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Schrade Extreme Survival - Cuchillo de hoja fija

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  • SCHF9 Survival Cuchillo Schrade - hoja del cuchillo Cuchillo Schrade Extreme Survival longitud
  • 31cm longitud de la cuchilla de acero total fijo 17cm 1095
  • Grosor 5.8mm, construido en una sola pieza
  • Kraton mango Almacenamiento bolsa de nylon cuchillo táctico de MOLLE
  • Survival Schrade Extreme
  • Prohibida - 18 años

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Información de producto

Detalles técnicos
Identificador de producto del fabricanteSCHF9
Peso del producto454 g
Dimensiones del producto20,3 x 12,7 x 33 cm
Número de modelo del productoSCHF9
Número de productos1
Características especialesTipo de hoja: 16,2 cm
Incluye bateríasNo
Necesita bateríasNo
Peso455 gramos
Información adicional
Clasificación en los más vendidos de Amazon nº19.145 en Bricolaje y herramientas (Ver los 100 más vendidos)
Producto en desde26 de junio de 2013

Descripción del producto

Otras características:
Color de la hoja: Acero inoxidable
Color del mando: Negro
Longitud: 30,7 cm
Longitud de mango: 14,5 cm
Material de la cuchilla: Carbon steel
Peso: 450g
Tipo de hoja: 16,2 cm

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Acero 1095 oxidable,muy buen acero taiwanés ,muy pesado,es considerado el mejor cuchillo de supervivencia .El cuchillo está fabricado en Taiwán y la caja en China.Cuchillo muy aconsejable para la preparación de refugio ,supervivencia pero no para la autodefensa ya que pesa mucho y es muy grueso.Esta construido como un tanque.Indestructible.Atencion con la humedad porque el acero 1095 se oxida si no se le limpia y engrasa después de cada uso.El mango es muy grueso y las cachas son de kraton(combinación de caucho y plástico ),y no es agresivo con las manos sin guantes.
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un auténtico cuchillo de supervivencia en todos los sentidos , sólo una pega la funda , no acompaña a la calidad del cuchillo , considero que podían haber realizado una funda bastante mas práctica y de mas calidad deja mucho que desear, es una pena .
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Good knife and excellent 1095 Carbon steel blade. in my opinion this knife are very good to survival and bushcraft use. Excelente price.
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4.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Just what I was looking for. 17 de agosto de 2012
Por Raphael - Publicado en
Compra verificada
It was my birthday and I had a gift certificate burning through my pocket, so I decided to check out some fixed blade knives for camping/ hiking/ general outdoors usage. I've been really happy with my orange folding Endura for all of the finer cutting and slicing, but wanted something beefier for basic woodcraft and firebuilding. I am by no means a wilderness or survival expert, but I grew up camping, hiking, and occasionally short backpacking trips. Now my wife and I mostly camp in the local national forest system and enjoy less-than-rustic, mostly clear sites, so I am not constrained to weight (and this guy is a solid fellow). I already have a Ka Bar I like, so I turned to the Becker line first. I was on a pretty solid $70 budget max, so I could have covered the BK2 or the BK7 with a few extra bills and, originally, this was my plan. I was bothered by the rather simplistic looking plastic grips, upgrading to Micarta was an extra expense I couldn't afford. Then came the blade thickness. I really had wanted a 0.25 inch thick blade, which the BK2 bears proudly, but unfortunately is shaped short and fat like a trowel to me. People's only complaint about that knife seemed to be the heft to it, even moreso than the BK7. The BK7 had the 7 inch blade size I liked better, but the thinner blade and was at the max of my price range.
Enter the SCHF9
It had the 1095 steel, the 0.25 blade width, and just shy of 7 inches (with 6 " of actual cutting surface). I had a small Schrade folder from when I was a kid, but I haven't seen any since, so I thought I would test it out and if I hated it I could just exchange it towards one of the Beckers. The knife arrived beautifully, protected well in it's box, even though some textbooks in my order crushed it. The blade steel was clean and spotless, almost a bead blasted- gunmetal gray tone. Heavy, as expected, with a beautiful curve to the blade that resembles the kopis style on my CS Spartan. The blade was sharp enough to shave a small patch of hair on my arm, but still got even sharper with a few pulls through a carbide sharpener I have. The Kraton handles don't line up perfectly with the tang, but are definitely close enough for a knife in this price range. It does not effect the grip or functionality of the knife. They have a comfortable swell to them and are "checkered" with a circle/ half circle pattern which gives it a nice, slightly rubbery grip. I fastened a 550 cord wrist strap to the knife, and I can comfortably move from choking up on the blade with the extra notch in front of the handle and my thumb on the spine of the blade for more control, to a basic forward grip with my thumb on the jimping, to just my first two or three fingers on the end of the handle with the support of the strap for chopping.
Much has been said about the relative cheapness of the sheath. Is it as good as a custom molded sheath? Most probably not. But is it functional as it stands? I think so. I haven't gone and hiked the Appalachians with it on my hip or anything, but the ballistic nylon- type material looks as if it would hold up for most average activity transporting the knife on the hip. You can velcro the sheath onto your belt, which is nice if you hate taking your belt on and off for holsters and such. There is a shoelace strength cord on the bottom for securing around your thigh, which I automatically replaced with more 550. It sits nice on the hip, a little lower than the top of the belt so you can move around without it poking you in the side (if you have some extra in the middle like me, or wearing a puffy jacket, this would be a very nice feature). One thing I was concerned about from the pictures was the retention strap and the plastic insert to protect the blade. It looked to be velcro, but the strap does have a metal snap on it, which I liked. Schrade must have read the complaints about the blade bouncing in the plastic protector as well, because the first time I attempted to seat the blade into it, the blade physically separated a small portion of plastic holding the sides together. I had to shake some plastic slivers out after, but from then on, it felt fairly snug. Still not tight enough to hold it in place if you turn it upside down, run, or jump with it, but just enough that I don't notice much rattling. There is a little place on both sides of the blade surface that looks like the plastic rubs gently with the blade, but I take that as a tradeoff for not having it shaking around in there. Nothing a little oil didn't fix right up. There is a small pouch on the front of the knife for a whetstone or fire steel (or both, actually), but not really big enough for, say, a pistol mag if you had that in mind for any reason (unless its a 380 sized mag). It could probably fit a multitool of some sort as well.
All and all, I am very happy with this purchase. I looks promising enough that I am going to keep it and take it on the next camping trip to test it outdoors. If you actually read all of this review, thank you. It took me a lot of time looking around on Amazon to find something that fit my needs, and I was hoping I could help answer some questions that I originally had about it before I bought it.
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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas The REAL Ultimate Survival Knife !! 31 de mayo de 2011
Por Cyclist01222 - Publicado en
Compra verificada
I've had my eye on this knife for more than a year now and noticed a drop in price... and then another drop, $33.50 with free shipping and it was just a reflex at that point. After I bought it I watched it go down to $29 here on Amazon... THIS IS CRAZY!!! Getting 1/4" thick, 1095 steel blade at this price is absolutely SICK! If you're looking for a Tough, Beefy, Heavy Workhorse of a knife... Look no further. An Incredible buy at this price! I'm not a prophet but I predict this knife will be one of the most popular survival knives in a year or so. I bet they will fly off the shelf once everyone catches on and gets over the overseas production thing.

