesadores2
Interfaz del hardwareUSB 3.0
Dimensión de la pantalla11.6 pulgadas
Pantalla a colorNo
Relación de aspecto16:9
Potencia nominal de salida de los altavoces2 vatios
Potencia máxima de salida de los altavoces2 vatios
Potencia eléctrica26 vatios
Pilas / baterías incluidas
Pilas / baterías necesarias
Tipo de conexión inalámbrica802.11bgn
Número de canales de salida del altavoz2
Número de puertos USB1
Entrada de interfaz humanaTouch Pad
Tipo de dispositivo chromebook
Incluye batería recargableNo
Incluye mandoNo
Compatible con tecnología Bluetooth
Información adicional
Clasificación en los más vendidos de Amazon nº348.473 en Electrónica (Ver los 100 más vendidos)
Restricciones de envíoEste producto se puede enviar a España y a otros países seleccionados.
Producto en desde26 de noviembre de 2015

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Este producto Samsung XE series XE500C12 - Ordenador portátil (Chromebook, Plata, Concha, N2840, Intel® Celeron®, BGA1170)
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Precio No disponible EUR 355,27 EUR 236,75 EUR 274,33 EUR 559,63 EUR 299,00
Envío Envío GRATIS EUR 4,00 Envío GRATIS Envío GRATIS Envío GRATIS
Vendido por GMT GMTECH Computer Site
Capacidad de la memoria RAM 2 GB 4 GB 0 GB 4 GB 4 GB 4 GB
Tecnología de conectividad No; DC-in jack No; DC-in jack WLAN, Bluetooth Bluetooth USB, HDMI
Familia del modelo de CPU Core i7 6700HQ Atom Core i3 6100U Celeron
Fabricante del modelo de CPU Intel RockChip Intel Intel Intel
Velocidad de la CPU 1,6 GHz 1,8 GHz 1,44 GHz 2,3 GHz 1,6 GHz
Tamaño de pantalla 11,6 pulgadas 11 pulgadas 11,6 pulgadas 10,1 pulgadas 13,3 pulgadas 15,6 pulgadas
Tecnología de pantalla LED LED IPS LED LED Retroiluminado LED
Tipo de pantalla LCD LED LED LED
Factor de forma Concha Concha Tablet-PC Notebook Notebook
Tarjeta gráfica HD GPU MALI-T764 Intel HD GRAPH. 520 Intel
Descripción de gráficos Not available NVIDIA GeForce GTX950 UMA Intel HD Graphics 520 Intel HD Graphics
Descripción del disco duro Disco Duro Flash Disco Duro Flash eMMC HDD HDD
Tamaño del disco duro 32 GB 16 GB 64 GB 500 GB 500 GB
Peso del artículo 1,2 kg 1,4 kg 0,9 kg 1,28 kg 1,75 kg 2 kg
Descripción del teclado QWERTY (Español) QWERTY (Spanish keyboard) QWERTY (Spanish keyboard)
Resolución nativa 1366 x 768 Pixeles 1366 x 768 Pixeles 1280 x 800 1366x768 1366 x 768
Conectividad WiFi WiFi Wifi: 802.11a/b/g/n, 802.11b/g/n WLAN, Bluetooth 4.0 Wifi, Ethernet cableada Wifi, Bluetooth
Sistema operativo Chrome OS Chrome OS Windows 10 Windows 10 Windows 10
Dispositivo óptico No No Sin ODD no Supermulti
Número de procesadores 2 4 4 4 2 2
Descripción del procesador Intel® Celeron®; Número de filamentos de procesador: 4; N3160; Frecuencia Turbo Boost (max): 2,24 GHz RockChip; RK3288C Intel Atom Intel Core i3-6100U Intel Celeron
Estándar de comunicación inalámbrica 802.11bgn 802.11b; 802.11g; 802.11n 802.11b; 802.11g; 802.11n; 802.11a; 802.11 A/C 802.11 a/b/g/n 802.11bgn 801.11 AC

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Increíblemente, compro el equipo y me llega en España con un cargador de corriente que solamente es útil en los países de América. No tare ni siquiera un convertidor para conectarlo a tomas de energía de Europa (España).
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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas A great Chromebook choice (but there are other brand new models that are better and the same price!) 28 de octubre de 2014
Por Liberty Standard - Publicado en
A decent Chomebook for sure, but there are better options out there. First, let me review this and then I'll tell you about a couple others to look into. First of all, this is Samsung's newest released Chromebook and it packs some decent power, RAM, and hard drive space, but nothing extraordinary that you can't find on other newly released Chromebooks.


