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Rock Band 3 Wireless Pro Drums and Cymbal Pack (Wii) [Importación inglesa]

Plataforma : Nintendo Wii
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3,7 de un máximo de 5 estrellas 25 opiniones de clientes

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  • Plataforma:   Nintendo Wii
  • Media: Videojuegos
  • Cantidad producto: 1

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Color: Múltiple
Compatibilidad: Wii

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4.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas High Quality, Enjoyable Drum Kit -- Big Step Up from Guitar Hero: World Tour 30 de octubre de 2010
Por R. Hess - Publicado en
Compra verificada
Back in the day, I bought Guitar Hero: World Tour (GH4) and all of the instruments, including drums. I had experience with the Rock Band instruments in the past, and recognized their quality could be rather lacking. However, given the new Pro Drums feature of Rock Band 3 (RB3) and my obsession with drums, I decided to take the plunge a buy this kit for the Wii.

Having now owned these drums for several days and used them for several hours, I'm exceedingly pleased with them. They essentially work exactly as expected, and are surprisingly well built. Here are some notes about specific things:

Assembly and Portability
It took an hour to get all the parts together the first time I set it up and the instructions were mostly helpful. I'm sure that this will get less with experience, but with so many moving parts, it may be difficult to haul this drum kit around if you like to take it to other places (parties, friend's houses, what have you). The stand itself is composed of five different units. One solution might be to leave as many parts assembled as possible and only dismantle what is absolutely necessary for transport.

Batteries and Sync
This drum kit does NOT use a Wii remote. It requires three AA batteries (included). Because there is no Wii remote, the drums come with a USB wireless dongle that connects to the Wii and syncs with the kit. Also note that without the remote it CANNOT control the cursor in the main Wii menu. This can get a little frustrating

I knew that Rock Band drums in the past have been really noisy. This was part of my intent in going with Guitar Hero originally, and I was concerned that these new drums might be too loud. Fortunately, this worry was completely unfounded. The drums seem to be much quieter than the GH4 drum kit, and are far more sensitive. This means that you don't have to hit quite so hard for the game to pick up the hit, thus reducing overall noise. Edit: In using the drums a bit more in other rooms, I've concluded the cymbals are actually the loudest part of this kit. I was startled multiple times by just how quiet the drum heads are. Even including the cymbals, I'm pretty sure the whole kit is still quieter than the GH4 one, and most definitely the original Rock Band one (I have no experience with any others). I haven't done direct tests to compare them, however.

As I said before, everything is very well built. The pads are sturdy and slightly elevated off of the main plastic to provide shock absorption. The cymbal units are tilted correctly and feel solid and substantial. The pedal feel amazing; great feedback and solid. One problem I did find is that the yellow cymbal's clamp (that holds the pole to the body of the drums) wasn't quite tight enough. Hitting the yellow cymbal repeatedly (a common thing when playing any drum part) slowly pushed the yellow cymbals pole (and thus, cymbal) farther and farther down. I fixed this by attaching a layer of duct tape around the pole where the clamp holds it. This provided enough friction to stop the pole's movement. The other two cymbals (blue/green) are attached using two clamps, so this issue didn't affect them.

Feels simply wonderful. It's a great experience, particularly in Pro Drums mode. I didn't have any problems with detecting hits or getting double hits accidentally. Everything worked as expected, although, I did find it was sometimes hard for me to hit the pedal notes properly (I mistimed). I blame that on a combination of operator error and incomplete calibration (I have an HDTV and sound system that causes some problems with that). Additionally, I find that I can't always get the pedal in a comfortable position (it has two slots on it to attach to the drum stand, and neither of them are quite right for my average height of 5'10"). To fix all of these, I'd advise buyers to spend the time to calibrate the system and move the kit around until it gets comfortable.

One last thing: There's a plug for a second pedal that can be used for either hi hat or another bass pedal. I tried plugging my Guitar Hero: World Tour pedal for that, but while it definitely plugs in with no trouble, the game doesn't detect it as a valid pedal.

In conclusion, I'd say it's a great buy and a ton of fun. It feels great overall, and the (very) minor issues that I found can be fixed with tiny tweaks.

