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Un San Valentín sangriento [DVD]

4,2 de un máximo de 5 estrellas
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4,2 de un máximo de 5 estrellas 257 opiniones de EE. UU.

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Hace veinte años, en el día de San Valentín, un trágico accidente costó la vida de cinco mineros.El desastre sucedió cuando los supervisores abandonaron su puesto de trabajo para irse al baile anual del día de San Valentín. El único superviviente, Harry Warden, tras la terrible experiencia acabó en un psiquiátrico. Pero en el primer aniversario del desastre volvió al lugar para llevar a cabo la más sangrienta de las venganzas. Ésto ocurrió hace diecinueve años y los recuerdos han ido borrándose. Los novios T. J. (Paul Kelman) y Sarah (Lori Hallier), acompañados por su amigo Axel (Neil Affleck), son algunos de los que ahora disfrutan de una nueva fiesta de San Valentín. Pero les llega una caja de bombones con un siniestro mensaje y un corazón empapado en sangre: antes de que acabe la noche, el terror golpeará una y otra vez...

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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Another great classic holiday themed slasher. 28 de marzo de 2016
Por TechnoMachinima1996 - Publicado en
Formato: Blu-ray Compra verificada
In the 80's there were so many awesome ideas for horror as it came to be the decade to take anything that was great from the 60's and 70's and evolve our horror experience(s) many steps further. This great slasher classic from 1981 is one of several. It came to be yet another of several holiday themed horror/slashers and it takes some clear cues from Friday the 13th for sure.

Some Facts about the Film: It was released in theaters in the U.S. on February 11, 1981 and February 13, 1981 in Canada. It was made at a budget of $2.3,000,000. It was directed by George Mihalka. It was produced by John Dunning, Andre' Link, and Stephen Miller. It was written by John Beaird. The Score was by Paul Zaza of whom did the score for Prom Night the previous year. It was shot in Sydney Mines, in Nova Scotia, Canada and the mine they used was a mine closed back in 1975. It's name was the Princess Colliery Mine. It was distributed by Paramount Pictures. It's production company was: Canadian Film Development Corporation. Secret Film Company. It's original title was The Secret. Finally, it grossed $5,672,031.

Unfortunately, due to the murder of John Lennon back in late 1980 there was a major backlash against violence in movies, so they had to cut out all of the graphic scenes of gore. Also the MPAA would only allow an R-rating to the movie if they heavily cut the death scenes.

I personally am very happy with this 2009 uncut version inserting the gore scenes into the movie for the very first time in nearly 30 years. With this release it was an awesome idea to offer both the R-rated and the Extended cuts to watch. It definitely allows the viewer who both wants to see the graphic gore and to get a much clearer idea of what happened to victims. As the description states that all that's added is the originally cut gore scenes to the time of the movie, well that's exactly right. Also seeing both versions allows the viewer to better appreciate the addition of the new scenes.

The gore is beautifully done, very real looking, and it allows the murder scenes a much greater impact and intensity.

There were several cool kill scenes but, my most favorite was definitely the girl being impaled on the shower head. My least favorite however was the guy having his head shoved into the boiling hot dog water. Also, I hated how that scene totally lacked in any kind of suspense what-so-ever. That's the only kill scene that I didn't like.

I loved the love triangle between T.J., Sarah, and Axel. Sarah's a beautiful young lady and I can understand the two guys being in love with her and also fighting over her. A love triangle is definitely something that I can personally relate to. I've been there myself.

The internal shots of the mine are very well shot and allow the killer miner to hide in several catacombs unnoticed. Also it's very dark, grim, and forboding. The total sense of isolation alone truly sells the suspense and horror that the mine allows for. Also it's a pretty dangerous location as well.

The Blu-ray transfer is beautifully rendered and it allows for an awesome 3-d feeling making it feel as though you're actually in the movie following the miners and trying to avoid the homicidal miner as well. It gives something of a VR feel.

I definitely hated Axel, but you were supposed to anyway. But more than Axel, I really hated Hollis. He was ugly, annoying, he looked alot older than the rest of the miners, and he just didn't really fit with the rest of the characters at all. That's a minor concern though. No pun intended.

The pacing of this movie is just right and you do get the chance to actually care about the characters during the slower scenes. TJ and Sarah's fight with the killer miner was indeed well paced and very exciting.

