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Silla gemelar hermano mayor Caboose Ultralight ...

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  • La silla Caboose Ultralight permite al niño mayor ir de pie en la plataforma o sentado en la banqueta incluidas en la silla

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Información de producto

Detalles técnicos
Peso del producto10 Kg
Dimensiones del producto94 x 54,6 x 105,4 cm
Número de modelo del producto850
Peso mínimo recomendado45 kilogramos
Peso máximo recomendado 40.8 kilogramos
Pilas necesariasNo
Información adicional
Clasificación en los más vendidos de Amazon nº36.597 en Bebé (Ver los 100 más vendidos)
Producto en desde7 de junio de 2015

Descripción del producto

La nueva silla Caboose Ultralight es la mejor silla de paseo que existe para dos niños. Mantiene las mismas dimensiones que una silla individual convirtiéndose en la silla tándem más compacta y sencilla de manejar del mercado. La silla Caboose Ultralight permite al niño mayor ir de pie en la plataforma o sentado en la banqueta incluidas en la silla. El exclusivo sistema Stand-On Tándem (plataforma para ir de pie) le permite entrar y salir libremente de la silla sin necesitar de la ayuda de los padres, por lo que pasear se convierte en una actividad realmente divertida. El asiento delantero se reclina hasta 150º permitiendo que el bebé pueda descansar o dormir cómodamente. Para conseguir aún un mayor confort, hemos añadido un sistema de suspensión trasero y amortiguación en las cuatro ruedas. Además, se incluye un sistema de freno trasero sincronizado y accionado con el pie. Si te gusta salir con la familia de paseo con toda la familia, esta es la silla que estabas buscando. - Incluye un bolso organizador de neopreno con un bolsillo de cremallera para las llaves, el móvil o cualquier otro pequeño accesorio, dos bolsillos longitudinales de gran capacidad y dos porta botellas. - Incluye el adaptador del grupo 0 universal - La burbuja de lluvia - Cesta de gran capacidad en la zona inferior de la silla con bolsillos laterales que son fácilmente accesibles - Doble capota que cubre a los dos niños - Bandeja para el niño - Suspensión en las cuatro ruedas Asiento - Edad / Peso Máx Asiento Delantero: + 6 meses / 20.41 kg. / 101.60 cm, Asiento Trasero: + 2.5 años / 20.41 kg. / 111.76 cm

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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Love it 14 de junio de 2012
Por SunnyDai - Publicado en
The Baby Trend Stroller is a good option for someone with kids close in age, but if your kids are further apart a "sit and stand" double stroller may suit you better. The younger child sits up front and the older one gets to sit or stand in the back. My kids are 3 years apart and the Joovy Caboose Ultralight was the perfect choice for us. It's great for zoos, aquarium, parks, shopping, etc. It is moderately prices at around $230.

Here are some things I took into consideration when choosing a double stroller.

1) Weight: how much does the stroller weight? My wife came along to test some of these strollers and lifting most of them into an SUV or Minivan is not an easy task.

2) Size: How big is it when it get folded up? If you have a sedan you can forget about trying to put anything else in your trunk after your double stroller is in it.

3) Comfort\Compatibility\Scalibility: How comfortable is it for your kid? Will it suit my kids needs? Can they grow with this stroller or will they outgrow it in a year?

4) Functionality: How well does it work? Is it easy to use?

Here are my pro's and con's with our stroller


1) Looks great, many different colors to choose from. We get looks and complements from other parents saying how cool the stoller looks. Expecting moms always turn to their husbands say, honey, this is the one I want.

2) Folds up much smaller and is lighter than most doubles. It is 21 lbs. The frame is made of metal and feels very solid

3) The back sets gives my older son the "big boy" feel. He has choices as to if he wants to sit or stand. He can ride looking forwards or backwards. There's been times when I had my younger one in front with my older one and his friend standing in the back. They thought it was so cool to ride together.

4) Has an infant carrier attachment you can install in the front seat. This allow you to use this stroller once #2 comes out and can last you until your younger one outgrows the front seat.

5) Easy to put together and use. The stroller has a few pieces to snap in and setup is very straight forward. It is also a lot shorter and compact than most doubles

6) Has some nice features. Big bucket for storage, back seat slides over buckets and keeps belonging a bit safer. Parents Neoprene organizer can we removed and washed. Big canopy that provides cover both kids.


1) Not too nap friendly. If the older one needs to nap, he is out of luck. He has to lean against the side rail or sit in the front seat, which he is usually too big for. If the young on up front is sleeping and you want to recline his seat it will take space away from the back seat. the older one has to sit slightly leaning forward or stand at that point.

2) Catch 22, To access the storage bucket below the older child has to get up for you to access, but the child sitting on top of the door keeps belonging safe. The thief has to steal your kid before they get to your wallet. may not be a bad thing in some cases, lol.

3) It doesn't "stand" by itself when folded. You have to lock the wheels and lean it against something, can get annoying if its raining or if you have your hands full. Wheel locks are also hard to get to when folded.

4) Requires 2 hands to fold

5) Gets hard to maneuver if you have the heavy kid in front and lighter kid in the back
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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas PERFECT for traveling to Disney World! 15 de marzo de 2011
Por Jonathan and Ben's Mom - Publicado en
Compra verificada
We have a 1 year old and a 5 year old. When planning our trip to Disney World we knew that the 1 year old would require a stroller with the following items:
- ability to recline for nap time
- large canopy for blocking sun
- food tray for eating snacks while walking around the park
- easy folding for getting on and off of transport trams
- storage for snacks, diaper bag, other items
- place for the adults to put water bottles or other items
- easily maneuverable for getting through crazy crowds
That's a lot of "must have's"! We also wanted something that would allow for our 5 year old to take a break when needed. It was also nice to help contain him in heavy crowd areas.