Three things. I'm not changing the review stars of this product, but I wanted to provide some more information about things I've discovered. All of my info above still holds true, although I've added a few more details to the Noise section above as well.

1) There's a limitation in Rock Band 3 (on all consoles) on the number of simultaneously connected players. Thus, when you play with all instruments (guitar, bass, drums, keys), you MUST turn on "All Instruments Mode" in the game. This deactivates vocals scoring and sets the vocals difficulty to Easy. It also requires the vocals player's Wii remote to be turned off.

Another aspect to this is that having too many Wii remotes turned on prohibits instruments from connecting, including the drums. This requires either being very specific about what Wii remotes you turn on when playing the game (only turn on the ones you absolutely need!) or deactivating then reconnecting Wii remotes using the Wii's interface (Press the Home button on a remote to get the option). This does sometimes cause a challenge because, as I said above, you may need a Wii remote to get into the game (depending on what other peripherals you have--the guitars from Guitar Hero that I have allow me to get into the game using them, so I don't need another controller...but this drum kit by itself does not).

2) I had one occasion where I couldn't get the drum kit to connect after a long period of inactivity without turning the Wii completely off, then back on (no amount of turning the kit itself on and off or unplugging/replugging the dongle would do it). I'm not entirely sure if this is due to the Wii remote issue in #1 above, or if the dongle just falls asleep after awhile. The manual DOES say to unplug the dongle when not in use. Either way, it's something to be aware of.

3) It's possible to get double hits on the cymbals if they are not tightened down enough. The instruction manual states that you can tighten them according to preference, but I don't really think that's true. I make them completely tight.
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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Great Product, Great Price 9 de julio de 2011
Por Alan - Publicado en
Compra verificada
After reading some of the other reviews here, I got somewhat discouraged. But don't worry, these drums are of pretty high quality and to make a comparison, I would rate them as a step up from the RockBand stock don't worry, you're not buying a drum kit doomed to disaster. The pedal is nice, its the stock pedal, but reinforced and I've had absolutely no synchronization problems with this pedal. The cymbals are of good quality, as is the rest of the set...besides throwing the kit off your roof I can't think of many other ways to easily break it.

Fairly easy assembly, about 30 minutes to an hour. The instructions are detailed and make sure to READ THEM otherwise you will assemble it wrong and possibly end up with many of the problems mentioned in other reviews. As for electrical problems, I've had none, my set turns on and off and has no problems at all. Many of the pieces (especially the bottom ones) are interchangeable with RockBand stock kits so you can swap things out however you want/need to. You can run 3 pedals very nicely with pro (though you only need 1). Many high end retail pedals offer a built in splitter that you can plug the pedal that came with this kit into... and presto, you have a double bass. I also popped a RB1 pedal in for the hi hat pedal, it's really fun to play with the open and closed hi hat sounds.

This set also offers a lot of real life drum feels to it. I already mentioned open/closed hi hats, also the drums and cymbals get louder as you hit them harder. I find that really awesome since the RB1 set didn't offer that. And Finally, in freestyle mode it functions as a complete electric drum kit with 5 different kit sounds for your pleasure (Hard Rock, Arena, Vintage, Trashy, and Electric). With a snare, 3 toms, 3 cymbals and flexibility in tone, I love what this set can do with freestyle mode.

Overall, I couldn't be happier, getting a near-professional quality kit for this price. A few final thoughts.
1) The picture of this product has somewhat neony colors. Don't worry the colors on the kit are normal.
2) You may have some re-arranging to do if you plan to use the hi hat a lot. Harmonix (or Mad Catz....or maybe both) clearly didn't think the positioning of the hi hat out. On songs like Smoke on the Water or Whip It (just to name a few examples) in normal mode the snare is right of the hi hat. In pro the snare is on the left, so you have to play it lefty and it leads to many a frustrating fail on a previously easy song.
3) This kit IS NOT rated to be compatible with RB1. So if you are experiencing any problems with it on RB1, keep in mind it was only intended to work with RB2, Beatles, and RB3.
.....That's all I can think of for now
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4.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Works well but needs some slight design modifications 6 de febrero de 2011
Por P. Lee - Publicado en
Compra verificada
This is our first foray into Rock Band (kids asked for Rock Band for xmas) and we've been really happy with the playability (and re-playability) of the game and the accuracy of the instruments.

