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Sunwayman V11R U2 - Linterna (8 x 2,5 x 2,5 cm), color negro

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  • 190 lúmenes con un rango de 130 m. Pesa 50 gramos y es de apenas 8 cm de largo. Cuenta con control magnético y un clip de cinturón.
  • Esta antorcha es alimentado por una batería de CR123A y tiene una duración de 1,5 horas en el ajuste de la luz más alta, o durante 35 horas en la posición más baja. Color: Antorcha LED negro

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Sunwayman V11R U2 Torch 8 x 2.5 x 2.5 cm Black

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Tamaño8 x 2.5 x 2.5 cm
Número de piezas1
Temporadatodo el año
Incluye bateríasNo

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3.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Versatility at its best 15 de agosto de 2012
Por Kenneth C. Ford - Publicado en
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I bought this light to be my new go-to and do everything light. It is filling the role pretty well so far. Stays in my pocket by day, sits on my night stand at night. The flexibility of this light is what drew me to it. With an optional $15 extension, the thing can use 4 types of batteries (CR123 or AA store bought sizes and the more powerful rechargeable types of the same sizes). It can go super low to check on my sleeping daughter at 3 am and bright enough to light up the entire back yard with a push of a button. Construction is very sturdy and size is excellent for pocket carry. The pocket clip holds well, but it's not my thing. I would like the knurling to be more aggressive and adjustment ring to be a bit taller to make it easier to find. I find myself twisting on the heatsink area. While the metal button looks fantastic, it doesn't work so well. It's noisy when pressed and needs a straight, hard press to get the light on. Pressing at an angle makes the button bind up on itself and not click on reliably. Thankfully, they include a rubber button and spare switch assembly that gives you the option of a better functioning (although not as pretty) clicky button. One thing it lacks is SOS and strobe modes. The light is more of a floody beam so it's better at lighting across the street, not down the street.

UPDATE 2-20-13: The V11R is still going strong after 8 months of daily carry and use. The only issue I have is the adjustment ring has become looser than I would like. It turns too easily and I don't see how it can be tightened by the user. When I remove it from my pocket, it could be really bright or really dim... I can't trust it to stay adjusted to where I left it. Sunwayman has said I should "contact the dealer first" for repair. Seeing as how it is Amazon, I'm a bit iffy on sending in a costly little item back to them since the seller is some random small company.

Update 4-25-13: Well, I mailed it to Sunwayman in China and they repaired it without any hassle. I was without it for 5 weeks though. The rotary ring is nice and stiff again and hopefully it will hold up. Customer service is excellent from Sunwayman.
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1.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Poor Quality Control - Extreme Unreliability 16 de agosto de 2014
Por Professor H - Publicado en
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First, I am a flashaholic. Love flashlights of all kinds, and have plenty of them. So it pains me to have to write a bad review on lights that had so much promise.
The first one I ordered from Amazon had several issues.

1. Problems with the brightness ring. Light output jumping up and down as brightness was increased or decreased like it was shorting out.
2. Tail switch clicked oddly. Felt mushy
3. When switched on there was a delay then light would come on dim increasing to full bright.
4. As you adjusted the ring to bright sometimes the head would unscrew shutting the light off.

Contacted Sunwayman after locating their website. Day or so later got a reply to see if I wanted to ship it to them at my expense in China. They were nice enough but China postage sounded pricey and chose to send it back to Amazon for replacement.

Replacement arrived in no time from Amazon.

It also had major problems

1. As you adjusted the ring to bright sometimes the head would unscrew shutting the light off. Just like the first one.
2. When tail switched clicked on sometimes nothing would happen. Click again and again, nothing. Tapped light on counter top and it would come on.
3. While using light it would turn itself off. Just sitting on counter, all on its own, nothing touching it.

Lights were tested with new surefire batteries as well as olight rechargeables.

When you need light, sometimes it's a serious matter, as in life and death. I cannot recommend this flashlight. I am sending the second one back as well.

I have been in contact with manufacturer, and they are trying to track down the problem from serial numbers in batches sent out.
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1.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Bad design, bad manufacturing. 2 de septiembre de 2016
Por Thomas - Publicado en
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I bought this because the most excellent JetBeam rrt01 has been discontinued. This is a pale imitation of that great flashlight (of which I've owned several and given a couple as gifts).

