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<Unarmed:Best Of 25 Anniversary [Vinilo]

4.5 de un máximo de 5 estrellas 2 opiniones de clientes

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Descripción del producto


Lista de canciones:
1. Dr. Stein - Noya, Nippy, Ulmer, Matthias, Donelly, Albie, Helloween, Owens, Paul
2. Future World - Noya, Nippy, Helloween, Becker, Andreas
3. If I Could Fly - Noya, Nippy, Ulmer, Matthias, Helloween
4. Where The Rain Grows - Noya, Nippy, Helloween, Becker, Andreas

Disco 2
1. The Keeper's Trilogy - Prague Symphony Orchestra, The, London Choir, Ulmer, Matthias, Helloween
2. Halloween
3. Keeper Of The 7 Keys
4. The King For A 1000 Years

Disco 3
1. Eagle Fly Free - Noya, Nippy, Gerstner, Sascha, Helloween, Ohlsson, Harriet
2. Perfect Gentleman - Noya, Nippy, Helloween, Becker, Andreas, Hahn, Eberhard
3. Forever & One - London Choir, Helloween

Disco 4
1. I Want Out - Noya, Nippy, Schoolchoir Karlsruhe, Helloween, Children Choir, Becker, Andreas
2. Fallen To Pieces - Noya, Nippy, Ulmer, Matthias, Helloween
3. A Tale That Wasn't Right - Prague Symphony Orchestra, The, Ulmer, Matthias, Helloween

Detalles del producto

  • Disco de vinilo (20 de julio de 2010)
  • Número de discos: 2
  • Sello: Sony Music
  • ASIN: B002YP4FX2
  • Ediciones a la venta: CD de audio  |  Música MP3
  • Valoración media de los clientes: 4.5 de un máximo de 5 estrellas  Ver todas las opiniones (2 opiniones de clientes)
  • Clasificación en los más vendidos de Amazon: nº82.631 en CDs y vinilos (Ver el Top 100 en CDs y vinilos)
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Formato: CD de audio Compra verificada
Auqnue a muchos fans no gustó este disco de versiones, yo lo encuentro fresco y con una producción sobresaliente, pero sobre todo, con unos Helloween que saben reírse de ellos mismos como nadie.
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Formato: Disco de vinilo Compra verificada
Lo regale para mi aniversario ya que mi pareja es super fan de ellos..el disco es una pasada..vienen 4 vinilos y me llego rapidisimo y en perfectas condiciones
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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Different, but good! 27 de enero de 2017
Por Jessica shaw - Publicado en
Formato: CD de audio Compra verificada
There is a definite difference from the original versions of the songs on the album (and from their usual style in general) to what the "unarmed" versions sound like, it was still fantastic. A lot of people I know who have listened to it didn't like because it "didn't sound like Helloween" or "they sold out their sound" or something, but I disagree. I think there is something to be appreciated about this album. What they did here was very creative and I'm sure they had a good time creating something so stylistically different from what they normally do.
6 de 6 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
4.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Not for blinkered metal-heads 1 de abril de 2010
Por Puffany - Publicado en
Formato: CD de audio Compra verificada
I've had this album for around 2 months now as it was released much earlier on Amazon UK. - the bad thing about getting it early was that I missed out on getting the bonus track `Why' which was included here.
From a personal viewpoint, I wasn't all that pleased when I saw the track listing, but we all have different favourites.
The interest is in how they reworked/rearranged the songs. Across the album you'll find on different tracks: a 70-piece orchestra; a choir; guest musicians; and even kids!

Personal Highlights:

The sound quality - absolutely awesome when played loud through a decent sound system.
The production is crystal clear -If I Could Fly is a definite highlight with Deris staring here - his new more limited than before vocal range suits this track perfectly.
Future World works really well and includes a surprisingly entertaining short percussion passage near the end.
The Keeper's Trilogy is awesome. Have a listen to the high-intensity orchestration come in after the quiet intro to the `King For A thousand Years' section - unbelievable! Ala the James Bond `Live And Let Die' type of excitement. Sonically, it works as well as when the guitars & drums come crunching in on the original version of 'King...'.
Perfect Gentleman - before I had even heard the album, I couldn't picture this track working very well in another format and ended up pleasantly surprised. - the lyrics are much clearer on this version.
The priceless version of Falling To Pieces blew me away from the first bar. It's at least as good as the original. It's very rare when you have a great song and then an alternate version which is different but equally as good. The word `beautiful' probably best describes this rendition with another well-suited vocal by Deris..
What almost works perfectly is I Want Out. Deris delivers it well enough and kids do the backing vocals which is okay but it's a bit of an overkill as in `Another Brick In The Wall Pt. 2'. Kids are okay but I prefer dogs. Still very catchy though.
Musically, this upbeat Dr Stein is very catchy with the brass addition & backing vocals, but I don't think Deris's vocals quite work throughout the track. In fact, his new vocal range sounds uncomfortable at times and does drag the album down a notch although still very good to excellent in certain songs or sections of songs. The guy has been one of my favorite vocalists in the past with his passionate delivery but I think nearly all my other favorite male vocalists (Plant / Gillan / Halford) have all come across problems with their vocals as they have aged.

The DVD is well put together with interviews about how they made the project come together. The guys do come across as being likeable and down to earth.
It also contains a typically loaded Helloween-style film clip of Dr Stein.
There is one thing that bothers me: how could they call this a 'best of' when it's clearly just a re-working of some of their songs in another format backed by outside guests?? - kind of like Page/Plants Unledded album.

