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THQ Metro 2033, PC - Juego (PC, PC, FPS (Disparos en primera persona), M (Maduro))

Plataforma : Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7

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  • Game rating: M (Maduro)
Nuevos: 1 desde EUR 40,35

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Clasificación PEGI: 18
Fecha de lanzamiento: 15.03.2010
Género: FPS (Disparos en primera persona)
Plataforma: PC
Rango ESRB: M (Maduro)
Versión de idioma: ENG

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3.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Read! FYI but it's fun 25 de agosto de 2014
Por Robbie P Smith - Publicado en
Compra verificada
The delivery was fast, my complaint is that I bought the game as a pc game to be installed directly onto the pc from the disc with a desk top shortcut, click the shortcut or insert the disc to play the game. I ended up with an activation code and a disc that installs a game site that then downloads the game. 3.5 hours later I can play it. If the site ever goes down you can't access the game. If you uninstall the game site the game including a desktop shortcut are also removed. I bought the game as a direct install onto the pc, not as a download game. Unfortunately the seller nor did amazon know this was a activation from a game site game. The disc that you install is for the game site, membership is required to play the game that you the game owner do not own outright. The game requires you to log into the game site to play the game you supposedly own but do not have installed directly onto your pc from the install disc. The game is fun except for that. I did not want an online it has to be downloaded game. I thought once I registered the game it would install directly onto my pc. It's to late to send the game back. Nothing is said about it being a activation code and download from a game site in the game product information description page. Lastly If I knew this I would have paid amazon for the download instead since I got a downloaded game anyway. On the back of the game case in very tiny print is the game sight activation registration is required to install this game notice "buyer beware". But again the game works and is fun. No other info to provide. Game on.
5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas A very good, immersive and well-crafted game 14 de diciembre de 2014
Por Sikret - Publicado en
Compra verificada
One of the best games I've ever played, and I've been playing video games for decades now! Fantastic graphics engine, it ran smoothly with great detail on a relatively old PC - and there's a 'Redux' version out now, with a more updated graphics engine. I'm not even sure how that's possible, given that the original version I played had greatly detailed textures, superb lighting/shadows... I'm not kidding, it looked fantastic!

This is all the more incredible given the grim post-apocalyptic setting of the game: everything in the environment is ruined, broken down, and it *looks* that way! Decayed corpses and filth everywhere, horrible-looking mutant monsters, claustrophobic tunnels and the ruins of the surface - and the game *still* looks great! Places and sights that would give you a heart attack in real life look beautiful in this game.

But it's not just good for its looks, oh no. The movement and shooting feel good, with tight, responsive controls and a good selection of well-thought out weapons. Everything in the game is designed to bring you into it, to be as immersive as possible - in the 'Ranger' difficulty modes, the UI is removed entirely and the game is fully playable!

Whoever's looking at this probably read about the game somewhere else already - that you can tell your weapon's remaining ammo by looking at the gun model itself (that's not the case with all the weapons, BTW), that you have to scramble for gas mask filters while on the surface (turn some people off, maybe, but it really makes surface trips tense and exciting for me), and so on. I won't rehash all that, I just want to confirm for you, as strongly as I can, that this all works well together. You're in for a great experience if you try this game and its sequel.
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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Great survival experience in a war torn world 4 de julio de 2012
Por Nishi - Publicado en
Compra verificada
I wanted to finally try out his game since I'm a huge fan of post-apocalyptic setting. I had so much fun playing through this game and actually got challenged through parts of it. It's scary, you need to rely on good survival skills and combat isn't always the right answer. For a FPS shooter it's definitely not like the others; it has a great story that kept me captivated and combat that's a ton of fun.


After the tutorial the game starts you out in Exhibition and the world has been ravaged by nuclear warfare and is set in a post-apocalyptic world. Everyone is living underground to avoid the mutated creatures and radiation in manmade cities around the giant metro system that was in place before war ravaged the world.

Dark Ones started becoming more aggressive and make people go crazy if damaged by them. They are also pushing the underground towns back and attacking them all the time infecting more and more people each time. Something needs to be done, or humanity will be eradicated. Artyom is thrown into this conflict thanks to Hunter's advice and you're sent on a quest to find a way to save Exhibition.
The setting is really awesome to be in and you have to constantly be on your guard or die. With radiation, mutated creatures, and other humans fighting against you, the dark setting really fits right into this and makes you feel alone in the Metro's. With the overarching story mixed into this setting really sets up a great story telling experience.


I really found the survival aspect to be really refreshing to the FPS genre. As a fan of the classic Resident Evil's, I love the fact I have to be careful with bullets running out or my gas mask failing if I mess up. Parts of the game are actually pretty freaky and had me jump at stuff. Not many games can make me get scared, but this one does a good job at it; especially towards the end of the game.

When you press the M button you bring up a journal and a lighter. This is the only way to find out what you have to do and get a waypoint/compass guiding you where you need to be. The lighter is just to light up your journal in dark areas. Another cool thing they added to the game, is allowing you to run and reload at the same time (Which comes in handy when you're outnumbered and need to run away).

The loading is really fast (1-3 seconds max if you have a decent pc) and each main loading screen has a paragraph the main character reads to you. That paragraph is usually what's happened so far with a mix of future events to be. Since the game was created from a novel, I think this is a wonderful call back to the original material.


The game actually gets difficult at parts, even on normal. I find this to be a nice change of pace with games that you can just blow through. On top of that since you have to manage your ammo, you have to make sure your shots are on target and not missing.
At times your character gets impaired and the controls get a bit wonky, like what would happen if you were doing that specific task. For example, you have to pick up something semi heavy, so your reticule moves slowly and you can't run anymore. I like this little addition for the immersion of the atmosphere and it's pretty cool when these events happen and change gameplay a bit.