Like many Chromebooks being released, this one is still using the Intel Celeron 2.16 GHz dual-core processor. It's a decent processor and there's no doubt it will handle everything you need it to, however, it is starting to become outdated, especially when you compare it to Acer's new Chromebook which offers the NVIDIA Tegra K1 Quad Core 2.1 GHz Processor. HUGE difference in processing power. That said, even though Acer is currently leading the way for other Chromebook manufacturers, you can't go wrong with the Celeron processors as this is a Chromebook, not a full Windows running laptop.


The screen, again, leaves much to be desired. It is still only 1366x768 pixels which is to be expected for a Chromebook running an 11.6" screen. Again, there are other Chromebooks out there running full 1920x1080p screen resolutions with more processing power, longer battery life, and a slightly larger 13.3" screen, FOR THE SAME PRICE as this Samsung Chromebook.

The screen on this Samsung is decent and I don't think you'll really have too many complaints about it. It's easy to see, doesn't look too muddy, and reproduces colors accurately.


The Wi-Fi is great and uses the latest 802.11ac protocol which is up to 3x faster than the older Wi-Fi being used on older laptops and Chromebooks. This makes a huge difference as I've noticed this Samsung Chromebook connects quickly and easily to available networks and gets a really good signal where even my phone or Windows based laptop will not. Very impressed by the Wi-Fi.


The battery life is slightly above average when compared to most new Chromebooks. At 9 hours, you're able to use the Chromebook all day without having to lug around your AC adapter. That said, there are other Chromebooks (specifically the Acer Chromebook 13) that are offering 13-hour battery life. They have the same specs as this Samsung Chromebook with a faster processor but the cost is the same. So, if you're a power-user who needs to stream lots of video, chat on Skype, download and upload large files, etc., you may want to look into the Acer Chromebook 13 as it's at the top of the list of Chromebooks at the moment. (On a side-note, Acer also offers a Full-HD version of the Chromebook 13, this time sporting an amazing 1920x1080p display, a much faster processor, and 11-hours of battery life... FOR THE SAME PRICE. If battery power is not super important (ie: you're just going to be surfing the web or taking notes in Google Doc, etc., 9-hours of battery life is plenty!)


Okay, it's 2014... NO laptop, desktop, or even these Chromebooks should be running anything besides USB 3.0 ports. This Samsung Chromebook does give you a single USB 3.0 port and another USB 2.0 port. I don't get it. Why not just make both of them USB 3.0? And while I'm comparing this Samsung Chromebook to others that just hit the market, I'm going to have to mention the Acer Chromebook 13 again as it wins in the USB department with 2 USB 3.0 ports and an HDMI output port as well.


At only 2.6 lbs and 11.4" inches wide with nice 0.66" thickness, this is a very light and comfortable to carry Chromebook. If you're going to throw this in a bookbag or messenger bag, it's going to slide in just like a small book or folder, not some clunky laptop. Samsung did a nice job here with keeping this Chromebook light and compact, yet still providing it with a solid feel and a well laid out keyboard that resists flexing when typing.


As I mentioned above, the build quality is very nice. I love the stitched look on the cover... it gives it an elegant and sophisticated look without going too over the top. The keyboard is well laid out, I didn't notice much flexing of the keyboard while typing, as you'll sometimes find on other Chromebooks, and overall, the whole thing felt nice and solid while carrying it.


The Samsung Chromebook is right on par with the competition when it comes to boot times and wake times. Booting in 10 seconds is only a couple seconds longer than Acer's Chromebook 13, and the wake from sleep time is identical. It will be out of sleep mode and ready to go before you even get the screen opened!