Overall, the album is brilliant most of the time but doesn't always work. The usage of the special guests is extremely effective (apart from the kids).
Helloween stated on the DVD that they were very proud of their achievement and that it wasn't an easy project by any means. Their great effort is very rewarding.
I'm definitely glad they released this and I don't miss the hard-edge of the originals when I'm in chill-out mode.

Would I recommend this to Helloween newcomers? Maybe. I'd firstly recommend any album apart from Pink Bubbles, Chameleon, and Rabbit, which I still like enough anyway. Get this after you know the original versions, or if you don't particularly like hard rock - the songs stand alone in any format - so yeah, knock yourself out.
4 de 4 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
4.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Not Your Typical "Best Of" or Unplugged Album 13 de julio de 2010
Por Z. William Arkosy - Publicado en
Formato: CD de audio Compra verificada
If you are new to Helloween, this isn't the best introduction to the band. Another compilation or Keeper of the Seven Keys 1 or 2 is a better way to start.

That being said, I am a long time Helloween fan; Michael Kiske was still singer of the band when I got into them. Helloween has almost become synonymous with Power Metal, combining speed & precision, with catchy sing-along choruses, twin harmony solos, and constant double bass drumming.

If you only like Helloween's power metal side, then this album will probably not appeal to you. Helloween has always had a fun side, and if you remember the Chameleon album (and to a lesser extent Pink Bubbles Go Ape), then you might recall that Helloween had a more experimental side, which is reflected on this album. All the songs are well-known, but at first it is rather bizarre listening to all the reworked versions on this album.

The more I listen to it, the more I like the album.

Dr. Stein - This a very upbeat, almost ska-like rendition of the classic Helloween hit, including some honky-tonk, boogie-woogie piano, and saxophones.

Future World - This is a pretty straight-forward unplugged version. The songs is flawless, so it works acoustically as well as a power metal anthem.

If I Could Fly - Although the original featured piano, it was a very dark, moody song. They turned it into a much brighter, almost poppier version, pretty cool if you ask me.

Where The Rain Grows - They turned this upbeat rocker into a half-time acoustic ballad. Interesting

The Keeper's Trilogy (Medley) - One of the highlights of the album! Very orchestral! Many parts are like a filmscore a la Danny Elfman. This is the only song on the album where you will hear double bass drumming. Many of the guitar parts were replaced with strings & horns. The choir adds nicely to the overall epic feel of these songs.

Eagle Fly Free - Like "Where the Rain Grows" they turned this fast-paced power metal track into a half time ballad, including some female background vocals.

Perfect Gentleman - This doesn't deviate much from the original, as it was already a fun song to begin with.

Forever & One - This song was originally a power ballad. Piano is very prominent, and the choir adds very nicely to the song, making it almost like a gospel version of the original.

I Want Out - They added some children's choir as background, which reminds me of Pink Floyd's "Another Brick in the Wall Pt. 2" It's almost like a campfire, sing-along version.

Fallen To Pieces - Although this song is mostly acoustic, it has some strange/interesting electronic things going on in the background, turning it into a very ambient version of this song with an almost electronica type feel/vibe.

A Tale That Wasn't Right - Possibly the highlight of the album. This is a very orchestral (almost completely classical music) version of the original power ballad, which was a great song to begin with. Andi sings his heart out (although I think most of us still prefer to hear Kiske singing the old songs).

Why? (Hidden bonus track) - This is also an interesting version. They changed the grooves in the drum, so the song seems faster. OK version, I can see why it's a hidden or bonus track.
3 de 3 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Wow! Fantastic release! 6 de abril de 2010
Por Sverre Amundsen - Publicado en
Formato: CD de audio Compra verificada
I was truly skeptical when I first heard of this album several months ago. I was expecting a been-there-done-that metal-band-in-front-of-an-orchestra kind of release. But being a long time Helloween fan (since the mid-80s), owning every album they have ever released, having seen them live twice, I wasn't going to dismiss it. And man, does Helloween deliver!

I have read a number of negative reviews on various metal sites, some saying Helloween has sunk to a new low. I couldn't disagree more. This album is amazing! The level of creativity, love and care that has gone into the work of rearranging these songs is truly astounding. The mix of pop, jazz, classical and whatever other genres have been included enriches these songs to a whole new level.

I love the saxes on Dr. Stein, the acoustic guitars on Future World, The guitar and piano work on If I Could Fly, the choirs (even the children's choir), the orchestra, the beat, the rhythms, the female vocals on Eagle Fly Free.... There are so many details woven into every song, for the first time in ages I find myself just sitting and listening to the music, discovering new details on every listen.

Helloween is a band that is not afraid of experimentation, of taking chances. They proved that on Chameleon, Metal Jukebox, and on the panned-by-many but what I consider their best album, The Dark Ride. And they prove it again with Unarmed. Compare that to Gamma Ray, created by Kai Hansen when he left Helloween way back when. I love Gamma Ray too, but there are no surprises there, you always know what you get.

Here's to Helloween! I hope you never stop surprising me!
1 de 1 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Was Unsure On First Listen 30 de diciembre de 2011
Por Johnny D. - Publicado en
Formato: CD de audio Compra verificada
It had been a while since I listened to Helloween and bought this on a whim. I threw it in and started hearing horns and a way different arrangement of Dr. Stein at first I thought "What?!" but as I started running down the cd I was blown away by the musical diversity of the band. I always knew they were great players but never really thought about what they would sound like playing outside the parameters of their defined genre. It's a different take on Helloween classics and usually hard rock and metal bands fail miserably when they attempt daring projects like this, reworking their material in attempts of being "new" and "different" and "updated" but Helloween really pulls it off. They achieve it with style, taste and integrity. These guys are world class musicians and this album just reinforces that. Other metal bands like Metallica, Megadeth, Queensryche and Judas Priest should take a few notes on how it's done.

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