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Shure E3C - auriculares de diadema - terrestre y ofrecen una tecnología

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Nuevos: 1 desde EUR 85,00
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  • Más pequeño de Shure E-Series con un peso de solo 0,9 g - menos de 1 g
  • En lugar de grandes auriculares, E3 wearers consiga ajustarse auriculares que permanecer de forma segura dentro de la oreja sin incómodos Diademas
  • Aislamiento del sonido evita que el ruido exterior de interferir con la música, y crea un espacio silencioso para una claridad de audio excepcional
  • El Studio Grade, masa baja, alta salida de par) emplean la tecnología Armazón equilibrado para más eficiente de energía y batería de alta frecuencias
  • Compatible para usar con puertos de salida de audio de 1/8 "(3,5 mm)

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Información de producto

Detalles técnicos
Año de fabricación2004
Peso del producto1,4 Kg
Dimensiones del producto19,8 x 16,8 x 7,1 cm
Número de modelo del productoE3c
Número de productoE3c
Pilas / baterías incluidasNo
Incluye batería recargableNo
Información adicional
Restricciones de envíoEste producto se puede enviar a España y a otros países seleccionados.
Producto en desde27 de julio de 2012
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Disfruta de una experiencia de escucha Audiophile cuando asuntos de música y el sonido e3 C combina componentes de precisión y gran aislamiento para proporcionar sonido con calidad de estudio donde vayas. mangas flexible de alta energía (1 par) ofrecen un gran equilibrio tonal en todo el rango de frecuencia. producir notable aislamiento revelar los detalles sutiles de original grabaciones. el pequeño diseño compacto earphone encaja de forma segura en su oído por lo que es ideal para uso frecuente de viaje y sonido activo, el e3 C de los oídos de mangas Incluso ser Custom-Fit por una audiencia Specialist después de su compra para el mejor ajuste y una comodidad personalizada. Descripción de producto: ligera con diseño de aislamiento de alta energía (1 par) con respuesta de frecuencia extendida para sonido de sonido: más pequeño Shure diseño con un peso de solo 0,9 oz (28g) Fit Kit para personalizar el ajuste cómodo in ear auriculares carrying case garantía de devolución y garantía de dos años pcmag. com revisión: el Shure e3 C auriculares se ha recibido recientemente revisado y una impresionante revisión con Una respuesta de audio 4/5 calificación: Estos auriculares cómodo ear-canal proporcionan airy precisa ligeramente potentes bajos con el que podrá usarlos con un amplificador pero que no necesita uno. puntas de goma para bloquear el ruido externo aunque no así como el diseño flanged del Etymotic..... designtechnica revisión: el Shure e3 C auriculares se ha recibido recientemente revisado y una impresionante revisión con un índice de 8/10: antes de que considere comprar el e3 C decidir Lo que usted desea utilizarlas para y qué tipo de música que estará escuchando. si la respuesta es más Bass Driven música como tambor y bass o Trance usted lo desea, puede transmitir la e3 C. si va a escuchar vocal Rock o pop la e3 C es una excelente elección. el sonido es animado y clara en el extremo superior y medios y ligeramente falta en el rango bajo.....

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4.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Outstanding sound quality, but takes a little getting used to 19 de julio de 2006
Por John D. Bernstein - Publicado en
Compra verificada
Short review: I love these earphones! The sound quality is outstanding!

Longer review: I owned a pair of Sony over the ear active noise canceling headphones. They did an OK job canceling out some noise, however they weren't comfortable enough for extended listening. I decided to give the E3c's a try. Pressing them into your ears can be a bit "unusual" at first, however this is a CRITICAL step to getting the best sound. If they just losely fit in your ears, the frequency response will suffer greatly. Press them in a wee bit and they form a tight seal. Voila! Amazing sound!

Something else you'll notice: You'll need to turn down the volume on your iPod. Because these earphones block out so much external sound (not just noise, but sound) you need less volume to overcome the external sounds. This is the classic Signal to Noise ratio problem.

If I love them so much, why only 4 out of 5 stars? Well, how do I say this without sounding silly... On more than one occasion when I quickly removed the earphones the little rubber gasket was left in my ear. Other than being a bit embarassing, it was easy to pull them out and put them back on the earphones.