The Chrome operating system is very stable and secure at the moment and Samsung emphasizes that with this newest Chromebook claiming it keeps the operating system files and app files separate to avoid "cross-contaminating" the files if a virus happens to pop up. Since the OS is still new, hackers are still trying to find ways to exploit the system but for the most part, they're still having fun hacking Windows and Apple machines. For now, Chrome is pretty safe and safety and encryption is something Google takes seriously. (I can't believe I just said that as Google Drive was down today for hours, but seriously, overall Google operates its services flawlessly while protecting your important files.)


Surprisingly, the picture quality is pretty decent using the on-board camera. It's certainly not going to be as good as some of your high-end smartphones that can literally double as a camera, but it's right on par with the rest of the competition including the iPad, Acer's lineup, and so forth. I haven't tested the Google Pixel Chromebook yet but I'd imagine it's pretty similar in quality to that overpriced laptop, too.


You really can't go wrong with this Samsung Chromebook. I LOVE Samsung products as they have a history of being reliable and high quality. As you could probably tell from my review, I honestly believe there are better choices out there right now that are a few steps ahead of the Samsung Chromebook in terms of processing power, battery life, and screen resolution, for the SAME PRICE. I don't want to steer you towards one over the other but I'd be doing you a disservice if I didn't compare this Chromebook to at least one of the competitor's in a similar price range. I'd really suggest reading this review and the review on the Chromebook 13 before you make any decisions. They are both great machines and I think you'll be satisfied no matter which one you choose. This Chromebook is still too new to give you a 1-10 rating but I'm guessing it's going to fall in the 8/10 range. The Chromebook 13 Acer 13 CB5-311-T9B0 Chromebook (13.3-inch Full HD, NVIDIA Tegra K1, 2GB) will probably fall in the 9/10 range, so both are pretty comparable.

*** DISCLAIMER: (and some fun now that we're finished!) I do not work for Amazon or any manufacturer so my reviews are based on my own research and experience. I only review products I have either purchased here on Amazon, which account for over 95% of my reviews, and a few other products I either purchased elsewhere or have had the time to evaluate, so my reviews are based solely on my own research and/or using the product itself. Some people out there who, in my opinion, seem paranoid and stalker like, may find it odd that I review so many products and may also think that, since I do review so many, I must work for the hundreds of different manufacturers I've purchased products from... that's a lot of people I must work for! They may spend substantial amounts of time becoming infatuated with the reviewer and their product reviews, so much so that they read every review the reviewer has posted, calculating how much they spend, how many reviews per day they've written on various days, and so forth. Thankfully, when these types of people mouth off, Amazon is quick to delete their comments if they violate Amazon's Terms of Service. Thank you Amazon! That said, enjoy the review and if you have any questions not addressed in the review, please feel free to ask me! ***

*** I hope this review has helped you at least a little with your research into what Chromebook to buy... If it has helped you, let me know! You can also leave a comment or post a question in the comments section and I'll try to answer it for you. I don't work for any computer manufacturers and so my reviews are based solely on my own personal experience in using the product. For every product I review, I either own the product, or have extensively tested it. I do my best to be as objective as possible and give you as much info as possible so you can feel good about your purchase. ***

I will update you if any information in this review changes or to make you aware of any upcoming changes. Thanks!
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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Meets All of My Needs! 31 de diciembre de 2014
Por TrueBlueGirl - Publicado en
Compra verificada
I was extremely hesitant to buy a Chromebook because I wasn't familiar with the Chrome operating system. I researched diligently and then decided I would take a risk and purchase one. I have a laptop but it is big and bulky. I only use it at home while I use a desktop at my office. I am an attorney and I go to court on a daily basis. I needed something that I could type in the judge's orders quickly. I travel from one courtroom to another constantly all day. I also needed something that was lightweight and quick to boot up. I had tried using my Samsung Galaxy tablet but it really didn't work for me. I didn't like having to connect a keyboard and I don't type quick enough with the virtual keyboard. I guess I am old school and need a regular keyboard. My laptop was too big and heavy. I work for a nonprofit agency and couldn't afford a new laptop. So, I purchased the Samsung Chromebook 2. I absolutely love it.