This stroller did it all! Both of my boys loved riding around in it and I never had a single problem with the stroller. The basket is big and whatever we could not fit below we hung from the back bar. The side pockets in the bottom bag is also nice for getting at things quickly. I could push the stroller and turn corners by only pushing with one hand it worked so well. We also looked at the Joovy Ergo stroller but felt it was too large to handle and not allowing the baby to recline was a deal breaker. Long days at parks mean the baby has to have a place to take a nap at some point. I found the shade helped a lot but I also used a light blanket (aden and anais swaddle blankets are perfect) over it as well to help block breezes and other distractions. My older son was jealous of the cool "fort" that it created.

We also purchased the sun cover and the rain cover. Neither of which we ended up using but do fit nicely on the stroller.

The stroller was great for traveling through the airport as well and was simple to fold and open with one hand.

Overall I would recommend this to anyone with two children especially for traveling through big parks like Disney World.
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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Met Specifications: Compact, lightweight, carries & toddler & infant 27 de junio de 2013
Por casey - Publicado en
Compra verificada
We have a toddler (20 months) and a newborn and needed a compact, lightweight stroller for trips to the mall, park, etc. I settled on the Joovy because it had the smallest folded dimensions of similar tandem strollers that I reviewed - we needed something that would fit in the small truck of a hybrid car, and this fits beautifully! For my toddler, I bought the additional velcro-in rear seat addition (called the Joovy Too?) Overall, I would greatly recommend this product.

-Super compact
-Fairly manueverable
-Toddler easily gets in & out of the back, and actually has room with the Joovy Too seat adapter, although it doesn't look that way

-Although the umbrella/sunshade's detachability makes it smaller when folded, the need to remove it / re-attach it creates a small amount of extra hassle when loading and unloading the stroller
-The infant's car seat (a Graco) fits in the adapter well, but I was surprised the design does not create a "lock" like the adapter on my BOB stroller. Instead, it has a safety strap to secure it.
-Toddler slightly over-reclined in the velcro seat adapter & slides down into the cargo basket if not buckled in
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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Honest review from a Dad 19 de mayo de 2013
Por B. Wu - Publicado en
This is a GREAT stroller for its price, feature, and function - bar none.
-Ball bearing wheels mean this thing does move easily - once it starts moving.
-Put the heavier child in the back. Should the big kid sit up front and the lighter one in the back, you'll end up with a top-heavy stroller that's hard to turn (applies to all strollers).
-The rear bench seat slides. You can/should move it all the way back to give the rear child more hear room if they are seating facing the parent.
-This thing has a solid construction.

TIPS to really make you love this thing.
-Search for a small elastic/budgie cargo net. Hook it to the rear handle bar and now the rear child can also seat FORWARD facing and relax/fall asleep! The parent cup holder can stretch and slide down to become the head rests. Joovy should pay me for this :)
-When folding this stroller, if you slide the rear adjustable seat all the way back, it folds down and compresses EVEN MORE!

-I do dislike that the front tray (or universal car seat adapter *cough* metal bar) is snapped in and protrudes quite a bit. This defeats the compact size. It should have a up or down-wards locking and folding option.
-If the rear child is seating forward facing, the feet 'can' push the basket, touching the front wheels.
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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas A very compact and practical double pram 3 de agosto de 2014
Por Tiffany - Publicado en
Compra verificada
2 years 9 months/ 13kg
9 month baby/ 7kg using a Babylove Snap N Go capsule

-Easy to fold, even with the second seat attached (our first stroller is the Combi Miracle Turn DX so we are used to easy-to-fold strollers!). However, it did take us a while to realise there is a safety catch near to left rear wheel that you need to unhook before you can fold it!
-Manoeuvrable- even with both kids in it. We can even do the "kerb pop" (as Mountain Buggy calls it)
-Compact and light for a tandem stroller
-Has option of a second (proper) seat
-Large basket- we can fit our Benbat Yummi Go Booster Seat in it when the second seat isn't installed
-Compatible with many capsules- we have the Babylove Snap N Go and it sits very securely in the front on the capsule attachment (the YummiGo seat also fits on the front seat under the capsule)
-Comes with the parent organiser
-Brakes are easy to use

-Bench slides back and forth and the older child has fallen off it a few times
-No official stroller bag
-No belly bar for the front seat- it would be good if there was an option for a belly bar instead of the snack tray
-The front seat belt is only a five-point harness (can't be converted to a 3-point harness)

We haven't used the sunshade so can't really comment. We also looked (and test drove) the Baby Jogger City Mini Double and the Steelcraft Agile Twin but quickly realised that side-by-sides are very wide and we'd have trouble getting around. We didn't look at other tandems as the ones available in Australia are very long.

Overall, we love the Joovy- previously we were pushing around two strollers (or dad was pushing a stroller and chasing the older daugher who decided she wanted to walk instead of sit) which was really impractical. It's too bad the Joovy isn't available in Australia and 1/3 of the price I paid was for shipping... but then again with the "Australian Tax" that most local retailers like to add on, it'd probably end up costing more or less the same as buying from Amazon.