I would NOT recommend wearing these earphones while walking on the streets or near traffic. They isolate you too much from external sounds which might result in a dangerous situation.
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4.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Better than noise canceling headphones but... 3 de agosto de 2007
Por D. Tanner - Publicado en
Compra verificada
I purchased these last December and have been very happy with them on my numerous plane trips this year. If you're used to wearing foam earplugs, this is the way to go. The sound isolation is fantastic as is the sound quality. Be sure to wear them as indicated in the diagrams, with the cord pointing up and wrapping over your ear - this provides the best fit into the ear canal. The foam inserts are best for me and lasted at least 6 months before I felt the need to buy some replacements. I'm also experimenting with replacing the yellow foam with the softer foam from normal earplugs - just trim the earplug to the appropriate length, bore a hole in the center with a paperclip, cut the yellow foam off the plastic tube, and insert the tube into your own earplugs.

I also recently had the chance to compare the Shure E3c earplugs to the Bose QC3 noise-canceling headphones - the Shure's are far better, since the Bose still lets through some of the high pitched engine noise as well as people talking around you. Again, if you're used to wearing earplugs, the Shure's are for you.

January 2011 Edit: I've now had these earphones for over 3 years and have traveled around the world with them (several times, actually). Their performance continues to be excellent, and the new black soft foam tips (purchased separately) are much more comfortable than the original yellow foam tips or the triple flange tips. The cover that includes the tip did break off one of them (be careful when putting them into the case), but I managed to superglue it back together and it still works fine. The current comparable model is the Shure SE210.
3.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Get "Ultimate Ears 5" Instead 19 de septiembre de 2006
Por Michael Morgan - Publicado en
Compra verificada
I've been using the Shure E3c's for a few months now and have gotten them to sound pretty good by trying various earpieces and properly adjusting them. To get best sound they must be inserted very deeply into the ears and used with the cord up and over the ears, as indicated by a previous reviewer. However, the deep seating becomes uncomfortable to me after a half-hour or so and they require frequent adjustment just to keep them in place.

I decided to try the Ultimate Ears 5, which sell here on Amazon for about the same price as the Shure's. In direct comparison, the Ultimate Ears provide distinctly fuller sound than the best I can get the Shure's to give, with lower lows, a clearer midrange and just as crisp highs. They also seem to be more efficient than the Shure's, requiring much lower indicated volume on either ipod or cd player. The better sound and efficiency may be due to the use of dual drivers in each earpiece (like 2-way speakers with crossover). Finally, the Ultimate Ears are much more comfortable for me to wear and don't require such deep seating. They are meant to wear with the cords over the ears but the last two inches of cord attached to each earpiece includes a stiff section which is bent over the ear to form a custom fit, nicely holding them in place. Like the Shure, they come with several sets of soft and foam earpieces and also come in light and dark colors.
3.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Not so bad but there are better earphones... 26 de noviembre de 2005
Por escalation - Publicado en
Compra verificada
I ordered this earphones several days ago for my iPod when Amazon had it on sale. for the price I paid, it's not bad. I spent almost 4 hours to compare different ear adapters came with this earphones and eventually pick the best one for me.

Overall, the sound is smooth and warm, it's comfortable when you get use to wear it. However, like other reviewer mentioned, the bass is weak. Then I ordered an UE 5 Pro(from a local store). I have to say UE 5 pro is a way better earphones, at least for me. The bass is strong, (not as accurate as my friend's Sennheiser HD-555. lack the vibratos. but this is not an apple to apple comparison anyway as with the size of 555, it could have a much larger spatial field). the really good part of the 5 pro is the voccal. it really stands out. It felt like I was standing right in front the singer.

I convert my cd to mp3 with 320k rate. So the source distroation is minimum.

So if possible, try it out before you buy. Since the refund will burn you if you don't like it and want to return it. only offer me 20% money back when I returned it. (Thanks to my credit card 'refund protection' service).
4.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Excellent 15 de enero de 2006
Por Robert B. Fletcher - Publicado en
Compra verificada
I have very sensitive hearing, and always needed to turn my discman higher just to block out ambient noise. These headphones did several things for me. For starters, they act as earplugs, significantly reducing outside noise. As a result, I no longer need to listen to my CDs at high volumes. And as an added bonus, I've been able to hear details in the music that I hadn't before, so my listening experience has been greatly enriched.

There are only two problems that I can think of, and they're relatively small. First of all, if earplugs are uncomfortable for you to wear, then this line of earphones probably aren't for you. Second, when listening to music on these, you can't hear anything else. In most cases I would consider this a good thing, but I would recomend against them in a situation where you're walking or running outdoors, as it may inhibit your awareness of everything around you.

But by and large, I really like them, and while they are a little bit pricey, they aren't ridiculously priced, and well worth it to more-than-casual listeners.