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Wahl Stainless Steel Lithium Ion+ - Afeitadoras corporales Negro, Plata

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Número de modelo9818
ColorNegro, Plata
Peso del producto363 g
Dimensiones del producto3,2 x 3,5 x 15,9 cm
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Producto en desde19 de abril de 2012

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Color del producto: Negro, Plata
Número de pasos de longitud: 6
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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Buy This, You Won't Regret It 3 de diciembre de 2014
Por John E - Publicado en
Compra verificada
OK, I have to say that with this purchase, Wahl has made me a customer for life. I've had this unit for 7 months, and there's no way I'm giving this baby up.

The body is solid and heavy, much heavier than I had expected. I don't know if it's just that solidly made or if they have added weights, but when you pick it up, you'll know you're holding a very solid object. That's not a negative, the weight actually makes it a bit easier to control in delicate trimming situations.

The blades are also very sharp. You could cut yourself if you use it without a guard. After 7 months of daily use, they remain as sharp as they were.

The lithium battery is great. NEVER get anything else. I've recharged this razor twice since I bought it, and once was just to be sure because it had been a long time and I was going on a trip. It doesn't suffer from power fade and it stays charged. In a way, that's a problem, because it goes full throttle until it literally stops. Literally. The charge LED does blink to let you know when it needs charging, but the charge lasts so long that you just don't notice it. That one qualifies as a first world problem - my trimmer charge lasts too long.

Please note: the description reads (or at least did read) that the unit includes the adjustable blade. That's incorrect. It includes just about every size and attachment you could ever want, but it doesn't include that accessory. For most guys, that's not a problem. It was for me, however. I called Wahl just to see if such an adjustable attachment was available. That's where they hooked me forever. Ok, first, when I called the 800 number, a human being answered. I know, right? An actual human being! And they were friendly!! I didn't know what to do. What button do you push to say hello? Anyway, I asked for customer service, and she said she would be glad to help me. No transferring me around the system? One would almost think they cared about their customers. I told her what I was looking for and what model I had, and to my surprise, she said, oh yes, they could provide that. I whipped out my credit card to purchase the attachment, and then didn't need it. They were happy to send the part to me free of charge, and they even paid the shipping. She did apologize, however, because it wouldn't be ready to ship for a week or so. I called back about a week later to see if it had shipped (ok, I was impatient and wanted to use my new toy). They had all the information immediately available and confirmed that it had shipped as promised. That kind of service is rare, and the unit could have fallen apart at this point and I still would have bought the next unit from them.

So, to sum up, this is a great product from a great company at a reasonable price. You would be a fool to buy anything else.

Edit 2015-12-29: I've had requests for a link to the adjustable blade Wahl sent me. I don't have a link, but i have posted a picture so you know what's available.
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1.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Good trimmer when it worked 28 de octubre de 2015
Por Trisha M - Publicado en
Compra verificada
Out of the box, I have to say that this trimmer works really well for cutting hair. My husband really liked the uniform cut, the weight and size of the trimmer, and the freedom of not having wires to contend with. No snags at all compared to other corded Wahl trimmers he has used in the past.

However, it has been almost useless after the first two uses. The connector for charging is REALLY flakey, requiring him to spend sometimes as much as 15 minutes to get the cord angle and plug just right in order to recharge the trimmer, and sometimes he never does get it to stay in the right position long enough to recharge the battery. VERY frustrating.

As for the 5-year warranty, all that the product manual gives is a shipping address to send your defective unit to. No number to call or address to email.

You are better off going with another trimmer that doesn't have these quality issues. Ours is effectively a paperweight now.
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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas This is the high quality, beautiful and functional trimmer I was looking for! 10 de abril de 2014
Por decay - Publicado en
Compra verificada
I bought the Wahl Lithium Ion Stainless just shy of a year ago and have been using it and loving it ever since! However, it took many other electric shavers before I arrived at this one.

I've had a beard since I was 17 and since I got scared off of blade shaving after slicing myself up a treat when I was young, I went to electric shaving for over 30 years. I tried a bunch of them, Norelco, Remingtons, and finally Brauns (yes, plurals as indicated). As I went from one to the next, the quality of the shaver did improve as I went. But, although each had a trimmer function, it was really treated like an add-on, something that was put on as more of an afterthought than as a distinct feature. And, that showed in how well, or more to the point how *poorly*, they worked.

So when I finally returned to blade shaving, I knew I would need to buy a trimmer (especially since my Braun finally vibrated itself to pieces), and I REALLY wanted to find a good, solid trimmer that would do a neat, quality, and preferably quiet job for me. As I usually do, I researched for quite a while, trying to find The Best Trimmer. I knew that Wahl made a number of different trimmers and that my wife (who was a professional hair stylist for 19 years) has always used Wahl trimmers in her business. I did look at other brands of trimmers, too, but I kept returning to Wahl. How can you go wrong by looking deeper into a company that has a long history of quality products that are (better yet!) made in the USA? Answer: You can't.