A number of things I don't like about the light: it has a click button to turn on as well as a light output ring. Why have both? The rrt01 shows that you only need the ring. I didn't think I would mind, but it has been annoying when using. The second thing about this light I don't like is that the lowest brightness setting doesn't go as low as the rrt01. That's annoying, because there are certain situations where I want a lower output than the light can do.

If those were the only two things wrong with this light, I would have given it 3 stars and be done with it. It would have been an okay flashlight...

But a little bit after buying this light, it started flickering when on. This happened past the Amazon return period, so I can't return it.

When I reached out to the manufacture to get it replaced (it has a warranty), they emailed me a long list of things to try to diagnose the problem (to figure out if it was the tail switch or the LED mount that was the problem). I'm a tech person, but it was sort of daunting to try the stuff. By opening up the case and jiggling it, it seemed to have fixed the problem, but no, after a few days, the problem has returned. I will probably end up returning it to get it fixed.

That's why I'm giving this light one star: it's an so-so light when working, but it looks like the manufacturing of it is not very good. Stay away.
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4.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas solid light, surely to give nighmares to Surefire! 8 de diciembre de 2012
Por LT. John - Publicado en
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ken Ford's review is right on the money. I experienced everything that he did, and is a great summary!
I'll add my points too.

First, I will compare to my first-line collection of EDC Lights. I have a bunch of SureFire Lights. (LX2, P2LED, M900 weaponlight) and some Browning Early Gen lights.(let's leave out all the maglights for now) The Surefire Lights range from $800 to $90. Just to put it in context, the V11R is priced under them all. Now, the Surefires are all "Made in USA", and the V11 is a chinese product. My base idea is that the surefire products are designed to military specification. As such they really are not complicated or innovative. They have simple circuitry and perform no "magic tricks". I surely trust them though!! For non-military uses, I wonder if they are all that great? I need to add that SureFire does have a miniscule discount for Military buyers. I always find that sad that they don't help out our guys a little more. (sorry for the off-topic!)

Grades on V11R

WoW, is this light full of features. The fully variable control is a winner. You are always wishing that there were intermediate settings when using the high/low type lights. On my LX2, there is a 15lumen setting (good for walking) and a 200lumen setting (good for 400 feet spotlighting) But, there are lots of times that I want something lower than 15 lumens. The V11 goes so low, it is good for lighting a keyhole from about 2 inches. Nice! For reference, I give my surefires a solid "D" grade in this category.

Quality: B+
No visible flaws. Anodizing is solid and clean, machining is exacting, functions are great. There is no A grade because of the optional Titanium on/off button. It does not push cleanly. Five minutes of polishing and a little lube and it is smooth as silk. I wish they could have done it in the factory!

Reliability: N/A So far, so good. I have no illusions that it will survive like a surefire. But then again, they don't say it will. This light is more of an EDC or Camping/utility light. There are substantial electronics needed to up-convert and regulate a 3.2V battery to work like it does in this light. That worries me a little, but so far, all is great!

Light: B-
A little lower score here because of the comparison to the SureFires. The beam is a wider flood and does have some irregularities in the pattern. Those simply do not exist in the Surefire world. If you don't compare them, the V11 is great. White/blue tint, good intensity, great output for a single-cell light, and the full-variable control.

Extras: A+ Lots of neat stuff come packed with the Light. My LX2 came with nothing but a wrist strap...for $230!! The V11 comes with a strap, holster, and extra tail button. Nice!

Engineering: A
China is on top of their game with this. Near flawless design with lots of nice touches. The light is very small, light, graceful, and innovative. I hope Surefire and streamlight are paying attention. I showed the V11 to a few friends who know nothing about lights, and then handed them the rest of my collection. they all felt the V11 was top notch in every category. Many did note that it seemed "delicate" compared to the mil-spec stuff.

Value: A How can you argue with the great Amazon price and the features that you get on this light.
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3.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas A good light but!? 30 de agosto de 2015
Por ty - Publicado en
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The flashlight is fantastic. As an edc, on my hip all day long, it was great. It runs hot if used for a long time, meaning several minutes, when run hot it drains the battery drastically. But my main complaint about this light is the holster. I may be the only person complaining about it but in my eyes it is a huge draw back. I have purchased two of these lights and both of the holsters have failed. The first holster failing to the point that I actually lost the light because the Velcro didn't keep the light in causing me to have to purchase another. Hoping I might have better luck with my second light but with no luck. I have less than a month of hip use and the Velcro has failed again and is literally useless.
I do like this light and purchased it twice for a reason but am leaning towards something else I the near future!!