After I opened the box and pulled the plastic off I was in love. My next observation was that it seemed smaller in person than it did on the video reviews I've been watching - it just has a larger look on screen than in real life. This is a meaningless observation but thought I'd share it. The next thing I took note of was the removable handle. Most all of the Amazon reviews and video reviews lead me to believe the handle was a soft rubber... it is not soft rubber or at least mine isn't. It is a hard, kraton material that seems to be very durable and is quite comfortable. It's not perfectly flush with the tang but I feel no discomfort and have no concerns with this. It's a large handle and provides several different grips. You can choke up by placing your index finger on the choil which provides excellent control for close up work. My hands are small and can grip it behind the index finger groove for better chopping leverage. The contoured shape fills the hand and the flared end keeps it there. The raised circle pattern provides excellent grip and looks pretty cool.

This knife is so thick and heavy for its length it feels like a club in the hand and makes you think it's indestructible. Makes that other "Ultimate" Knife look like a toy. After ogling for a while I inspected it more closely and found it to be very well made. The steel is finely and evenly shaped. The edge is precise and sharpened right down to the choil. The flat grind is only slightly beveled to form the edge giving it better cutting power than some of the more deeply beveled blades that are out there. The dark gray blade coating is tough and very handsome. It prevents corrosion, glare and reflection. The modest thumb ramp has large knobby jimping and works well but not so outrageous that it interferes with batoning or other camp/survival tasks. If you have to choose one knife this one can do it all!

The nylon sheath is fine. It holds the knife securely with plastic insert and the handle retention strap length is adjustable thanks to velcro... it still secures with a snap. It has a removable front pouch that can attach to your belt separately. There is a velcro strap and snap on the back of the sheath that can be used on a molle system. Velcro belt loop allows removal of sheath without having to take your belt off. There are lots of ways to modify and upgrade this sheath with a little bit of planning. I added an extra retention strap by burning 2 holes through the belt loop with a torched nail and adding paracord with a spring loaded cord lock. Quick, run... buy this knife!!