Wahl makes a plethora of trimmers - cool. One thing that was very important to me was excellent battery life. Because of this, the words "Lithium Ion" popped out at me during one of my searches, leading me to this trimmer. It was stylish, excellent battery type, and had tons of accessories & combs. Looked *extremely* promising, so I ordered it. The results?

I love this groomer/trimmer! It really does feel good & solid in your hand, not flimsy nor poorly-made; it has a very balanced heft to it, too, so your hand is not going to tire out from holding it, either. And, oh, is it QUIET! Unlike every other electric razor/trimmer combo that I've owned, this puppy is incredibly quiet, yet still powerful enough to go right thru the hair.

Battery life? Stellar. I've charged it 4 times in the last 10.5 months (one being the initial charge). It typically lasts me about 3 months on a charge, since I tend to "train" batteries by running them thru 3 full charge/discharge cycles when they're new (and this is the last of those 3 cycles, new charge + 3 more). An old habit I got into that may not be relevant for current battery types, yet still seems to serve me well in conditioning the batteries for long life. And yes, this Wahl gives me an extended span of usage per charge, especially when compared to all the older models I used to have. I trim for ~15 minutes each week, plus the occasional touch-up, and I get about 3 months per charge.

Attachments? Plenty of them - more than you'll need. Now, some folks whose review I read before buying have dinged this groomer for having too many attachments. Not valid, really; if you don't need 'em, don't use 'em. The fact is, Wahl gives you plenty of OPTIONS for you to choose from! Find the ones which are most useful to you and stash the rest - simple! I haven't changed the head from the blade to another blade, or the nose hair trimmer (yet), but I will - I just haven't gotten the urge to do so. As for the combs, I tried a bunch of them and finally settled on two that I use every week; first the longer one, then the shorter one. Works perfectly and gives me a neat, well-groomed look in an easier, FASTER fashion than I've ever been able to accomplish before. I've even had multiple comments on how nicely trimmed my beard is, but only after I started using the Wahl 9818. :-)

The other complaint is about the plastic stand. Pshaw, people, what do you want, a really good trimmer, or an overpriced stand on which to place said trimmer? I'll take the first, thank you. Yes, it's a plain, clear plastic stand that is 100% functional and just the right size. They designed it to hold your trimmer in the same position, allowing it to be plugged in or not, as needed. If it's plugged in, you can easily see the charge light as it stands there, so you know that it's done when the light goes out. Works perfectly, unobtrusive, and because it's not unnecessarily fancy, they didn't have to up the price to cover anything you didn't need.

BOTTOM LINE: This trimmer is worth every penny! I am completely and totally happy that I bought it, I love its style, form, & functionality, and I'd buy it again in a heartbeat if I needed another one.
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4.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Not Perfect But Finally - A Well Built Trimmer For Grown Men 30 de mayo de 2012
Por SH - Publicado en
Compra verificada
Wahl has bucked the race to the bottom trend of cheap plastic toys disguised as trimmers with the release of 9818. The first thing that sets this trimmer apart from the others, is the quality of workmanship.

This American made, yes - American made trimmer , has a solid, stainless steel body that feels heavy, in a good way. Unlike the Wahl "All-In-One Lithium Ion"'s blades, the 9818 blades are stainless steel - keeping them rust resistant and much sharper, especially the T-blade. The new rotary nose trimmer cuts closer without the ingrown hairs caused by its predecessor.

The shaver has a single, thinner foil, reducing potential blind spots, making it more accurate for lining and tapering. The motor is relatively quiet, yet consistently powered.

For the holder, Wahl has replaced the impractical, all-inclusive blade and shaver rack stand with a singular, molded, piece of frosted plastic for a base - which has the exclusivity of a plastic water bottle but - IT WORKS, as I actually use it. The shaver fits snugly, and takes up little space near the sink, without the clutter.

Now for some of the drawbacks:

The shaver cannot be used while charging - not a big deal as the led light flashes when the battery is low, there is a "quick charge", and the battery, well fully charged - lasts relatively long.

The blades, while sharper, still will not give you that clean type of lining you'll get from a barbershop type trimmer without multiple attempts. The adjustable blade guide could have been more precise for stubble length.

Overall - still a good effort by Wahl. Hopefully, it will send a message that amid the sea of mediocrity in men's trimmers, many men will spend a few dollars more for a well designed and better made trimmer.
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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Very pleased, awesome customer service 3 de noviembre de 2012
Por Doobes - Publicado en
Compra verificada
I've had this thing for a while and it seems to go forever one a charge. Amazing. It does everything you expect and more with the plethora of attachments. I'm still learning what they all do.

After having it for a while, I noticed that the standard clipper head was missing a couple of teeth. Figuring I dropped it or something, I called Wahl to order a replacement. The replacement was $10, but they insisted on sending one out for free.

Now that is what I call good customer service.


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