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fables LP Importación

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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas I am very happy with my purchase 6 de noviembre de 2016
Por Kelvin - Publicado en
Formato: Disco de vinilo Compra verificada
I am very happy with my purchase. The cd is excellent. . It was delicately wrapped and the seller was vey polite and helpful. Excellent job.
5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas no fables- this is real! 16 de junio de 2016
Por Bryan - Publicado en
Formato: Disco de vinilo
Let's listen to England Dan & John Ford Coley's second album titled Fables (since apparently I'm the first one to do so!)

"Simone" is a beautiful ballad. Sounds REALLY familiar too (the "Simone why do you cry?" Don't you know your tears will dry? And take away the loneliness, there inside oh if you try" line in particular). The orchestration gives the song a rich feel that I love. "You've been searching everywhere for something to believe in, you've been searching it's never there, you've been searching it's never there, reach your own, look and you'll know". Typical 70's ballad... and that's a great thing my friends because the melody is filled with a LOT of emotion.

"Casey" has eerie piano during the verse melody with soothing lyrics. "Casey sitting down below the hill with the water running past her heels, wondering if she can take anymore like she's taken before, Casey wondering about the way she feels wasting most of the time she kills, wondering if she can take anymore like she's taken before". Really good line there! The song picks up during the part "There sits Casey with her hands across her lap, has the jewels she's never wanted, flips the ashes from a worn down cigarette, throws a flower in the water". Vocally reminds me of America' s"Only In Your Heart". The "Na na naaaa" is quite pretty too.

"Free the People" is not the same as John Lennon's "Bring on the Lucie". Darn! Nah just kidding- I didn't really think it was (if you're wondering why I'm bringing this up it's because the Lennon song says "Free the people now!" a lot... or rather, "Freeda People!) This song picks up the pace in similar fashion as the Lennon song though, but that's just coincidental. Not even coincidental really because the two songs are totally different. "How do you feel the people with love!" I think is the right lyric. It's good! The verse melody reminds me of Fleetwood Mac's "Child of Mine". "Every day returns". Nice guitar jam in the middle too... similar idea to the Fleetwood Mac song! Just like with the Lennon song, it's just a coincidence.

"What I'm Doing" opens with classical piano playing. A series of notes that probably sound more complex than they really are, but then again who knows for sure? I'm no classical major! "Yesterday no one looked over my shoulder, and tomorrow wasn't that far away, but I don't know what I'm doing today" is a nice Seals & Crofts-like vocal melody. Yeah about that. If you read my review for England Dan & John Ford Coley's first album you'll know very well I mentioned Seals & Crofts as a common comparison and rightfully so- the two artists sound a lot alike!

Anyway "What I'm Doing" is really amazing with its VERY dreary mood. That piano playing is the definition of "stare outside your window all day and feel lonely". Oh what the? The piano picks up in a dramatic way soon after in the middle with haunting Moody Blues-like vocals and guitar playing. Really cool moment there. "Too many times I had to learn what I lived and to live what I learned one too many times" (or something like that- the lyrics are tongue twistingly terrific!) I'm be darned- that electric guitar solo is really good! I NEVER thought these guys rocked out that much! "Today when someone looks over my shoulder I'm not responsible for things that I say and I don't know what I'm doing today!" is a lyric that has a LOT of emotion behind it.

"Carolina" doesn't hesitate in immediately jumping in with some honest lyrics. A song that's in between country and balladry. The chorus ("Coming home from Nashville just one more day, Carolina, Carolina don't leave me now, wait for me I know I'll work it out somehow") is okay, but the verse melody is the part that really catches my attention. Upon realizing Dan Seals died in his Nashville home while listening to this song, you'll notice how spooky these lyrics really are.

"Tomorrow" is probably a low point... only because it's a melody that doesn't blow me away. That's the only reason! Really soft ballad vocals, "Tomorrow's such a long way off from now but I pray I'll see tomorrow somehow, and I know the morning's going to be alright, if I last out through the night, if I make it through the night, the sky is black the moon's overcast, time's have gotten worse I pray that they don't last, and I know the morning's going to be alright, if I last out through the night, if I make it through the night". Something about the way the lead singer expands his range during the very last word of each line rubs me the wrong way (for example the way the "laaaaa-aaa-aa-aast" is sung).

"Candles of Our Lives" is a fast-paced country tune with handclaps and acoustic guitar. "Your name, has a different ring or sound and it's beautiful". Love the slightly psychedelic-like "Bringing chances to the people that have loved" line, and especially the "Over and over bringing candles of our lives" part. Really crazy thing to say here, but the vocals sort of remind me of Paul McCartney's more tender moments. Too bad I can't find the lyrics online because I'm probably WAY off here.

The opening line of "Matthew" is awesome. "Matthew crosses the river on his horse said the bullet in my chest is getting worse" reveals a country/rock storyteller type of song with a tender chorus ("And IIIII-IIIIIIII-IIIIII just want to go home, I've been gone too long"). "Today we let good people on the ground, they were just too weak we got nothing left to prove" is a really disturbing but honest lyric. "I've seen all that I can stand, and the cotton's burning on our land" or something like that. Darn it!!! I'm tired of these lyrics not being available online forcing me to just guess what's being sung! I'm no good at guessing guys!

"Stay By the River" finishes this surprisingly really solid album with a fairly heavy intro. The vibes are tremendously special in only that 70's way, as is the drumming and piano. Not one of better vocal melodies but it's okay. "Stay by the river, stay by the river, another wave couldn't be much farther, nothing you can do when your hands are tied" is a fast-moving fairly forgettable line, but there's an appealing hint of gospel that's pretty cool. Enjoy the "Hooooold on" chorus and the sitar part. I dislike the ugly "Stay by the river, stay by the river" finale since it's really clunky!

Well Fables certainly surprised me! This album is really solid and another 5-star effort by England Dan & John Ford Coley. Too bad they didn't release more early albums and took a 5-year break for their next album.... but of course, that's when they started releasing hits so I guess it was a good thing after all! Awesome!
5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Five Stars 2 de julio de 2016
Por Amazon Customer - Publicado en
Formato: Disco de vinilo
This is a great album. Would love to have it on CD or MP3.

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