This drum set in particular has been the biggest hit so far, and has provided enough challenge for players at all levels from the lowest beginners (5 year old) to real experts (visiting uncles who are pros at Rock Band 2).

The drums are made solidly enough and have taken quite a beating during the 2 months it's been set up in the house. Nothing has broken so far, which I wasn't expecting at all. Given how hard the kids have been banging on them, I was expecting a month tops before something broke off.

I'd give it 5 stars, but the way the cymbals attach to the drum kit could use some improvement. The cymbals attach to the main drum set via friction clamps. This mean that unless you torque the clamps extremely tightly, they are likely to slide down the post over time (and repeated banging). You can keep turning the wingnut ever tighter, but the clamps are made of plastic, so over time the plastic will fatigue and fail if you overtighten. Seems like a simple fix to make a little ledge for the cymbal clamp to rest on top of, so it doesn't have any opportunity to slide down regardless of how tightly the clamp is fastened.

It's not a showstopper and overall doesn't take away from the game, but a couple of times already, the cymbals have slid down the post mid-song for someone who was playing.

Still, the drums are terrific overall!
3.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Good, but with a couple glitches 12 de marzo de 2011
Por Daniel A. Messier - Publicado en
Compra verificada
Cymbals on a Rock Band kit make the game a bit more challenging and a lot more fun. But, a couple of caveats about this kit
-I, and I guess many others, have had some issues with the cymbals double-hitting, which is remarkably frustrating. It's fixable with something called the "penny mod" (which is Googleable), but it seems like you shouldn't have to take the cymbal apart to get it to work right.
-The bass pedal is much better than the Rock Band 1 pedal. I broke the Rock Band 1 pedal quickly, and I don't see that happening with this one. But after I broke the RB1 pedal, I purchased one I really liked made by Roadie -- and, unfortunately, it doesn't work with the RB3 kit. That means no double pedal action, unfortunately, and it also means I have to use the slightly less responsive pedal that comes with the RB3 kit.
-The pads are responsive and quieter than previous sets, but the cymbals are a little noisy. Not a dealbreaker, but not ideal.
-And this isn't directly related to the drum kit, but I should also mention that the RB3 character creation system isn't great. You have much more character customization option, but you can only save 4 profiles. You can create multiple characters under each profile, but if you create a character under my profile, our characters can't play together.
None of these things really represent a reason not to buy, but they're all things that should temper your expectations.
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3.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Rock Band 3 Awesome - MadCatz drums seriously lacking 9 de enero de 2011
Por Amy D. Moore - Publicado en
Compra verificada
Purchased the beginning of December as a Christmas gift, this item was only opened on 12/24, got about 16 hours of play and as of 1/8 is broken.

One of the four drum triggers has already failed. The crash cymbals are worn through the rubber to the hard plastic underneath, especially the blue cymbal which is automatically mounted higher and would normally be hit along its side.

Even with regular rotation, these cymbals will fall apart before completing half the objectives in Rock Band 3.

As with other reviewers, the quality of the stand and the ability of the plastic pieces to stay up and together under the impact of moderate drumming is less than acceptable.

Harmonix has made an amazing game with Rock Band and especially Rock Band 3. As the game is more and more ready to appeal to musicians with real-world experience, the controllers need to keep up. I suppose it's not too surprising that a $125 set of plastic wouldn't keep up.

If you're looking for drums that will withstand real playing, I'd recommend the Ion Drum Rocker set or even consider a low end real electronic set and the ion controller. These drums are a great toy, but don't handle real game play.

That said, I couldn't be more pleased with Rock Band 3 in general and the game play of Rock Band 3.

With Amazon and GameStop both back ordered on this item, I'll be contacting MadCatz for warranty repair. I'll update this review if there's a positive response from that.

Update: Madcatz was very good with the warranty and even sent a new drum trigger without me having to send the whole unit back.

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