Unfortunately there's not one scene of nudity in this movie and I do criticize it for that. All of the young ladies in this movie are so incredibly hot and gorgeous that it's a shame that there's no nude scenes. That doesn't ruin the movie at all, but it's still a bummer.

The look for Harry Warden proves very cool, scary, and incredibly menacing.

Overall, if you're into slashers from the 70's and 80's well then this one is definitely for you. It has atmosphere, dark, dreary scenes, beautiful people(for the most part), excellent gore(extended version only), very creative kill scenes, a little bit of dark humor, a couple of relatable characters, a holiday theme, people who care about one another, and the legend of psychotic miner Harry Warden. After 35 years this classic Canadian slasher still holds up and this one is definitely a must. The remake is also excellent.
4.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas A SLASHER FILM THAT INSULTS VALENTINES DAY, VERY FUNNY 11 de abril de 2014
Por Ben30 - Publicado en
Formato: Blu-ray Compra verificada
Valentines Day is overrated in my opinion
so why not have a 80's slasher/Horror film that makes fun of Valentines Day, which i find funny
this film was released in Cinemas 1981 the same year many other slasher films were released
Halloween II, friday the 13th part II, The Prowler, Final exam and others
not my favourite slasher/Horror film that's for sure probably down the bottom of the list, plot related anyway

the plot is basically a Gold digger Miner comes back for revenge on Valentines Day
cause of a Tragedy that happened to him 20 years ago on Valentines Day
the film is set in a Mining town in Canada somewhere
and this Miner goes on a Killing spree in this Town, the plot and the Acting is very average that's for sure
but the Killing scenes are extremely Graphic nearly equivelant to a Blood and Gore film these days
so this film was heavily cut by the MPAA back in 1980
to the point where the killing scenes very lame and pathetic
there is some suspense in this film but mainly just kill scenes

i bought this new Lionsgate blu-ray of this 1981 slasher film out of curiosity actually
not because i was a massive fan of the film
Halloween II, Friday the 13th 2 were better films released the same year
but because Lionsgate have released both the Theatrical version and the Extended cut version on 1 Disc
i watched the Extended cut version which i think is a better version
this extended cut is just the Deleted scenes included back in the Theatrical version
which you can watch seperatly anyway
the Deleted footage is just the extra Blood and Gore that's it which looks very Graphic i think
the film itself is a new High definition remaster which does look amazing very clear picture better than the dvd version
but the extra blood and Gore footage looks only Digital remastered not HD
you can definitely tell the difference in picture quality when the kill scenes come up on screen
apart from that the Extended cut is what it is. so just be thankful that Paramount released
the extra blood and Gore and you can watch it as part of the Theatrical version
which is the Extended cut option on the menu

Lionsgate has also released some new extras aswell for this special edition of the film
Bloodlust my Bloody valentine is a making of featurette only goes for 20mins
the first 10-15mins is about the making of the 1981 version
all new interviews with Producer John Dunning, Andre Link, the Make up effects supervisor is interviewed too
and some Actors from the 1981 release are also interviewed aswell
the Actors don't say much about the film that's for sure cause to them the film was just another Job
to get some cash on the side that's it, hence the average acting performances in the film
some of them didn't continue to do anymore acting roles
some of them just went to get University Degrees and schlarships so the film was just some cash money on the side
the last 5mins of this featurette is about the 2009 remake
but this featurette is still interesting to watch even for Non fans of the film

the Audio quality is excellent 5.1 master audio, the picture quality is amazing HD
if this film is one of your favourite slasher films from the 80'S
then get this new Blu-ray release by Lionsgate, scrap the old dvd release get this new blu-ray version
definitely worth the cash
the plot is very very average, the kill scenes are excellent thou
this blu-ray release is amazing because of the new extended cut
i don't love the film it's not my favourite slasher film so i just gave it 4 stars not 5.
5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Sarah. Be My Bloody Valentine ! 9 de febrero de 2007
Por Dayna Newman Slasher Diva - Publicado en
Formato: DVD Compra verificada
My Bloody Valentine" is what a slasher should be,it has horny teenagers a psycho wearing a mask and good death scenes.Especially if you get this uncut version.It's amazing how gore much was cut out of the old release,Thank goodness they restored it to it's natural bloody state.

The kills are effectively gory and its kind of scary too , I love slashers obviously, thus my name "Slasher Diva". You can tell by the first kill if a slasher flick is going to be rewarding or not and this one starts off right. Has Harry Warden come back to Valentine Bluffs to wreak havoc and spill blood or is it someone else?