Update July 2012:

Still lovin' this knife. It retains its edge and the blade coating holds up well. I chopped a 6" fallen tree in half very quickly and batoned many a big log into smaller logs for the camp fire. I have no complaints with this knife and highly recommend it! It is starting to catch on!
5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Better for survival and bushcraft than the Morakniv 24 de junio de 2016
Por Seferot10 - Publicado en
Compra verificada
Although other reviewers have covered the knife in detail, I concur that this knife is an excellent value for the money and an overall great survival knife. I also own a Morakniv bushcraft knife, which is also an excellent knife, but in terms of bushcraft and survival I think the Schrade SCHF9 is a better choice. In terms of quality, the Morakniv is of much higher quality than the Schrade, not to say that the Schrade is poor quality. The Schrade is actually very good quality, it's just that the Morakniv is top notch. The problem with the Morakniv is that it's small and light for bushcraft and survival situations. It would perform very well and has a very durable blade, but would be problematic with larger tree branches. The Schrade is a weighty and very thick blade. It's very tough! Hacking a branch with it is no problem. It's also balanced nicely. The knife is big and therefore can handle the bigger jobs. The grip feels nice in the hand. The sheath is also good. It's tough nylon fabric, but the portion the knife actually slides into is molded plastic. The sheath has plenty of quality velcro for customizing and also has a string for extra support on the leg. It has a pouch for a sharpening stone or other small item useful to take along.

The one thing I didn't like about the knife is that it isn't super sharp out of the box. It's sharp in that it can pass the paper test, but not as sharp as it could and should be. The Morakniv is razor sharp out of the box.

Overall, I love the knife. In a bushcraft or survival situation, this is the knife I'd want. The price is also really reasonable. If I am camping or using a knife for normal uses, I would want to take the Morakniv.

UPDATE: Sharpening the knife is a challenge. Although I love the style of the blade, it's a nightmare to sharpen! I tried stones, but had to give up because of the curvature of the blade. I was finally able to get the knife sharpened by using the Smith's DCS4 4-Inch FINE & COARSE Diamond Combo Sharpening Stones. I had to hold the knife static and use the small stone perpendicular with the knife while using a back and forth motion with the angle of the edge. I moved a stone's length down the blade until the whole side of the blade was covered and then repeated for the other side. I know this technique is odd and it's the first time I've tried it, but I was able to get the knife sharp. I would have liked to take the edge to a steeper angle, such as a 17 degree, but the blade is too thick. The best bet is to leave the factory angle.
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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas OMG,Sharpest knife I ever received outta the box!!! 20 de septiembre de 2015
Por Gregory Butler - Publicado en
Compra verificada
This is without a doubt the best knife for the buck. Razor sharp outta the box. Great feel in my hand. Good craftsmanship...A scary blade to say the least. 1095 steel is thick and solid, full tang...I highly recommend this knife...THIS IS NOT A TOY...a little on the heavy side but so is my ax...bugging out means I take what I need to stay alive...this knife will do that and more...I also have a Bear Grylls survival knife (another great buy) a Kabar US Navy survival knife (My personal fave)...and a Buck 119BRS-B for show along with another show knife the Damascus steel hand crafted bush knife...very sexy...and me a prepper wanna be but don't blame me when it hits the fan and you passed this one up...
5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Schrade SCHF9---Come get some!! 20 de agosto de 2016
Por jsnider - Publicado en
Compra verificada
I'm not usually one to go on about a product. It's a you get what you pay for kinda world. But holy smokes!! What a surprise!! First off, this knife is RAZOR sharp right out of the box! Trust me. Secondly, this is not a little knife at all! After I bandaged my finger, I took a pic of it sitting on a 4x4 post for reference. Third, with the blade running the full length, the Schrade SCHF9 has some real heft! I mean if you can't dispense with whatever attacks you (i.e. Lion. Tiger. Bear. Zombie), maybe use the Schrade for biceps curls or something?? The ballistic nylon sheath is well made and durable, but if you must upgrade the knife lends itself well to other sheaths. So what all ya lookin' for in a survival knife??
Size? Nearly 12" full blade, front to back! check
Strength? 1/4" thick 1095 high carbon steel! check
Sharpness? it'll cut the butter!!
Sheath? Did I mention the add on pouch?
Survival? You betcha!
Size, strength, sharpness = Schrade SCHF9! Come get some!!