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Descripción técnica

Información Del Reloj
Marca Seiko
Modelo SBBN017
Referencia del fabricante SBBN017
Tipo de cierre Hebilla
Material de la caja Acero inoxidable
Diámetro de la caja 48 milímetros
Grosor de la caja 1.47 milímetros
Material de la correa Goma
Anchura de la correa 18 centímetros
Color de la correa Negro
Color del dial Negro

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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Best Watch I've Ever Owned 9 de octubre de 2013
Por M. JEFFREY MCMAHON - Publicado en
I sold a dozen fashion watches to pay for my Seiko SBBN017, the iconic Tuna, which comes in other color variations. But I prefer the silver bezel the best. I have to say I love the rubber strap, very comfortable and makes the watch toolish. But I still put a 22mm Super Engineer stainless steel bracelet to replace the strap and give the watch a dressy look. What a dilemma: I love both versions and I am tempted to buy a second one, keep it on the rubber strap and wear it as my "casual" watch.

The lume is topnotch, professional grade, as good as my Seiko Black Monsters, first and second generation. The quartz battery lasts 5 years and is supposed to last a lifetime with no maintenance but we'll have to wait and see.

While this Tuna is a professional grade diver, I have to be honest and say I bought it for its look. At first I thought it was too small, playing like a 45mm watch (I began my watch hobby wearing 52-60mm watches but faded out of that) but over time my love for the look of the Tuna has grown and grown. Also, I should add on the Super Engineer II bracelet, it plays a lot bigger, more like a 47 or 48mm case.

The problem I'm having with my Tuna is that it is so appealing that my 300-500 dollar watches (Orient M Forces, Seiko Black Monster second generation, Seiko Sumo) aren't getting as much wrist time as I should give them. I keep going to my Tuna. With this in mind, I really do feel that I'll look for another in the next year and keep it on the rubber strap.

A couple of points: At this price, a sapphire crystal would be nice. The crystal here is Seiko's Hardlex, which should be fine. I haven't had any problems on my other Seiko Hardlex models.

On balance, this is worth the price and my only warning is that it may overshadow any other watches in your collection. Highly recommended.
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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Boom! 22 de enero de 2015
Por Terrier Fan - Publicado en
Love, love this watch. It's keeps amazing time and is eye catching without being too ostentatious. I bought it because I wanted to get noticed without getting noticed. It's nice and large without being over the top. A++ It's comparable in size to the Pepsi and almost exactly the same as the air diver. The details are tremendous. The hands and face are high end for sure.

Update: I don't dive and ended up springing for a high end leather strap. Love it.
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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Seiko SBBN017 300M Pro Diver 30 de abril de 2014
Por "Smart Buyer" - Publicado en
My opinion on the watch in brief.......PROSPEX--- or ----(Professional Specifications!)

Not the average "Quartz Movement" as some may think.....Very well made (best of the best) 7C46 which is 7 jeweled....and can be regulated .... if it is not accurate enough.
(Check comments on this edit below for more information on movements.)

Titanium Shroud and clasps on a "Seiko Premium Rubber Band".....

Can be as accurate as 1-2 seconds a mentioned by another customer...I agree.

Expect battery change every 8-10 years from experience with a "Seiko Battery."

This watch can be used for extreme sports if one so chooses.....will not effect the movement or accuracy but I think it's a little bulky for this.

I have a 1978 Seiko 7548-700F which I first saw on the divers of the .."Jacques Cousteau TV Series" .. at the time....and had to have one for myself !
It cost me a little over $300 back then and is the "first Seiko Dive Watch" that I purchased in my Seiko Dive Line Collection.

It is a " 5 Jewel Movement."... Battery change on this 7548 model every 7 years on average also with a "Seiko Battery."

The accuracy is about 13 seconds in six months.. in almost perfect condition to this day and is always been serviced by Seiko Service Center.

One thing I always do and recommend....."Seiko Service Center" .....for...battery/repair ..... for all "Seiko Diver" watches.
(They don't scratch the rear cover for battery change and they always check and/or replace the gaskets and pressure test.)

Back to the 300M Prospex......The only complaint that I have is....although there is a lot of "light reflection" from the crystal because it is curved and "Anti-Reflective Sapphire" would be welcomed for this watch.

Now....Is it worth it?....Yes!.....If looked after..... this watch will last a lifetime the way it's built !
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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Seiko Prospex SBBN017 Tuna 1 de septiembre de 2015
Por RJT - Publicado en
Compra verificada
When I heard this watch will no longer be in production I decided to pick one up before they disappear. I already have the SBBN015 in my collection and had always wanted to get its bead blasted shroud sibling. With the price of this watch dropping in recent months, I figured now is a good time to pick one up. What makes the SBBN017 special in my opinion, is the design of its hands. I just love the shape and the metal outlines of the minute and hour hands. I have seen pictures of this watch's replacement, the SBBN033, and I just can’t warm up to its hands. This newer version has Monster like hands. Don’t get me wrong, I have a couple of Monsters in my collection and I love the hands on them because they are very legible. However, I don’t think these hands should be put on a Tuna. What I also love about the SBBN017 is the “S” on the crown. The newer version of this watch has the Prospex “X” on the crown. This SBBN017 to me has a better dial marker design than the newer SBBN033, especially at the 12:00 o’clock and 6:00 o’clock positions. When I received this watch I was relieved to find that the seconds hand lines up with the markers on the watch. I have found in the past, that a lot of quartz watches, even high end ones, have the problem where the seconds hand does not line up with the markers. I’m just glad that this SBBN017 is spot on. I was also surprised that the watch I received was a newer issued model. This watch has a 5 year battery life. On the case back, there are numbers which resemble the year the battery is supposed to be changed. Above one of the numbers, there is a small etched in mark which reveals what year and period of the year your battery should be changed. My watch revealed that the battery should be changed between July to September 2020. I could be wrong but I believe I received a 2015 model. I really thought that I might receive an older stock watch. The specs on this watch says that it has about a 48 mm case size. In my opinion, it’s more like 46 mm and wears more like a 45 mm watch. I have a 6.75 inch wrist and it wears small because it has a really short lug to lug length of only 46 mm. Don’t get me wrong, it wears perfect on me but I was surprised that it was much smaller than my Seiko SRP637 baby tuna monster. The SRP637 is a much bigger watch and wears bigger than the SBBN017. However, the SBBN017 still has great wrist presence and is so much more comfortable. I’m not a rubber strap fan so I swapped the strap out for a super engineer bracelet. I chose the engineer over the engineer II because it plays smaller and in my opinion looks better on this tuna. The engineer II over powers this watch. I was concerned that the super engineer would clash with the bead blasted shroud but it works well because it ties in with this watch’s stainless steel bezel, crown and shroud screws. I also like Nato’s and Zulu’s but found that the thicker Zulu does not fit on the SBBN017. Its lug design is so close to the case back that a thick nylon zulu just does not fit. I found that a thinner nylon Nato works better with this watch. I’m glad I have this watch in my collection. I think this is one that I’ll most likely keep forever.
5 de 5 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Five Stars 16 de marzo de 2015
Por Y777 - Publicado en
Compra verificada
Really Nice watch and excellent accuracy .

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