Above average slasher fare with fun characters and pretty good acting.This has to be in my top 5 retro slashers of all time.

Don't open the dryer! Watch out for the hot dogs!! And never have sex with a man in a miner suit and mask. Buy it especially if you're a slasher lover.
5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas One of the best slasher flicks ever made 13 de enero de 2013
Por GSD - Publicado en
Formato: DVD Compra verificada
My Bloody Valentine is one of those holiday clones that was released in the wake of the success of the greatest horror film of all time, Halloween. While I love horror films in general most slasher films follownig Halloween and in the early 80's were forgettable. This not only is one of the best slasher films ever made, but is also a great all around horror movie.

The setting is a bleak, blue-collar mining town. The characters are working class twenty-somethings. The plot involves a mining accident that entombed and killed all but one of a handful of miners. That survivor, Harry Warden (one of the best horror movie villains of all time), had to resort to cannibalism until he was rescued. This sent him off the deep end and the next year, on Valentine's Day, he returned to town (in full miner's garb with pick-axe) and brutally murdered the two supervisors who caused the mining accident. He then cut their hearts out and sent it to the dance with a warning never to have another Valentine's dance. Twenty years later, the townspeople are preparing the first dance in twenty years. Naturally, a series of murders begin, with the victim's hearts cut out. Alarmed, the police decide to cancel the dance. Undeterred, the young characters decide to have a secret party (at the mine's cafeteria). And that's when the slashing fun begins. The twist at the end reveals the killer isn't who you think it might be.

Overall, My Bloody Valentine ranks right up there with the best slasher films, even if it isn't as good as the film that it is inspired by Halloween.
1 de 1 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
2.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Slasher Horror Half Way There 1 de febrero de 2009
Por Nick S - Publicado en
Formato: DVD Compra verificada
As much as I often despise what they stand for, I love slasher movies. Yet, I do not like that people and artists get the idea that just creative kills = a good film. However, in these types of films I cut the most amount of slack, because damn they sure can be fun popcorn movies. Yet, they still must do well two ingredients in my mind to work. Although they may sometimes work on other levels, most of the time it is hard to find a slasher film to even have these two positives. It then must be said that the original 1981 My Bloody Valentine has one of them done exceptionally, even better than so, so many films of its ilk. The other component, however, is severely lacking, sadly.

What this film about a killer miner seeking revenge has is greatly defined characters. Slasher movies are always the hardest to build character development. This is because you have to balance it with both pacing and (in all seriousness) body count. Too crawly pacing and it becomes boring. Too few kills and your core audiences patience is also nixed. Yet, this film has very, very likeable characters for the slaughter. Many of the supporting characters may have the word, "Victim," stamped on their forehead, but you do not want them to be killed off. For the "Victim" characters that you do not like as much, they are also defined enough so you know a distinctive trait or two about them.

See this critic does not ask for much. In this case, he also got much more than they remembered My Bloody Valentine had when viewing it in the past. This added a great deal of value to the film.

At the center of the film there is a fantastic love-triangle. The three main characters-- Axel, T.J., and Sarah-- are first performed by quality actors, and second this adds emotion to the narrative. It also makes you feel for their relationship, as if you were their oldest friends.

So, bravo to these performers, as well as the screenwriter, John Beaird. Too bad the same can not be said about My Bloody Valentine's director, George Mihalka.

As the second facet of a good slasher movie is the most obvious, suspense. This is faulty in the film, not due to the characters being obvious victims, as again one is attached to many of them. Instead, it is Mihalka's murder set-ups that lack everything.

The murder sequences, aside from one at the Valentine's Day party with falling miner work clothes-- a kill scene that still lacks much suspense but sure is cool-- are uncreative and poorly executed examples of both suspense and tension. Yes, again we know many of these characters will die, but our emotion is there for them, so the suspense should be, as well. Sadly, all the scenes seem telegraphed and lack a good sense of unease and buildup.

There are more mistakes in the film, indeed. Although one feels they cut My Bloody Valentine enough slack, they also will let much of it slide. As although the film could have been far worse, with one out of two sure-fire elements done well, it could have been much better, as well, even great. Thus making this critic wonder what the remake did with these elements.

Score: 5.5 / 10 (In 0.5 increments.)

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