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Transformers Prime Deluxe Action Figure First Edition Bumblebee (japan import)

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Peso del producto159 g
Dimensiones del producto30,5 x 19 x 7 cm
Edad mínima recomendada (por el fabricante)12 años y más
Idioma principalInglés
Número de modelo653569663560
Montaje necesarioNo
Necesita bateríasNo
Incluye bateríasNo
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Restricciones de envíoEste producto se puede enviar a España y a otros países seleccionados.
Producto en desde30 de enero de 2013

Descripción del producto

Manufacturer: Hasbro Product name: Transformers Transformers Prime Deluxe Class Bumblebee US version / TRANSFORMERS PRIME DELUXE CLASS: BUMBLEBEE

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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas ravage 24/7 6 de diciembre de 2011
Por Ryan M. Lutz - Publicado en
Bunblebee is awesome!Hasbro has made a vast improvement in this version compared to the earlier animated figure.I have both animated versions to compare it too and can 100% say this Transformers Prime Bumblebee version is a better quality transformer overall.Bumblebee has great detail in sports car mode with cool racing stripes and an edgier looking grill piece.In robot mode Bee has great articulation in the legs,arms,body,and very realistic head piece.Bumblebee comes with a twin pulse blaster just like he uses in the series which can be stored underneath in sports car mode and on either arm in robot mode.Bumblebee looks like he came right out of the t.v. into your home for a very realistic touch.The autobot hero has outstanding poseability with great stability for creating cool battle scenes or for displaying where you please.The durability is excellent as well with secure joints and a solid build in sports car or robot mode.The transformation level is intermediate meaning if you have plenty of experience with transformers there is a mid-level difficulty.If you are a parent buying for a child of 5-6 or younger you might have to help out some with the process.Honestly Bumblebee has a very versatile transformation that most ages can handle with practice.To start the process seperate the back section of the vehicle.Next pull each section piece up and out to unhook from the door pieces then rotate downwards.The piece underneath that is below the head piece will rotate out while the back vehicle pieces will rotate all the way down .The roof pieces seperate and rotate outwards as the arms rotate up.The arms will then rotate outwards with the front wheels.The side windows then fold down as does the front windshield.On the rear vehicle pieces flip the gray pieces up as the lighter shaded pieces rotate back down.The rear vehicle pieces then rotate down to form the feet as the rear window pieces fold down.Next the middle section of the hood rotates straight up and rotates completely around as does the top section piece.The headlight pieces then rotate up as the middle section piece comes back down with the head piece revealed.The piece that you flipped out earlier now flips back in to completely form the upper torso.The front wheel rim pieces then rotate up to attach to the wheels on the shoulders as the arms rotate around into place.The pulse blaster attaches to either arm and Bumblebee is ready for action!Bumblebee is a solid all around transformer all ages will enjoy.Bottom line Bumblebee Prime is a well-made,high quality,10 out of 10 transformer all fans will enjoy.I highly recommend Bumblebee to all fans and collectors alike.Bumblebee Rocks and Transformers Rule!!!
6 de 7 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Transformers Prime First Edition Bumblebee 18 de abril de 2012
Por HavokH85 - Publicado en
Compra verificada
Good ole Bumblebee. He has a spot in everyone's heart. This review is for the Transformers Prime First Edition Deluxe Class Bumblebee. I want to start off saying the First Edition really isn't child friendly as far as complexity and durability. The First Edition is perfect for collectors and kids above at least 8. The newer Revealers Bumblebee is PERFECT for kids younger than 8. Simple and very easy and a whole lot more durable...and cheaper too! Keep reading and you can determine if this is the Bumblebee for you or your little one.

We'll start off with Vehicle Mode. Vehicle mode looks spectacular.Looks like he came straight out of the TV. This Bumblebee is the most screen accurate for vehicle mode. The new revealer Bumblebee missed a lot of opportunities for paint apps and therefore looks well...half-you know what. Vehicle mode is very tightly transformed nothing will pop out of place easy. Wheels line up perfect to the ground if transformed correctly. Literally the only thing that urks me is that the pin striping on the side doors don't line up with the front fenders.But not really a big deal.

Transforming Bumblebee is quite complicated. I've never seen a Bumblebee this complicated and at times frustrating to transform. The front end alone has three sections that need to be pulled out angled,popped down,rotated, rotated some more and lined up with the hook that holds the torso in place.Thats not including the transformation for the arms which is kinda weird at first but you get used to it. The easiest part to transform out of all this Bumblebee is his legs. That is one reason I say this one is not for the kids. The second reason is that there's small pegs and they seem to be quite easy to break that is used to transform the arms and snap the shoulders into the wheel. There's a few other pieces that feels a little flimsy such as the roof and windshield piece. Just to give you a rundown on the revealers Bumblebee's transformation all you have to do, pull the legs down, flip out the arms and doors,push the shoulders back and you're done. Literally it's that easy. FE Bumblebee...way more complex.