First, it is so lightweight and sleek. I can carry it in my briefcase or my handbag with ease. It is also so quiet. With no fan necessary, it makes no sound other than when I am typing. The keyboard is fantastic. Just like a regular laptop keyboard. It has a good feel and is extremely easy for me to type on. I work on a floor in the courthouse that has WiFi access so I connect it when I arrive. Very easy. I type my notes on Google Documents and don't even have to push a button to save what I am typing. It saves everything automatically. I can just close chromebook and move quickly to my next case, open it back up and begin typing again either in a new document or the same one. I can check my emails and open any attachments. I had worried about not having a Microsoft system but I haven't missed it at all. You can download compatible apps that easily open up all of your attachments. When I need to quickly look up something on the internet, this thing is way faster than my laptop or my desktop.

I use it at home constantly also. I keep it on the coffee table and can look up anything I need to in a flash. My kids adore using it too and have downloaded some games but mainly they use it to access Netflix and Youtube. This is a great alternative if you have limited funds and need something lightweight and fast. I love it.
17 de 17 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Love it!! 28 de noviembre de 2015
Por Jasmine Robinson - Publicado en
Compra verificada
Whooaa, I am highly impressed. I ordered this because it was on sale for Black Friday. I was about to cancel the order as soon as I started reading the one star reviews, but I'm glad that I didn't. It is absolutely perfect. It shipped quickly, it isn't too big nor small, is high speed, the screen is beautiful (the main reason for why I love Samsung), and no setup is required. It automatically turned on as soon as I plugged in the charger, I logged into my Google account, typed in my WiFi password and I'm all set. I'm about to use it for college homework. I'll leave a followup review if the Chromebook starts showing flaws. So far, so good.

Edit: The battery life is amazing! It came charged when I received it. I have been using the laptop since it came yesterday around 3P.M. , today it is 10:08A.M. and the charge is on 72% .. OUTSTANDING. My last laptop couldn't even last four hours without having to be charged up.

Edit: I still love this laptop. The only flaw that it has for me is that, I am unable to do some of my online college tests, enroll for classes, fill out applications, and etc because the software isn't compatible and they require Windows, Mac, or Chrome. The Chromebook doesn't have the version that they need. That sucks, I keep having to switch to my own broken down computer.

Edit: Had it for four months and it went out unexpectedly this morning
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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Getting Used to the Track Pad 14 de noviembre de 2014
Por Maura Ann Rubies - Publicado en
Opinión de cliente de Vine de producto gratis
My husband is a tremendously picky, die-hard Mac user. He spent some time with this Samsung Chromebook 2 and ended up being very impressed. It's very stylish--the silver cover has a textured leather look, complete with a "seam" trim. The 11.6" HD screen is very sharp and "non-glare"--unlike the overly reflective shine of our Mac.

Since we already have a google account (guest log-in is possible, but is highly restrictive), it was very easy to login. We could then access a number of features that allowed us to personalize the computer, take photos with the camera, create documents/spreadsheets/slides, retrieve additional apps...In many ways, the set-up reminded us of a big Android Pad with an additional built-in keyboard.

The Samsung Chromebook 2 has no disk drive, making it very light and portable. For this reason, my husband prefers using it to quickly get online and walk around the house using our Wi-Fi. The speed is there--this Chromebook is very responsive.

It has all the necessary ports/slots: One for a Micro SD, one for HDMI, two USBs (chargeable 2.0 and 3.0) and an earset/ headset jack. The sound is GREAT--it beats out our old Macbook Pro. Since we already have an HDMI cable, we can readily hook this up to our television to stream movies/ TV shows on a much larger screen.

However, the track pad isn't as sensitive as our Mac (even when we adjust the settings). That's not a huge issue, but since we are used to working with a higher degree of sensitivity, we fall back into the habit of not touching the pad hard enough. This makes the track pad appear to act "spotty."
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1.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Good seller BAD PRODUCT. 27 de febrero de 2016
Por Krista Wilson - Publicado en
Compra verificada
I have ordered this from two different sellers and had the same problem. The seller was quick to respond to my issue and return the item. However tried another seller same item and same problem so I am returning the product again. The Chrome Book 2 will not charge. The charger does not go all the way into the port and will only charge the lap top if I hold it. This is frustrating as I had the original Samsung Chromebook and it lasted 3 years before my toddler finally did it in. Interestingly enough the charging cable that comes with the Chromebook 2 fits my Chromebook 1 perfectly ........ I will not try a third time.

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