Every now and then you get access to city like hubs that you can barter for weapons, ammo and health packs. NPC's have little side conversations while you're walking around and you can learn a lot about the setting just listening in. One fun thing to do is go around and knocking on people's doors, just to hear all the random little comments they yell at you.

You also collect pre-war ammo that is the games main currency. In the hub cities you can purchase guns, ammo, weapons with modifications (Like a silencer) and gas mask filters. You also have an option of trading your normal ammo for pre-war ammo currency.


Gas masks are extremely important in this game. When you start to venture outside and radiated areas you need to put on your mask or die. You slowly use the filters you currently have over time. Only the first few towns allow you to buy filters, so savaging them is going to be the only way you can survive.

The PoV changes when you put on the gas mask, as if you are actually wearing it and the corners are a bit blurred like it has degraded over time. If you take damage the mask starts to crack, so if you you're not careful it can break and kill you. That damage stays until you change your mask and you can only change it every now and then.

While you are provided with guns as your main firepower source, ammo is pretty scarce and it makes you feel like you have to take time with your shooting. You can't run around spraying and praying, unless you like using your knife all the time when you run out of ammo. The health packs have to be manually used, and it stops what you're doing to heal yourself. Makes trying to heal more strategic; instead of just healing randomly on the fly (Healing over time still happens, but you can't be hit).


Weapon firing noises are extremely well done. All of them sound really diverse and what I would imagine the real life firing noise would be. You can also recognize each weapon that gets fired, so you know what type of guns are being fired near or at your direction. Mods also change the sound to the weapons as well, like the silencer reducing the noise of the gun itself. Enemies can still hear the muffled silenced shot if close though (Which makes sense, if I heard that in real life, I would turn around).

Music plays time to time and only really when an important action scene is happening. The loading screen has its own creepy theme but most exploration has no music playing in the background. I love soundtracks in video games but I think having less music fits this game perfectly. It adds to the immersion and listening to everything else is much more important (Breathing, enemies, footsteps etc).


Since everything is post-apocalyptic you feel a sense of doom where ever you travel. As you progress through the game the settings actually change and have different looks to them. Even though you are going though the metro most of the game, the different environmental effect makes them feel fresh and new.

They did an amazing job with the outside landscape and the feeling of utter devastation. The nuclear winter makes Moscow look even more eerie with the nuclear wasteland. The buildings outside are really creepy, and I found myself looking all around making sure nothing would jump out of the shadows.

IMO, this is the best game to capture the lighting effects and shadows. Different types of light source give a range of Illumination. So your flashlight is bright if you're fully charged or a really weak light if it's out of juice. All the lights in the game can be shot out, which allows you to sneak through the shadows to kill enemies with stealth.


This game is so worth the asking price: especially since it's really cheap now. It was cool trying to survive in this wilderness, the story was unpredictable and the combat was really rewarding when you stealth kill enemies. This game is more linear than the Fallout games but I still recommend this to fans of those games, since I loved the Fallout games and I loved this game as well. With all the crappy FPS games coming out these days, this is a fresh breath of air.

~ Written: 07-12

* Fast loading
* An fps that actually requires survival
* Most exploration has no music playing in the back which adds to the immersion
* Amazing immersion and you feel quite alone
* Everything feels dangerous wherever you go and you can easily get freaked out
* Amazing atmosphere that feels devastated
* Weapon sounds are unique and enemies react to them

* Glitchy at times
* Only relies on auto saving, no manually saving the game
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2.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Boring repetition, not free roaming - it ain't no S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 8 de septiembre de 2013
Por FLeeF - Publicado en
Compra verificada
Had I played it before falling in love with the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series I might have been more inclined to slog through this boring turd. Beautiful atmosphere doesn't make up for the lack of approach choices when tackling any given situation. You can't combine stealth and head-on attacking in any one level; it's either/or. Once one guy/monster notices you, they ALL notice you, and since you're stuck on a set and narrow path (even while on open ground), you can't make tactical decision changes - without losing all progress and starting back again at some long ago checkpoint. That adds up to one helluva boring and repetitious game.

I really wanted to like this game, but it's impossible. I gave it plenty of chances over the years I've owned it, but I guess once I've experienced the six ways from Sunday freedom of an excellent sandbox like S.T.A.L.K.E.R. it will always be hard to get back into a tactically limited rail shooter like Metro 2033.
4.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Great game good price 3 de mayo de 2013
Por Matthew G - Publicado en
Compra verificada
While it was not like fallout 3/new vegas like the people who liked this game section implies it is fun - the game play even on easy is still unforgiving leading you to die allot till you get the hang of the game - after you learn and get used to the game it is fun - while it is easy to die the game has a great auto save function and lots of hidden loot to find but has a pretty liner story

good graphics - the games basic level of graphics is nice not great not bad but nice - however there was allot of small details that came into play like when your gas mask is about to need filters changed (automatic function) the mask fogs up makes it harder to see - you also feel your in a world of decay

Unique components to the game like - using ammo as currency and areas where you have to wear a gas mask that can be shattered and you have to run around looking for a new one *rarely happens as cracks in the mask warn you and you can switch with a dead enemy or dead scavenger

story is interesting with some moral choices thrown in and I believe it has 2-3 endings depending on moral choices

a bit to easy to die
objectives are confusing sometimes
pretty liner would love to see this as a free form game

all in all if you liked games like Deus ex and thief buy this - if your looking for something to hold you over till fallout 4 try something else - when the sequel comes out I'm gonna get it - it wasn't the game I expected and it sometimes made me want to throw a mouse at someone but something about it just keeps drawing me back in to finish the game on the next difficulty its just got that sense you beat that mission you died on allot and suddenly you hit the next checkpoint and you just gotta keep going

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