Robot mode is just simply awesome. Very screen accurate,very well made.My hat's off to Hasbro. Revealers Bumblebee looks awful because of the big collar and the one piece looking chest.Paint looks good,everything locks in place well too. Bumblebee does come with his blaster. Unfortunately he only comes with one. That's were I have some...and I want to reiterate....SOME respect for the revealers Bumblebee...because he has two. Now the good news is that the Revealers blasters are compatible with the First Edition Bumblebee and vice versa.Problem solved.

Overall this is a great well made bumblebee. I think a lot of fans were disappointed at first for some reason that simply escapes me until they found out just how bad a Bumblebee could be...Hasbro gave us gold with the FE...then they gave us aluminum foil...This is definitely one to buy. Great addition to the collection. Again...not for the younger kids but perfect ages 8 and older.
4 de 5 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
3.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Not the best, but not the worst, of the TF Prime toyline 17 de octubre de 2013
Por Kenya Starflight - Publicado en
Compra verificada
When it comes to the Transformers: Prime line of toys, I generally only purchase toys of the characters I like. Optimus Prime and Megatron were must-haves, of course, but the others I was a little choosier in purchasing. I'm not fond of Arcee, Airachnid, or Bulkhead, so I won't be adding their figures to my collection. In contrast, I like characters like Breakdown and Smokescreen enough that I paid extra to import their toys from Japan, as they weren't available in the US. I'm rather neutral in regards to Bumblebee, however -- I don't dislike him, but he's not a favorite -- so I don't remember why exactly I chose to purchase his figure. Maybe I was just on a spending spree. XD

My verdict on the Bumblebee toy now that I have him? He's... okay. He's not the worst toy in the TFP line, but he's not the best either.

Bumblebee is moderately easy to transform, and I didn't have any major hiccups with his transformation. He feels rather cheaply made, though, a common problem with the TFP line -- the plastic looks rather cheap, like the kind used to make McDonald's Happy Meal toys, and I'm not sure how well it will hold up to repeated playing. He stands well on his own and is fairly posable, but isn't entirely screen-accurate. His color seems too bright in comparison to his screen self, and his arms seem too long, giving him almost a gorilla look.

Not a bad toy, but rather bland and far from the best of the TFP line. Good for a child to play with, but if you're a collector who wants a decent Bumblebee toy, the 2007 movie Bumblebee or the 2010 remold of G1 Bumblebee is probably a better choice.
3 de 4 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
4.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Better than RID Bee 15 de octubre de 2012
Por Rick - Publicado en
When I saw the RID version of Bumblebee I knew that he wouldn't be acceptable in my (relatively new) collection. He just looked off. Doing a quick search online revealed his far superior First Edition version, which I thought looked excellent! And to my luck, he was available for retail price on Hasbro's website! (I had started collecting a year after the First Editions were out and gone)
This is a great figure, but not one without flaws. He's quite tricky to transform from car to robot and back to car, so he's not a good choice for small kids. Still, he's got a great car mode when you've got him together properly, and his robot mode looks beautiful... if you got him together properly. His chest and shoulders are the most finicky parts of him. They don't exactly sit in a stable manner, and tend to move out of position whenever you try to pose him. Tilting his lower chest components is nigh impossible on my figure, due to stuck parts. His shoulders and forearms have this odd angle to them, making decent poses a rather trying ordeal. He basically looks good only in a standing position, but at least he looks TERRIFIC doing that. He's got barely any kibble at all and casts a mean silhouette. Too bad he's only given a single blaster (RID comes with two), but I think he can manage sans extra firearm. Being a first edition, he's noticeably bigger than my other RID Prime figures, but he still fits in quite well. Hunt this version down if you can instead of succumbing to the endless RID Bee pegwarmers. He's worth the extra cash (at least a little extra cash). Thumbs Up.
2 de 3 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
2.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Disappointing for both me and my son 6 de enero de 2014
Por M. Ngafoe - Publicado en
Compra verificada
First off- let me say that we are not collectors or nor do we have any knowledge of the differences between this action figure and one of a different edition. I am just an average parent who gave her son a gift for Christmas.
My little guy loves the Rescue Bots and has started to really get into watching Transformers Prime. Bumblebee is his favorite character, so I thought that this action figure would be perfect. Sadly, it hasn't quite worked out for us.
It was attractively packaged- you don't really notice how crappy the car is in it's nice, shiny packaging. But once I took it out of the bubble, it was plain to see that this toy wasn't very well-made at all. It is yellow, but dingy and a little translucent - not the bright yellow that you see in the picture on this listing. The parts don't quite line up- it isn't smooth and streamlined when in car mode. It also is made of cheap, brittle plastic. Not exactly what one wants in a children's toy with moveable parts. A chip was already broken out of the back window when we opened the toy and now, since being played with, Bumblebee has been in triage twice for accidental decapitation.
My son still loves Bumblebee, but has gone back to playing with his Rescue Bot toy. The Rescue Bot version isn't as exciting for him since it is for a younger age set- it only takes 2 moves to get from robot to car and back, but that toy is much better made (thicker, softer plastic,) much nicer looking (it is actually really yellow,) and has held up perfectly after a ton of play.

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